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  1. here's an update on the grow ,sprouted some new/extra beans ,1 chemical bride and 1 himalaya mountain .(re)planted them outdoors 28/5 into 40ltr pots and we finally had some decent and dry and sunny day's over here . for the first week i had them well protected this time ,and at last the season is starting to look as a real summer .the first chemical bride is picking up in size and volume ,looking healthy with nice big leaves ,the girl in the middle is a himalayan mountain ,lost a lot of time (for an outdoor grow) so fingers crossed . al the best to ya all and stay save growi
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  2. Wow, sorry to hear that, looks like a curse is chasing your plants on this one. Let me help you with the curse, if you need more seeds from our novelties, send me a private and we'll talk. Wow, the bamboo prison is really good, I hope it serves to protect it. Although I suspect if the culprit is a bird that likes to eat marijuana, it's possibly still in danger. Best regards my friend!
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  3. sorry for the late update ,i have replanted them the 8 of may into 40 ltr pots and moved them outdoors ,it was the first desant temperature at night . within a day two of them were ripped out of the soil by some f" ing animal so i was only left with one survivor .it's clearly not my season !!!! so i build a bamboo like prison around my last and single plant to save it ,from the moment i planted them it's raining each and every day so the rooting and growing process is almost shut down because of the easy and everlasting rain . so fingers crossed and pray for some weather chan
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