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  1. just water them ones when planting and the Rain do the rest 😝
    1 point
  2. Unreal!! Congratulations! That looks mighty fine πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’―
    1 point
  3. Nice am waiting on smoke report ,I'm growing 1 kings juice
    1 point
  4. Hello thx, Sorry iam more interested in fishing for the moment πŸ˜… The first 5 seeds are kill i go working 1 week far from home and when i come-back i see that the light was off so i was scare to get hermie so i decide to restart the 5 last seeds of the package they have 4 wweeksnow and only sun grow from start this time. the first 10 Days under my Windows and than only outdoor even with all this Rain and only ghsc biogrow at 3g/l & enhancer I still left of the lemon haze x strawBerry banana i only smoke the week-end when i go in natur and somtime to go with
    1 point
  5. How are those little ones doing? Sounds very interesting genetics, to be honest, I haven't smoked it yet. But I really like the lemony flavor, so it sure is great!
    1 point