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Showing content with the highest reputation on 09/23/2021 in all areas

  1. Beautiful things happening in here 💚
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  2. Day 40 and the velvet moon got light stress test last night, I had a issue with my timer and the far red light remained on the whole dark period, we shall see what the outcome will be, keeping a close eye for balls and nanners, personally I don't think there will be to much of a issue, well it's a good test anyways 🤙 In the pictures you can see rings on the stem from the stretch, I've not seen this before, you can run your fingers over and feel the bumps ,
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  3. Справился я с косяком!) По совету #hollabuds. Потратил денях на 2 таймера еще и настроил в боксе обдув. все ожило!) Поливать еще 2 дня как минимум не буду. вода крануха смешанная с осмос! Говорю сразу-кальция в нашей воде нету. Грунт KLASMAN, перлит 1 \ 10. Ну и чернозем неможко! Чернозем покупной!
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  4. Full steam ahead and full sail ahead! This is going great my friend, thanks for sharing The buds look spectacular, good hand!
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  5. Hola amig@s las plantas van bien les dejo algunas fotos 💚 🌏 💯
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  6. Day 39 flower got a little bit of light bleach and tip burn on one of the velvet moon, they seem to stretch lots. Might be my issue because of light distance when growing tall and short together, getting the balance is tricky I now have a few plants in various different stages and pots, all plants looking healthy, Temperature 27c Humidity 60%
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  7. Time for a progress update on the 3 Chemical Bride girls at the end of week 7 and the start of week 8 of flowering. Last Tuesday the dirt in the root pouches of the GHC and the tallest Chemical Bride was dry and both plants felt light so I gave each plant 4 litres of water to give the dirt a flush. On Thursday the dirt in the root pouches of all the plants was dry and they all felt nice and light so I mixed 4ml per litre bloom feed and 1.5ml per litre PK 4-8 and then I gave each plant 2 litres of the feed solution. On Sunday the dirt in the root pouches of all of the plants was
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  8. Hola amig@s tiempo de actualizar mi diario Buen fin de semana 💚 🌏 💯
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