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    Hello hunters, Day 13 for the Exodus Cheese T° celcius : 22° day / 18° Night Humidity : 52% day / 55° Night The hummidity are a little to low with this T° at the early vegetative grow. Leaf T° are at 20°c so normally for a good VPD the huumidity must drop to 60-70% so i put a humidifier to improve this. We will see next week whats happens with this.... Watering with roots booster and very little nutrients at PH5,5 & EC0,4. EC #1 EC #2 EC #3 EC #4 EC #5 See you next week hunters
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    Another week has passed so it is time for another progress update on the 4 Exodus Chees autos. They are all quietly building bud which are getting nice and solid looking and most of the pistles are brown except where new bud is forming. I watered and fed 3 plants on Saturday one was looking a bit sad so I just gave her water and on Sunday she looked better, once their dirt is dry in a few days I will flush them then it will be just water for the following 14 days. Here are some photos I took on Saturday before I watered and fed them. Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED. Exodus Cheese side view (flash). Exodus Cheese top view (flash). Exodus Cheese lower buds that look nice and dense (flash). Exodus Cheese lower buds that look a bit fluffy (flash). Exodus Cheese bud at the top of a plant (flash). Exodus Cheese bud close up (flash). Some of the lower buds on a couple are still a bit fuffy looking and need to fill out, but they should be filled out by the time I cut them. From the look of these the yeild won't be a good as I got from the first two, simply because I did not FIM them, they were in such a hurry, even with the first two I only just managed to FIM them a couple of times and suddenly they were flowering, but they shared the love amongst the lower stalks. I love the Jack Herer even under 12/12 and full spectrum they just plod forwards allowing time to FIM then it gets busy flowering. I will pop the Kings Kush autos next weekend and get the ball rolling on the next run. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
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    Hello hunters, Some news of the exodus cheese seedlings at day 5 T° celcius : 22° day / 18° Night Humidity : 52% day / 55° Night Watering with roots booster and very little nutrients at PH5,5 & EC0,4. The seedlings grow well under the S2W Led and i have nothing to say more.... The pictures will speak better EC #1 EC #2 EC #3 EC #4 EC #5
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    Hello Hunters, 5/5 Exodus Cheese seeds geminate so iam very happy, Good work Green House! We are now at day 2 of grow for the 5 seedlings. More pics of the led light i use for the grow phase. Iam very exiting to use leds for the first time & see the difference betwenn turbo neon. As you can see, i just use 1 of the two led bar for the first 2-3 weeks. After that i turn on the second one... See you next week for the update hunters, Peace, love & THC
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    Hi Jose, yes the buds at the tops of the plants are looking nice and frosty, thanks for the kind words man inner luv. I know what you mean, oh man it would be great of we could download the images and smoke the bud in them. The camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot 20.1 megapixels which produces good high resolution images, it wasn't dear it was about £80 when I bought it last year, I also have a Nikon CoolPix P3 8.1 megapixels that I bought a good few years ago which was quite dear it cost me about £150 at the time. The Sony definitey produces higher resolution images, but the quality in low light conditions is poor compared to the Nikon, also the colour reproduction is not as good as the Nikon either, but in good light conditions or using the flash you can capture good high resolution images with plenty of detail, especially of trichomes which is what matters most.
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