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    Hey Hunters, Begining of the week 4 for the Nvidia Nevil's Haze selection In a few days i plan to pollinate some lower buds with my SourDbx2 pollen to make some seeds for preservation and sharing... Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection"
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo fotos de las plantas con la luz Lec apagada solo con luz de linterna 🔦 _________;-) _____ Hello friends and cultivation partners today I bring photos of the plants with the Lec light off only with flashlight 🔦
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    They are G22, and look on this special pheno i have the luck to fund in the bunch.... He have the color, the smell, the bud structure and last but not least she yield a little better than the other pheno... The Rainbow Belts "ZZZZzzzkittles pheno"
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    Hello hunters, The Rainbow Belts are now at Week 7 day 46 of flowering One of the pheno is straight zkittles nose and have a bud structure like the original ZZZzzzkittles. I will make a special update for this pheno this week end... so stay tuned!
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    Hello hunters! The Nevil's Haze Nvidia selection are now at week 3 of flowering The strech are real on this strain, and she are now at cm height. The buds are coming nicely and the begining of the trichome production start slowly but surely. Nevil's Haze day 18 of flowering See you for the week 4 update hunters!
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    @g22 S.L.H #2 @OG.Naj E.C #3 @Cannabissapean Foto efect 😉 👍 Good week friends
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    Y también traigo un pequeño repaso a cómo está la competición en este momento por una parte esta la batalla de S.L.H #2 contra E.C #3 y a simple vista parece tener mayor volumen S.L.H pero no me convence para mi gusto el aroma que tiene, así que doy como clara ganadora a Exodus Cheese y de todas ellas la mejor es #3 __________________ And I also bring a little review of how the competition is at the moment on the one hand is the battle of SLH # 2 against EC # 3 and at first glance it seems to have higher SLH volume but I am not convinced by my taste the aroma it has, so I give the clear winner to Exodus Cheese and of all of them the best is # 3 Kaia Kush #1 S.L.H #1 alias punky E.C #1 S.L.H #2 Champion E.C#3 Las dos rivales más grandes juntas ______________ The two biggest rivals together 😉 👍
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    Hoy traigo alguna foto de la extracción que hice ayer y se puede observar mejor con más luz ☀ ___________ Today I bring some picture of the extraction that I did yesterday and it can be observed better with more light ☀
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    So it's 2020 and I'm preparing for another guerilla season, this year I'm doing something different. I am only growing two Green House Seed Co. strains which are favorites from last year The Church and Sweet Valley Kush, these will be some of the few photoperiod strains I'm growing and I also have Frisian Duck (Dutch Passion), Early Skunk (Sensi Seeds), Quick Gorilla (Dinafem), Quick Kush (Dinafem) and Alaskan Purple (Seedsman), also new this season is a field dedicated to autos from Auto Critical Orange Punch, AutoDuck, Auto Glueberry O.G., Auto Brooklyn Sunrise, Auto Colorado Cookies, Auto Orange Bud, Auto Blueberry & Auto Daquiri Lime (Dutch Passion), Blue Amnesia XXL, Haze XXL & Moby Dick XXL, Cheese XXL (Dinafem), Purple Punch Auto (Barney's Farm), Dos-si-Dos Cake Auto (LaMota Seeds), Pineapple Express & Mexican Airlines (420 Fast Buds) and Dedoverde Haze Auto (Humboldt Seed Organization). I'm moving to a different area in the swamp, I'll be preparing it soon and when the ice returns I'm carrying manure to the area and once the sun starts in May I'll really start preparing the area by turning the soil and covering it with a tarp for a week or two. I'm super excited for this years season
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    Season 2019. Super Silver Haze (GHS) &. Franco's Lemon Cheese (GHS) before harvesting. --- Super Silver Haze (GHS) and I. ---
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    A last shot of that doctor i find the color more realistic
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy e tenido que dar de beber a las plantas por que el sustrato se encontraba bastante seco por la parte superior aunque por dentro aun guardaban algo de humedad pero e decidido darle 500 ml aprox por planta dejo unas fotos _____________________ Hello friends and cultivation partners today and I had to give the plants a drink because the substrate was quite dry from the top although inside they still had some moisture but I decided to give it approximately 500 ml per plant I leave some Photos Saludos y feliz día Greetings and happy day 😉👍🍀
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    I think I can taste it... what good memories! Yes, it's a strain that has a wide internodal distance, it stretches very, very much, in bloom. Maybe g22 tips are good for keeping it from getting bigger I can't wait to see her blooming 100% hehe, and be very jealous!
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    Time for a slightly belated end of week progress update on the plants at the end of week 1 and start of week 2 of flowering. I am a bit late updating my journal because the driver for the Nvidia graphics card on my workstation suddenly stopped working, so I am now running the open source driver and I have cool runnings again. So all of the plants are growing well and on Saturday the dirt in their root pouches was dry so I mixed up 3 litres of feed solution containing Plant Magic root stimulant 3ml per litre, GHS calcium 0.5g per litre and GHS grow powder feed at 0.6g per litre. Then I placed each plant in the shower cubicle and gave them 1litre and 250ml of the feed solution each and then put them back into the grow tent under the LED. Here are some images I took of the plants before I watered and fed them. Preparing the feed solution. All of the plants in the grow tent under LED. All of the plants in normal light. Jack Herer #1 side view of foliage. Jack Herer #1 close up of top stalk. Jack Herer #2 side view of foliage. Jack Herer #2 close up of top stalk. Jack Herer #3 side view of foliage. Jack Herer #3 close up of top stalk. Passion #1 side view of foliage. Passion #1 close up of top stalk. All of the plants back in the grow tent after being fed and watered. All of the plants are quietly stretching now and increasing in height as they build lots of new nodes. Jack Herer #1 is now 26cm tall, Jack Herer #2 is 24cm tall, Jack Herer #3 is 27cm tall and Passion #1 is 20cm tall. Last week the maximum temperature in the grow tent was 30.2C, the minimum temperature was 18.2C, the maximum humidity was 99% and the minimum humidity was 40% the day time temperature was 26C to 29C averaging at about 27C and the humidity in the day was between 60% to 70% averaging at about 60%. The night time temperature was about 18C and the night time humidity was about 50%. This was the last grow feed I will give them, when the dirt in their root pouches dries out in a couple of days I will give them all a good flush with about 4 litres of water each and then let them all really dry out. Then it will be time to start feeding them with the flowering nutrients, the Jack Herer will get the hybrid nutrient and the Passion #1 will get the short flower feed. I am well pleased with the progress of the plants I can see some pistles in a few places on them now, next week I will put the dehumidifier back in the grow tent to reduce the humidity to help the plants to transpire harder. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo fotos de las plantas pero con la luz Lec encendida, 😉 👍 No veo que engorden más en comparación con días atrás pero supongo que quizas están cerrando los buds y luego vuelven a engordar ____________________ Hello friends and cultivation partners today I bring photos of the plants but with the Lec light on, 😉 👍 I don't see that they gain more weight compared to days ago but I guess maybe they are closing the buds and then getting fat again
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    Leonidos#3 mom in a 1,5ltr pot just spayed with ehancer 💪👌
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    Wow! Smells like Skittles! Well, then, I'm in. Looking forward to seeing the results. Let me know when the seeds are ready.
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    More picture of the SourD Bx2 male I select because of his structure and amazing lateral branching and internal shoot Just spray with Ehancer 👌💪
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    WOW! This looks like an exciting guerrilla grow to watch. That's a lot of wonderful-looking plants. Let's hope that homeless "Machete-Man" and friendly "DogWalk-Man" won't cause any trouble. Good Luck, I'll be watching. P.S., when do you plan to germinate the seeds? Keep us informed, and keep up the excellent work and journalism.
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    the super deisel as much as i can find is a skunk cross sour desil the breader is seed makers
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    few buds that are ready bud came out dence and heavy smelling really strong and pungent and tastes fulely with a heavy long lasting high
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    Yes i see it in a lot of coffeeshop menu from 25€ to 35€ but never try 😛 iam to european in my heart😂 But i know with the size of the us country and there law & they big$$$ they can make some very extra big research on good strain and make the weed awsome❄ 🔥🌱 So after @OG.Naj You can breed a new genetic for us at the european price the quality will come from the universal blend😁
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    @g22 it is brand name now more than only a strain. It is more a "HYPE" strain like many other from the US because of the crasy marketing he make in the canna scene. Zkittles is a cut only strain that won many awards for this incredible fruity smell. Like the skittles candy. So in the base it is a great strain with special fruity terps. Greenrfieldz , Terphogz is the founder of this hype strain brand. Because now in the us when a strain won a cup, he make a all brand on this strain including weed, extract merchandizing, etc. Like the GirlScoutCookies for the Cookis family with Berner and Jigga or like the famous Sherbert for Sherbinsky... You can find many good strains better than the hype strain but if you will have a view of the us hype you need to grow it, ha ha ha The problem with this hype is ... All US hype strains is overpriced, till 25€ for a gram!!!! And the quality is not there. Because young smoker or poor will this hype strain but dont have the real knowledge...
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    Yes the effect is really good one of the best felling i ever get I was tired after working and the smoke make me good and not lazy and no munchie too Really wat i want for effect
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    Wouaw, great picture, and fffFFFire bud bro! well done!
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy e decidido hacer poda de ramas bajas que veía que no avanzaban correctamente tampoco les llegaba mucha luz y así ayudara a que engorde de la mitad hacia arriba también quite hojas de abanico innecesarias, adjunto fotos _________________________ Hello friends and cultivation partners today and decided to pruning low branches that I saw that they were not advancing properly, they also did not get much light and thus help to fatten from the half up also remove unnecessary fan blades, attached photos Saludos y feliz día Greetings and happy day
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    kevrac, One of the classic grow-room tutorials was created right there in your country. You can view it on YouTube. "Mr. Green - I Grow Chronic" is produced and filmed in British Columbia. Enjoy.
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    The new heads come out strong, they look vigorous. Wow, 99% is high. Do you use an air movement system? (extractor)
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    I do , ive got one with cob leds, i am happy with the led, its 2400Ws but only takes 400 watts. If i knew upfront i would have bought more but then smaller, id take 10 x 50 watts instead for larger light spread. hope it helps, others i know also use the cob, one guy i know makes them after importing them from china happy growing
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    Hi IM Matthew or Matt 45 living in Melbourne. Though my time growing was in north Queensland several years ago. Input life and my interest is still as strong, if not stronger, but being in position to grow again is something I always hope for.
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    He posted a closure to this grow at the end of the other grow that he started half-way through this grow. You can view the other from here:
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    Nice to see a new Jack herrer grow @gasmeter make one too. Would be nice to compare :-)

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