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  1. the girls are finely picking up ,the weather is still sunny ,dry and hot so i am able to give some nutrients every now and then . aptuss startbooster and some bionova supersoil mix ,the chemical bride is growing nice and steady ,no strange long gaps between the branches ,nice and healthy looking big leaves and she is already shearing her delicious smell ,so far so good ,still in vegie state of course . the himalaya mountain seames to start a little wider (middle plant) from the start ,for now i wish you all the best ,stay safe and stay green 😉👍
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  2. Gracias hermano 🙌 no creo que vayas un paso detras de mi, la verdad que voy en modo automático no estoy haciendo nada novedoso y el trato es mas o menos como siempre, estan engordando bien y ya quedara dos o tres semanas como mucho Amigos necesito uno de estos 😂 🤣💯💚🌏💯
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  3. Че то им жарковато по моему! еще полив или пара начну компот давать!
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