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    Hello Hunters, It is time to start a new grow journal. This one is a special journal because i search some true old haze to work with for long time now... The luck come to me some months ago because a friend say me that she have very old Nevil's Haze Regular seeds in is refrigerateur and she can send me these seed! Thats the description she make on the seeds : "I have an original NH seed, I have kept it in my refrigerator for many, many years. I don't know if it will germinate, but if it does... I still remember its flavor. This NH strain is not like the others, it is the holy grail of the NH. I don't have room or time to grow it, but if you're planning to grow NH, maybe you can use it before I die of old age... The only requirement is that if it germinates, you keep a branch as a mother plant and share it with all your friends. All of them. I don't want this genetics to be lost... All seed banks have very good NH, but this one is superior to all. If you're interested, tell me and I'll mail it to you. I like to call her Nevilles Haze Nvidia cut" Finally i recieved two seeds of this very Old Nevil's Haze genetics that come originally out of the master work from Nevil, a true sativa connaisseur founder of "The Seed Bank" in the 80s . It was made by combining a pure Haze to a Northern Lights #5 x Haze, this creating probably one of the most influential plants of our time, certainly for flavor, aroma and effect. Haze requires profeasional care and a lot of patience because of its long flowering periode but it has been very good for hybridisation. Nevil's Haze is a mostly Sativa strain with a flowering time of between 14-16 weeks. So just after i recieved the seeds i put them in the water for the germination process and after 9 days, yes 9 days (very long) one of the two seeds have germinated and are out the soil now!! Unfurtunetely the second one did not germinate. Let see what story this little "Nevil's Haze Nvidia semection" baby can make.... Original Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection" Have a nice beautiful day hunters!!
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    Hello Hunters, Here are the Nevil's haze Nvidia selection future mother. I take this clone 15 days before and she are nice and healty! I just remarque that i forgot to put the biogrow for the Nevil in bloom so i put 5g/ltr of soil of biobloom yesterday... Have a nice end of week hunters!
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    Sweet Valley Kush Smoke Report. Sweet Valley Kush bud close up. Sweet Valley Kush bud ground up in grinder. Sweet Valley Kush ground up bud in king size paper ready to roll. A spiff of Sweet Valley Kush ready to smoke. After a week drying I can say the aroma from the bud is herbal and earthy with a subtle sour note and when the bud is smoked the taste is very similar to how it smells. The vibe is great a good body stone with a stong high that lasts for hours. Sweet Valley Kush is a great strain to grow and smoke its definitely another winner from Green House Seed Company. I can now safely mark this grow journal as completed, happy smoking...
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    I use Google translator, so keep it in mind.
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    These pictures are from earlier today and I removed all the dead and yellow leaves from the plants. The Church plants are turning purple. The Big Bang plants are a bit away from harvest. The Himalaya Gold needs a while more. The Blue Hash however hasn't even started forming buds and I'm worried, I actually thought it was going to be finished first
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    I've grown guerilla most of the times, you learn from mistakes. There are various ways to keep animals like deer away, deer are my biggest concern and have been at all of my grows. I use chicken wire when the plants are small, I've also been spraying liberally with wolf urine, also spreading a liquid mixture of blood meal and rotten eggs at different places, I haven't seen any deer tracks in the area since however I've seen fox tracks. Guerilla growing is fun, I enjoy searching for a good spot. This spot I am growing at now I am actually thinking of prepping for next year in fall, I am reconsidering pushing it to the limit by growing +50 plants but directly in the soil. The swamp contains a lot of nutrients, the roots of my plants have already grown through the pots and into the soil
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    So it's 2020 and I'm preparing for another guerilla season, this year I'm doing something different. I am only growing two Green House Seed Co. strains which are favorites from last year The Church and Sweet Valley Kush, these will be some of the few photoperiod strains I'm growing and I also have Frisian Duck (Dutch Passion), Early Skunk (Sensi Seeds), Quick Gorilla (Dinafem), Quick Kush (Dinafem) and Alaskan Purple (Seedsman), also new this season is a field dedicated to autos from Auto Critical Orange Punch, AutoDuck, Auto Glueberry O.G., Auto Brooklyn Sunrise, Auto Colorado Cookies, Auto Orange Bud, Auto Blueberry & Auto Daquiri Lime (Dutch Passion), Blue Amnesia XXL, Haze XXL & Moby Dick XXL, Cheese XXL (Dinafem), Purple Punch Auto (Barney's Farm), Dos-si-Dos Cake Auto (LaMota Seeds), Pineapple Express & Mexican Airlines (420 Fast Buds) and Dedoverde Haze Auto (Humboldt Seed Organization). I'm moving to a different area in the swamp, I'll be preparing it soon and when the ice returns I'm carrying manure to the area and once the sun starts in May I'll really start preparing the area by turning the soil and covering it with a tarp for a week or two. I'm super excited for this years season
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    Hi mate, If you like to make good photos to your plants, to your hash or to funny things related to the Marijuana.... You can share them here and we'll use them in our social networks. Remember to leave a description of the photo (variety) and your Instagram or Facebook username, in order to be able to tag you Photos should be sharp, and if possible, without names or logos. We will add a tag with your nickname, so that you win more followers. Cheers!
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    Hey Hunters, Begining of the week 4 for the Nvidia Nevil's Haze selection In a few days i plan to pollinate some lower buds with my SourDbx2 pollen to make some seeds for preservation and sharing... Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection"
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy traigo fotos de las plantas con la luz Lec apagada solo con luz de linterna 🔦 _________;-) _____ Hello friends and cultivation partners today I bring photos of the plants with the Lec light off only with flashlight 🔦
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    They are G22, and look on this special pheno i have the luck to fund in the bunch.... He have the color, the smell, the bud structure and last but not least she yield a little better than the other pheno... The Rainbow Belts "ZZZZzzzkittles pheno"
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    Hello hunters, The Rainbow Belts are now at Week 7 day 46 of flowering One of the pheno is straight zkittles nose and have a bud structure like the original ZZZzzzkittles. I will make a special update for this pheno this week end... so stay tuned!
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    Hello hunters! The Nevil's Haze Nvidia selection are now at week 3 of flowering The strech are real on this strain, and she are now at cm height. The buds are coming nicely and the begining of the trichome production start slowly but surely. Nevil's Haze day 18 of flowering See you for the week 4 update hunters!
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    after a few days of dry we can see the final result which I like very much and the smell seemed terrible .💯🌱
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    @g22 S.L.H #2 @OG.Naj E.C #3 @Cannabissapean Foto efect 😉 👍 Good week friends
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    Y también traigo un pequeño repaso a cómo está la competición en este momento por una parte esta la batalla de S.L.H #2 contra E.C #3 y a simple vista parece tener mayor volumen S.L.H pero no me convence para mi gusto el aroma que tiene, así que doy como clara ganadora a Exodus Cheese y de todas ellas la mejor es #3 __________________ And I also bring a little review of how the competition is at the moment on the one hand is the battle of SLH # 2 against EC # 3 and at first glance it seems to have higher SLH volume but I am not convinced by my taste the aroma it has, so I give the clear winner to Exodus Cheese and of all of them the best is # 3 Kaia Kush #1 S.L.H #1 alias punky E.C #1 S.L.H #2 Champion E.C#3 Las dos rivales más grandes juntas ______________ The two biggest rivals together 😉 👍
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    Hoy traigo alguna foto de la extracción que hice ayer y se puede observar mejor con más luz ☀ ___________ Today I bring some picture of the extraction that I did yesterday and it can be observed better with more light ☀
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    I grow this variety since 1998. Was brought from the border with Mongolia and Mongolia crossed with an unknown taste.
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some news of the Sour Leonidos... All is healty right now, the picture was takken just beffor i top all the plant. The structure a nice and bushy, nice lateral shot as you can see on the last picture. And i think that the topping will help more the lateral branching... Very happy how the test run turn out but we will see in a few weeks whats happend in the most interssant phase, the flowering! But before that let's go for the sexing in a few days hope for a good 50% femal or better Have a nice and happy sunday hunters!
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    Hello Hunters, Week 1 Day 7 of flowering for this Nvidia selection Nevil's Haze. The 2 clones i take for preservation are rooted now so i will keep the best one as a mother. Good news, I see some little femal preflower one the plant in flowering we will see in a few days if the first pistils come out! Have a nice sunday hunters and see you for the next update!
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    Hello Hunters, Week 5 Day 36 for this beauty Nevil's Haze. She react very goot the the little training i make befor and the secondary branching are growing well. So, this nevil's are now ready to become a mother, today i will take 2 clones for preservation. When the clones are rooted, I will go directly to the flowering mom. One of the two clones will then become the future mother. Have a nice day hunters and see you for the next Nevil update!
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    Hello Hunters, Week 4 Day 22 for this beauty Nevil's Haze. With the bio feeding, I try to keep the soil moist , not too moist but i never let the soil come completly dry befor the next watering. Like that the life in the soil is more continue the job better. I pinch and curve the top yesterday at 90° to promote the grow of the lower branche. Today she are already straight to the sanligh led bar Picture before the pinching Have a nice week-end and see you for the next update hunters!
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    Hello Hunters, Week 3 Day 15 for this Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection". Time to put the Biogrow, 21gr totally for my 7ltr pot. Have a nice week end
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    Hello Hunters, Week 2 Day 8 for this Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection". For this grow i will use the full Bio line from Green House Feeding + home made compost tea. Have a nice week-end Hunters!
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    @g22 I moved the plants and gave them a bit more fertilizer, I had to wade armpit deep in the swamp because of the weight of the plants but it's all part of the struggle to grow a little weed. My phone got locked so I couldn't take any pics but I'll take some pics of the new spot soon. This is why I didn't plant my plants in the ground because I wanted to be able to move them if needed
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    I want to share a poem/song by a hero of mine who has a place in the High Times counterculture hall of fame. My DNA needs THC
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    Season 2019. Super Silver Haze (GHS) &. Franco's Lemon Cheese (GHS) before harvesting. --- Super Silver Haze (GHS) and I. ---
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    A last shot of that doctor i find the color more realistic
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    after the last triming i can tell you the doctor have a very good smells of pine. I tested a little buds in the week and the effect is energizing and very happy for the taste these still far too early to talk about. the doctor is a very social smoke 😉💯🌱
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    Time for a mid week progress update on the plants, this is day 3 of 12/12 All of the plants are growing well and seem to have enjoyed the last feed, this morning the dirt in the root pouches was nice and dry so I gave the plants 1 litre of water each and then put them back in the tent under the LED. Now all of the plants are using the same amount of water and feed, I will increase the amount by 250ml when I feed and water them next time the dirt dries out in about 3 days time on Saturday. Here are some images I took this afternoon just before I watered the plants. All of the plants in the grow tent. All of the plants in normal light. Jack Herer #1 side view close up. Jack Herer #1 top of plant close up. Jack Herer #2 side view close up. Jack Herer #2 top of plant close up. Jack Herer #3 side view close up. Jack Herer #3 top of plant close up. Passion #1 side view close up. Passion #1 top of plant close up. On the Passion #1 plant I noticed that it has some fan leaves with 8 leaflets and the fan leaf on the opposite side of the node has 9 leaflets, you can see it in the image above the fan leaf on the right has 8 leaflets. Here are some better images of the fan leaves. Passion #1 8 fan leaflets. Passion #1 9 fan leaflets I have seen this with the Passion #1 in the past with outdoor grows. Happy growing...
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy e tenido que dar de beber a las plantas por que el sustrato se encontraba bastante seco por la parte superior aunque por dentro aun guardaban algo de humedad pero e decidido darle 500 ml aprox por planta dejo unas fotos _____________________ Hello friends and cultivation partners today and I had to give the plants a drink because the substrate was quite dry from the top although inside they still had some moisture but I decided to give it approximately 500 ml per plant I leave some Photos Saludos y feliz día Greetings and happy day 😉👍🍀
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    He he he, learn english on duolingo 😀
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    @Jose.gh Big thanks For the beans and all the rest .... After all that show i hope i don't miss the driyng .
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    Impressive, very good results, crack. Beautiful buds!
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    I've just started learning Spanish on Duolingo, so might be able to speak some by March :-)
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    ⛽🛢SourD Bx2 male ready to hit the 🌈Rainbow Belts, the ⛽SourD Bx2 #3 and the 🍭LEONIDOS#3 with his wonderful pollen... Fresh beans are coming....
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    Vale de acuerdo amigo @OG.Najentonces ya la última comida será de 1.2 ec en total, y la número 8 y 9 solo agua 😉 👍 _______________ Okay friend @OG.Naj then the last meal will be 1.2 ec in total, and the number 8 and 9 only water 😉 👍 Gracias por el comentario hermano ✌️ me alegra que te guste @Cannabissapean 😉 ___________________---- Thanks for the comment brother ✌️ I'm glad you like it @Cannabissapean 😉
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    Se sarò libero dal lavoro vengo volentieri sarà sicuramente un evento grandioso👍💪
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    this flower stay produces new pistils
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    More macro picture of the Sour Leonidos seedling, i cant stop shot the capital sessile trichomes on the surface of the leaf of the seedling, and it is the first time i see so much trichome at this stage of grow, just after 2 weeks! On the pîcture below you can see that the center of the plant are already white! Juste at 2 weeks of grow !
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    @g22 All my hope go for a good male, sound a little strange...😂🤣 Seriously, I prefer a male to make some new generation. But a good female is ok too for mother and to pollinate with my male SourD, iam already very exiting to see what come out this wonderful old seed 😎

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