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  1. . i think they look a bit different.
  2. i checked and the wound didnt heal. instead each stem bcme bulkier. the split just stay open. so maybe its better if i bury it. and while adding more soil i forgot about this newborn. i found another seed and just put it in the pot without germination. this bring back memories since i lost all photos of my plant from day 1 to day 60+.luckily i posted some in this forum. And yeah.about my new plant it is safe to say we wont be seeing him again for a long time. . guess ill have to wait to get lucky again.
  3. thank you bro. before leaves on this plant(small) were all pointing upwards toward the light. but right now they started to drop. and the plant looks healthy and unhealthy at the same time. i dont know how to explain it. this is the same case with my bigger plant before. At first i thought they are overwatered so i reduce the water. but things are still the same. then i thought maybe this is normal as they grew up.but they get worse day by day. and this plant(small) i didnt give her mu h water for a week.and the leaves started to drop and they look exactly like my bigger plant befo
  4. i almost sell this one to my friend for few bucks.. thank God i didnt.
  5. hhooolllaa co mostaa. master @jsm someone has been cutting my leaf down. it wasnt me this time. a few mature and healthy leaves has gone missing. i found out who the culprit is but there's nothing i can do about it.
  6. sorry bro @jsm . i know i forgot what u told me. im sorry i wish to reply to your post earlier but i ve been busy! What about leaf that is already dead or looks like they are going to die very fast?they were green in the morning but in the evening it dried up and lot of leaf part become black.and the stems become really weak and doesnt feel like they have any energy at all.it just hanging from plant.I thought they looks like its going to take time and energy to fall by themself thats why i cut them.Sorry i am really impatience man.soryy i say sorry too much.But dont let that stop you fr
  7. day 76. No sunlight but just rain for days.i never thought it would end up like this lol.they fell down due to heavy rain. so i just let them be.
  8. thank you. i just cut few leaf that looks like they are dying.and i put some wild grass again. i hope this plant get as big as it can!
  9. day 72. man i feel like giving up right now. rain season is coming soon. and when they comes it will be hard to get sunlight. im thinking of building my own light and all but since im getting married this year(hopefully) i just dont have the time and money for extra spending.i will have to just wait and watch what happens with my plants. im not moving them around anymore this is their place. and this one when it finally has just started getting back on track. but i left it under heavy rain for a whole night.
  10. really bro..my back is in pain as i keep peeking and looking for female pistil everyday.im not sure what does fingers crossed mean but yeahh! hopefully it will.till the end of its life cycle.
  11. its okay bro you helped me already. im thankful enough. i just hope this plant keep on living. day 69. yeah boii
  12. day 68. kind of interesting to me.
  13. ok boss. im sorry if i ask many questions.i did search and read to learn more. but i also want to learn from members in this forum.Big thanks! i will update if something interesting or unusual happen again.