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  1. I've run out of ideas how to deal with the kittens.their mama left them.i hope they catch any bugs around. Other than cannabis plant I've also started growing some other plants as well.(tomato,chilli ) Im thinking of mango next. I have just found out mango and weed are heaven matchmade.anyone here have tried eating some mangos after a smoke?
  2. Day 54-56 Ever since the stem snapped. My plant looks like it has stopped growing. At first I thought maybe since it healing itself that's why the growth stopped. But after couple days, older leaves start to curl and drop. I don't know if that's normal. But the tips of the newer leaves start to curl and discolour. And new growing leaf on the top looks the same for few days. And they don't look happy and energetic to me.And the pre flower things they all look the same for few days.theres no difference at all. Day 57 Since I don't what's the actual problem is I just added some fertiliser. Pour water directly into the pot not using water spray and I added more water. And not giving it much direct sunlight. After few hours i can see some changes. It started reacting and searching for light and there's progress now on new growing leaves.
  3. Brown paper bag and cardboard box? Do you personally prefer them over jar of glass? Iv only seen people curing with jar of glass. Your method is interesting too!its new to me. @OG.Naj. If you ever give bamboo a try please let me know how's the result.
  4. I thought the same! But i dont want to get my hope high and just have to wait patiently for now Have you ever tried curing in a bamboo? An old gardener told me bamboo is good for curing buds since they are compatible with each other. I want to give it a try!this picture is not mine. A friend of mine sent me this.
  5. Thank you sir @OG.Naj. Im glad to hear that. The wind must be quite strong today. I did post some pictures yesterday maybe you missed it? I will take new photos later bro! And have a nice day too.
  6. Helpp. This part gt cracked open. I dont know if im doing the right thing to fix her. What should i do. Is this plant gonna keep alive? HELP. Why now
  7. Day 53. Twin.twins? They look really identical. Except for their size. The other one is smaller and looks lagged behind for a day or two. Is there a reason for that? During topping i accidentally pinched a lil bit of new growing leaf.
  8. Day 53. It has gotten so tall that i have to add more height to its bedroom? /safehouse?. Idk whats it called. The one that i put my plant inside during nightime. Im glad i didnt change to a bigger pot.i have to work a little harder to keep it hidden from people. And cats! One morning i smelled a scent coming out from the top leaf. I really thought that was sign of the beginnings of flowering stage. But i wasnt sure what that scent was. Untill the tip of my nose touched the leaf thats when i realized that was a cat piss. I spray that part with tons of water and the leaf looked like its gonna fall off from that. No animals were harmed on that day. Ive read that male plant actually mature faster and start flowering a lot quicker than female plant. Since they want to release their pollen and do some ehem ehem things to female plant. Malika is almost 2 months now. Those small dot that later to be ballsack/pistil started to appear in some other places too.is this plant a transgender? Some are round some are pointy. Ty sir @Cannabissapean. I often take close up pictures to take a better look what progress this plant made everyday.sometimes i even spotted few bugs thanks to the pictures.
  9. Day 120 + If i ever get to harvest my plant this is what it would like.this is the bud that i gt my seeds from. Day 51&52. Back to the roof after 3pm. My plant has doubled it size from the past week. And the other one started to look better. But on day 52 suddenly its raining heavily all of sudden. Idk for how many days it will keep raining.not much sunlight.look at the bright side maybe this will actually help my plant to start flowering faster.
  10. Yes sir i will be patience. I really enjoy watching and observing this plant grows. Im excited to see what will it do next. As i searched online not much info that i found. Only common 4 growth stages. Germination seedling veg etc... It doesnt say detailed information like what does the plant do in each stages.maybe i haven't found the right article yet.im sure there is one.
  11. Day 49.
  12. That is no a longer a plant. Thats a tree id say. 😲
  13. Thank you for the wish bro. Well even if it turns out to be a male i will not feel that bad im not even cutting it down. growing this plant is one of the cool things i ve done in my life. At least i have a good story to tell my friends when we re high together. But ive been wondering whats up with the stigmas?idk what u called it. That looks like some kind of disease or infection. Is that going to be a problem? No ball no sack. I just wanna see few hairs stacked. So that i can keep posting in this thread. One more sentence and i will become master of rap. 🦗🦗🦗 I'll see myself out.

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