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  1. California Medicinal patient here. Sprouted some seeds around May 1st, Northern Lights Auto(NLA) and Big Bang auto (BBA) from Greenhouse After germination, bugs, dog, and natural force 6 NLA and 6 BBA. 1 NLA and 1 BBA were stunted a bit by bugs when they only had 1 set of leaves, they survived and i believe had the bugs not nibbled them they would be just as hardy as their sisters. AT 2.5 weeks I treated these two plants, whose yield potential was interupted, with STS solution I mixed in order to create some feminized seeds/ As of yesterday both STS treated plants are showing signs of pollen
  2. I do love the ladies. I'm going to polinate a few. I'm also purchasing Auto Big Bang this week! I'm off to work
  3. Here are some Pics for those interested not the best but you get the idea.
  4. Yes I’m going to use Autos I already have alot of seeds and more feminized pollen. It will be nice to have a perpetual harvest without having to clone. I would like to find a few more auto strains with flowering times around 60 days and cross some of them with feminized G-O-M pollen so i can have a little variety. It would be amazing to find someone reliable to trade feminized pollen with. I'm in the USA so it seems like a grey area, maybe i can post ads here in california. pics coming soon!
  5. My new grow room is finished! I have begun germinating the first seeds for my new perpetual grow. I'll be posting pictures later. The idea is to harvest 24 plants in about 60 days, and every 30 days there after. I'm a huge smoker and i'm hoping to keep myself in hash and bud without laps. I've divided my grow area into 2 floors wich means i probably will have to Low Stress Train these already short plants, we'll see if i can keep all 24 under one light. keep an eye oput for pictures later today.
  6. I certainly feel welcome, thank you! This seems like a great forum. I'll put some pictures up today Tokage so you don't starve. I guess i could have taken a picture of the broken exhaust fan I got in the mail. What a obnoxious little delay that was. On the bright side the replacement one is scheduled to be delivered today. I feel safe germinating now..
  7. I'm very excited. I plan on making it a perpetual grow, starting another batch of 25 about 30 days after the first. I have a bunch of pollen from a previous Green-O-Matic experiment and i will pull a couple plants to polinate in order to keep up production.
  8. Hello everyone im a medical grower in California. Love the website. I just started my first journal on a green-o-matic grow. I'll post some pictures soon!
  9. I posted a thread and i didnt see this introduction area. My apologies. I'm a medical grower in california. I've been growing in some way or another since 2006, and i'm an avid vegitable gardener. This seem like a great forum. Check out my Green-o-matic grow I should have some pictures up in just a few days.
  10. I'm going to be growing 25 Green o-matic in 2gal pots (8 liter) under a 1000w switchable ballast. I'm growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, using homemade organic teas for feeding. I'm going to germinate soon I'm just waiting for a new hood to come in the mail. I'm medical in California and have been growing for a few years. I'll be posting pictures just as soon as there is something to see. Thanks for reading!
  11. I think that 29 degrees is okay, not ideal, but okay. As long as you have an osilating fan circulating the air in your box, and your not getting any burn from your bulbs. I've grown indoor at that temperature, and i grow my outdoor in an arid climate with average summer temperatures of 36 and even 40 on many of the really hot summer days.I'm no expert but i hope that helps .