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  1. A very nice starting weight, wish it was mine. Excellent work. jane.
  2. Good evening, as I said before (after killing the little ones) I ordered more to replace them, however when browsing the catalogue it is difficult to only order 2 packs. Everything will be the same as last time and we will meet again when they see daylight. jane. p.s. Nice big bonus pack of Kalashnikova.
  3. Developing well, appear to have nice tight internode spacing. Looking healthy, well done. jane.
  4. WOW. Really impressive friend. Congrats on your up and coming harvest. Update us when dry please, Love to know your yield and more important the flavor. jane.
  5. I like the way you topped them, more top buds in the canopy. looking healthy well done. jane.
  6. Sorry to hear the same fate as those here, a little different as these were got to hot and fried dry being under wrong bulb to long. jane.
  7. Nice garden friend, I like the little tricks you add to the pots . Lovely look plants, well done. jane.
  8. Coming along nicely good show, the topped one will be interesting to watch. Loving those pots, they look quiet deep 400mm? jane.
  9. Hello growers. Thankyou for the kind word, those of you with your chair take a break however keep it warm. What I mean to say is have made a big judgement error when setting up for a stronger light, they got moved from the baby tent to the main tent and I somehow fried them. have no fear I have ordered 5 more of each and will catch up. I will update you the day they turn up. As for now let me show you where the main tent which they were in for to long. 1200watts of hybrid hps/cmh bulbs. 3 weeks 2 days. In the 2 back corners we have Bubba Slush, front 2
  10. Hello growers. Quick visit to let you know how they are getting along. 24,03,21 29/03, Kings Juice 29/03, Chemical Bride. Within the next week the girls will start their feeding and light power turned up. See you all soon. jane.
  11. Hello and welcome growers. Many thanks greenhouse seed company for the free seed, Kings Juice and Chemical bride. 🙏 Now for my end of the bargain a journal using only GHSC products. I will end here with stage one complete. Germination. The picture below is of Chemical Bride, not sure how i made that mistake. See you all soon, jane.💋
  12. Hi growers and staff @Jose.gh thx for the mail. Kings Juice sound so tasty would love to give that ago, wow what a gift.😋 jane. +💞
  13. Thx guys. I forgot to update harvest weight, as I said before she didn't produce much between 4.5 and 5 ounces. Poor show for the size of the plant but quality made up for that with the taste transformed into flowery after curing for 6 weeks. jane.
  14. Happy New Year growers. Day 35, 2nd January 2021. Since the last entry in this diary although we have had some nice growth on the plants there is also some bad news. The White Strawberry Skunk has some dam nana's on most of the top buds. I have have made the harsh decision not to chop and just carry on knowing this will pollinate the rest. Not knowing whether or not the pollen from the strawberry will make Hermie seeds on the other 3, however this is my chance to find out somewhere I remember reading this however the internet is