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  1. Hi growers and staff @Jose.gh thx for the mail. Kings Juice sound so tasty would love to give that ago, wow what a gift.😋 jane. +💞
  2. Thx guys. I forgot to update harvest weight, as I said before she didn't produce much between 4.5 and 5 ounces. Poor show for the size of the plant but quality made up for that with the taste transformed into flowery after curing for 6 weeks. jane.
  3. Happy New Year growers. Day 35, 2nd January 2021. Since the last entry in this diary although we have had some nice growth on the plants there is also some bad news. The White Strawberry Skunk has some dam nana's on most of the top buds. I have have made the harsh decision not to chop and just carry on knowing this will pollinate the rest. Not knowing whether or not the pollen from the strawberry will make Hermie seeds on the other 3, however this is my chance to find out somewhere I remember reading this however the internet is
  4. good afternoon growers. Today just a few pictures of day24 12/12. WSS, now getting a drop of boost. WP. SVK. Pretty. A group shot of 4 Greenhouse/Strainhunters strains. Merry Christmas, and love to all. jane.
  5. @g22 good show friend, another journal on the way. Did you manage to get any of the first ones you started to grow? jane.
  6. Good afternoon growers. Progress update Day 19 12/12. White Strawberry Skunk. Still on only 3g/10l of hybrid powder feeding, soon i shall add some boost. Top, almost flat canopy. Side view. Coco plants all had their first mid flower flush not that they needed it, it is only a preventative measure to stop a build up of unwanted salts. The solution was 1g/10l of boost powder feeding at PH6, each plant had the same amount as their pot size, and when they are light the next mix will be Hybrid and boost feedin
  7. Evening growers. Just a popped in to let you know on day 11 we had a clear view of pistels on the tops, now just starting day 13 of the 12/12 photo period we can see the strawberry is not far behind. To me this seems quite fast could this be due to the new bulb spectrum? Whether or not it is i am happy with the investment so far. Wonder Pie, Kush, and Pretty maybe. White Strawberry Skunk. jane.
  8. Hello once again growers. Day 10 12/12. Temp-day 27-28, night 17-18. RH 50-70% White Strawberry Skunk. Water temp is stable at 16-17c, feeding still 0.3g/l, PH6. She has had a nice growth spurt however quite a distance between the inter nodes, saying that the light is still high we can lower it soon. Root has developed well over the last 10 days looks like its gonna be a big one. Top view. Side view. Inside the root chamber. Wonder Pie. This girl has almost a flat canopy and we have n
  9. First flower stage update. All plants have had their first 12hrs dark period and now under the new bulb. White Strawberry Skunk is now 4 weeks young, the day before we topped her and now has 12 branches remaining. The feeding now is at 9g of Hybrid powder feeding in 30l of water PH6. The recirculating system has 12l in the root zone and 18l in an exterior reservoirour currently at 18c. Wonder Pie and the Sweet Valley Kush are being feed on 0.5g/l of Hybrid powder feeding as they go into the 12/12 photo period. Wonder
  10. Hello growers. Time has come to reduce day light hours for this round. I have been thinking about buying a CMH 315 and save a little on power, however during some window shopping i found it quite pricey what with the price of the bulbs and the running gear. So I decided to buy a bulb that works with my existing ballast. The first picture are from the day I potted on Wonder Pie on the 23,11. WP Her root. SVK This is the last update where the MH bulb is being used, please see next update.
  11. 20-21 is a little high however ok, try to reduce to under 20 by the time you flip to flower. EC, seems high to me, in veg here we don't use more than 1.2 even when he decides to do one i call a ridiculous size. what brand of feeding do you use? PH, it would normally take a full point shift to affect plant on that scale, this is another thing that happens a lot when solution is changed. Air, Perfect roots like that, I was concern maybe something had became disconnected. All i can suggest, change solution again and watch close thing happen fast with DWC. Good
  12. Hello @Doniusz77 as g22 said a little more information would help. If this problem appeared fast like overnight it could be a vast PH fluctuation during a bucket change is the most common occurrance. This could also be over feeding they react like this sometimes, in DWC plants like a lower ec as the roots are in direct contact with the solution. Check the roots make sure they are getting enough air, this is the worst possible senario. Hope this helps. jane.
  13. Good evening grower. White Strawberry Skunk now has nice long root so we have changed the water and added 1.5g of grow powder feeding to 12l of water PH 6. Today i also started LST. Wonder Pie is still coming along nicely and now started showing her sex, il get a picture wen the pistels are out. This added addition is a clone of Sweet Valley Kush from the mother we started a couple of months ago. Thats it for now have a good weekend. jane.