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  1. Hello again growers. Today is last day of week 8 on 12/12 (day 56). We have only 2 pictures this update and taken under the HPS so their a little red. Main purpose is to show you how damn heavy they are, i am having trouble tying them because there is nowhere to tie to a little over the cage height. At the moment we are giving the roots a wash with tap water @about 6PH, because the majority of trichomes are milky however the most of the pistils are still white or only now turning. that is my only issue at minute, do i push on and risk some mold, and having trouble keeping humidity under 50% with a wet weather front on its way. 2 slightly different pictures. If you like big buds and lots of them try this strain. Before I log off, Question - i have a clone of this plant I would like to know if the mutation will follow along and show in the next flowering because it only on 1 branch. jane. Wonder Pie, Bubba Slush, and White Strawberry Skunk coming soon.
  2. Hi, This is looking interesting already, gonna love watching this one. jane.
  3. Hi growers. Here we are 7 weeks into 12/12, looking really tasty and now a powerful aroma developing. The tops of this plant are to heavy for the branching they are falling without support which we have to increase a bit more, could be due to a deficiency i think maybe calcium. The nutrient solution is dropping a bit however mostly kept around 6ph, could be telling me to drop the food level. If you remember the tallest branch it is pictured with the orange string. Thats it for now thanks for visiting, one love. jane.
  4. Hi. They look super healthy, a fertile home you found them. You have done very well despite your troubles. jane.
  5. Hi growers. This has turned out to be very exciting after being left with only one of the plants we started, there are a few small clones in there flowering with the Banana Krumble. I did get clones which i will show you soon, 2 different krumbles and the Sweet Valley Kush. Now back to this lady who has been in 12/12 for 5 weeks and 2 days, actual flower formation 3 weeks and already looking tasty. It is getting late now, i will post pictures now and fill in the blanks on the next update. Canopy after turn plant 180 degree. 2 of the mutation. Selection of tops. Getting sticky in here now, when reading the notes on Banana Krumble it states its good for extractions. I must certainly agree with that as you will see. Thx for stopping by, hope you enjoy this update. jane.
  6. I have an idea, along with Jose description i done some digging. Found a few clues on internet, one being Gorilla Glue has a pheno named Silver Back. That being said I would love to hear other suggestions. jane.
  7. Hi growers. Today we changed the nutrient solution using the same mix as last time we changed, 5g/10l of hybrid, and 1g/10l of boost. Whilst doing so i had the chance to get a nice picture for you root lovers. That is it for today, take care out there. jane.
  8. Congratulations on your harvest. jane.
  9. Hi growers. Now 7 days since last update, the plant is now feeding on 5g hybrid and 1g boost in 10 litres of water and today we added another 5l of adjusted tap water. Height of most tops is now at about 650mm and the tallest being 750mm from top of root chamber,not actual length of branches, the area her top covers is about 600mm * 650mm. In the pictures you will see i have an opportunity the turn her 180 degrees to get the tallest bit up the corner most likely at next refill, however pay more attension to pictures 3 and 4 which I believe is called a polypoid mutation. Height, probably the last until harvest. The bit up the corner. The interesting top not had this mutation before. The stem of the polypiod top. Last the lower part. Where you will notice leaves left after lolloping only to shade root chamber. Thanks for stopping by. jane.
  10. @jsm My thoughts exactly, one of the reasons we switched over to the hybrid feeding is it has less N. The feeding is now at 5g/l and 1g/l. As for the feel of the leaves at the bottom yes i agree they are dry maybe from the cool breeze i had blowing on the root chamber, the top are fine however the claw is what we picked up on. Also the PH was not quite right the reading was more like 5.0 so ditch the pen and back to drops. If the girls become ill again at least i now know where to find a Doctor jane.
  11. Hello growers. A little update to show some progress. The only change we have made is now that the flowers start to form the feeding has changed, instead of the short flowering powder we have used the hybrid powder still at 6g/10l also we have added 2g/10l of boost we started this at 6ph, lets see how this ph swings now. Side view Height Width Top view Failed root picture. All for now. jane.
  12. A very happy plant, owned by some really green fingers. jane.
  13. Hi growers. 12 days since last entry. After taking the photographs last time we topped the Banana Krumble then gave her her first 12hrs dark period. The feeding has been increased slightly to 0.6g/l of short flowering powder feeding at around 6ph. Temperature issues forced us to add the external reservoir earlier than id liked, now refilling with 30l instead of 12l at change. This is her on the 12th of August the day i put the cage on. Like we already said i cut the top off at change of cycle. (lets see how she behaves) The top view. The largest top out of 10. Side view of another. Take care, love to all and see you soon. jane.
  14. Congrats with the harvest @R.G.S, some very nice colors in them buds. jane.
  15. I agree fully with gasmeter it would be a shame to let all this history go. jane.

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