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  1. Yes I would like to see some real photos of the dried cannabis be grate to see
  2. I WANT A DRILL BILL lol im sure its pricey but lovely pice of art work love it
  3. Man I think I'm going to copy what you are doing as I've never got the results that you have got , please be my tutor lol I think craming 10 plants in 4l pot is doing me no favours I'm not documenting I'm current grow as they are not gh plants but I have got 4 plants in 20l pot this time to see if I can get more out of my girls , let me tell you something smoky if you don't win the auto cup with this grow then something isn't right lol love it I don't have a inlet fan like you I just open the side vent to let air get pulled in from the extractor fan in the tent I don't know if this might be
  4. Hi smoky I think kalashnikova auto is a nice plant to grow, the 10 I grew was more leaning towards white widow with a few phenotypes in there some big ass buds with a good covering of thc with the smaller buded plants very very white indeed , when smoking you will find differnt highs in there but expect no sleep if you smoke it before bed as these sexy girls will keep you awake all night lol Hope your led grow light helps bring them buds nice and fat with no dry bits dotted about , keeping the light away from the buds with be on my mind thank u for that advice , I did have another plant
  5. Coming back with prescribed cannabis from Europe sounds like he can still get put in prison this guy can't take the risk ,staying over in Spain for a few weeks while medicating sounds a better option for him but the rick simpson recommends 1g a day for 60days only if you have the money to find this will it be possible
  6. Thanks people I've gave him the info he's needs to make a decision what he wants to do. If anyone is reading this and is thinking of doing the same. Here is a good article on the subject. http://peterreynolds.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/legal-opportunities-for-medicinal-cannabis-users/
  7. I watched a documentary when an English person went to a doctor in holland and he gave him a few month supply of herb then he brought back into the uk do u know if this will be possible in holland still ?
  8. Going to Spain would be good for him and his wife and 6years old daughter for last holiday together and at the same time get the high cbd extract , will a doctor there prescribe him with oil as with EU law the uk must respect all European prescreption so he can legally bring it back with him Thanks dust for your reply I'm having a chat with him tomorrow
  9. can any concentrate be used to help heal cancers like bubble hash instead of making oil. Surly the only difference is oil is supposed to be a bit more pure in chemicals then with bubble hash right ? I know of A guy who is asking for help with brain cancer he wants oil but can only point him in the direction of a guy with bubble hash, would this not help the same as the oil is supposed to help docs gave him less then 3 months to live nothing they can do for the guy any info and opinions welcome thanks
  10. Thanks everyone it's been a pleasure growing these plants I love the combo of led and HPS think I'm going to buy another led to go the other side of my tent Think the growth will be explosive Thanks again ppl for following my cup grow thanks and see u all soon on my next grow report
  11. thanks everyone its been a grate time harvesting these ladies got about under an ounce off each plant, some more some less all together i got 7.5 ounce curing nicely in jars been a pleasure growing these . need some energy to keep me going lol whos joining me lovely frosty bud going into one joint , smells a lot like ww but with a difference cant taste any ak in it at all its a creeper you think your not stoned then it hits you lol all a head high no body stone love it
  12. Chronic Grower

    IMG 0609

    From the album: Auto cup

  13. Chronic Grower

    IMG 0603

    From the album: Auto cup

  14. Chronic Grower

    IMG 0609

    From the album: Auto cup

  15. lol one day pal im sure
  16. at last been a long time coming does anyone know if the attitude seed bank will be stocking them or do we have to order straight from dam??
  17. . Thanks a lot bro for being here yes when ever I use more then 12 hours with autos they seem to flower when ever they want normally 1month but when it's been on 12 they start flower after about 2weeks then after they have starting flowering turn the hours up ,the reason I never did this is because I have 4 other plants in veg in the same tent. Or that's how I would are grown them
  18. Yes I remember u talking about the air bubble on another thread ,it's only got one of the tops the main cola these buds are not far off a coke can thickness ,I've been watering very little but often to stop to much moisture in the tent that's why they dried out by mistake but no mould at all love the size of the kalashnikova buds they are massive , I've got a 5pack of normal kalashnikova in the freezer that for sure be getting the lime light soon
  19. The first plant Does seem to have dry rot only had this once before with my Himalayan gold don't know what causes it the rest is fine just water dries up and the plants wilted a bit but no probs they been flushed for about 2weeks now so yellowed out really fast in the last 7days nothing is burnt
  20. thanks hunters for stopping by and following my cup grow all the 7 big kalashnikova buds have been chopped and drying today pics on way