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  1. Well it seems to have dried and cured now. Smokes much much better. Buds have completely crystalized. My persy is in the fridge and some being enjoyed, of course!!!! Going to get those cheapo bags from ebay. I bought a humidifier and it is shite. Bought a recommended one which is sold in most of the grow shops. Also, I've have heard that dehumidifiers only work if you get the industrial types? I've just bought a bigger extractor fan and i'm putting the old fan as an intake.. Hopefully that may sort a few problems as the temperature has changed dramatically in the last few days..
  2. Ok that's good news... Bubble bags for £120 seemed excessive to me.. I have never come across a hobby with so many rip off merchants in my life. Everything from growing systems to nutrients are a con. By the way, does anyone know why my grow smells and taste like crap still.. Is it the cure? Must admit i've had much better chronic and i was expecting better results in terms of the smoke and potency..
  3. @med4u - Thanks mate @Tokage - Smell is getting stronger and stronger by the day... :-)
  4. Okay, i've produced over 8 Oz from 3 plants. Smoke is quite strong but could always be stronger. So far it has taken 6 days to dry and it's been curing for 3 days. The high creeps up on you. At first you don't notice too much but then, bang, you're a laughing couch potato with the munchies.. I'm going to buy some bubble bags. Has anyone used the ones for sale on ebay?
  5. Thanks guys. I had to chop her down a few days beforehand. I checked the trichs about 5 days prior and i would say about 10% were amber. SO i presume a week after flushing they should be ok. However i wanted to flush for about 10 days. Anyway when i chopped her i could taste like a lemon sherbert on my tongue. THis lasted about 5 minutes. It's been 3 days since harvest but they don't smell of lemon at all. All i can smell is a freshly cut grass smell. My temps are 21c 60% humidity.. I think i'm going to need a dehumidifier. Can anyone recommend any? While i was trimming her i scraped & rolled some hash which i took off the scissors. The smoke was nice but the buzz didn't last that long..
  6. I've gone ahead and harvested. Something came up which meant prematurely cutting her down 1 week after flushing. Here are some pics. I hope to cure them for 2 weeks. What do you think?
  7. Hey guys, thanks for your advice. When do i start the final flush?
  8. Hey Everyone, My USB microscope arrived today :-) And i have a confession to make... I cut another small bud yesterday. It served me quite well becos although i haven't smoked it i've taken a few photos.. However i'm really not impressed with it. The guy on the auction website said it was 5mp but the resolution is only 640x480. Well i suppose what should i expect for £12.. Anyway here you go...
  9. As elvis says you'll need at the very least 6 lights, preferably 8. Personally i would run them in batches. For example your IWS system has 3 rows of 16 pods. I would have each row on different flowering periods (if you can have a separate veg room). That way you'll have a constant supply of bud. You would wait 3 weeks for the next row to finish and then move another 16 veg plants to your flowering IWS pod... Does that make sense? I haven't used the IWS system but i know they're good as i've seen them before being used. If you can get the additional rootball aerator it would definitely benefit your plants. Good luck with your grow and upload pics if you can... Peace
  10. Hi Mr X, Just had a look through your forum threads. Amazing pictures and lovely looking plants. I'm sure we could all learn a lot from you especially when it comes to LED's! I must admit i was very keen on buying some LED's but i have been put off by the constant change in opinions from growers who have used them. However from your grow the results look wicked! Which lights are you using and do you recommend any particular manufacturer or combination of LED's? You mentioned that other people have not had good results with LED's but it's because you do SOG? Can you elaborate or have i misread your conversation? (bad google translator) :-S Anyway i'll be definitely following your threads.. The photo of your 'dracula' trichomes is crazy!
  11. Don't be sorry... It is my first grow and i'm not offended. I've wacked in some Powder feeding and AN this week. EC is 1.8 with a Ph 5.8... They started to look less healthier than normal during the end of veg stage. When i mean less healthier; some of the leaves began to discolour. Now some of the leaves have turned brown at the very tips. I'm not massively bothered this time round because it's a learning excercise and i can see that i have lots of quite large buds, especially considering there are only 3 plants in there.. However i reckon they will turn out nice in the end... @Growmaster J - Considering i kept my ph at 5.5 and ec at 1.3 during my grow what would you say i could do next time round to produce healthier looking plants? Humidity and Temp has been spot on except humidity has been a little high the last week.. PS.. I've ordered the microscope... :-))
  12. I'm going to try and get myself a USB microscope... Hopefully adding the Powder Feed with the AN will boost them up a bit more :-))
  13. I've only had them flowering for 6 weeks and 5 days.. How long do you think they have left? They are supposed to flower for 10-12 weeks.
  14. I think you may be right about the cal/mag deficiency... I may buy some but they haven't got long left...

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