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  1. Cameron keeps it illegal but funds a research lab in cheltenham for medicinnal cannabis, stupid idiot cant make his mind up! Thats why i didnt vote, because labour want to keep it illegal, very illegal! Tories cant make their minds up and lib dems are puppets we are all buggered!!
  2. Damn i need a joint :'(

  3. Oh and please dont think im hating on Arjan, cuz if i was i dont beat about the bush, id come right out and say it. But knowing the people i do hes a very difficult character to defend to the old hardcore smokers that dont forget. I just dont bother anymore because its me that loses the arguements to the older stoners that have been there and seen it. Im sure hes changed and very nice chap, but im finding it difficult to stick up for him. So please dont think theres any hate there, cuz trust me ive made myself look very stupid indeed jumping to his defence
  4. Listen guys i have to apologise for the way i worded everything yesterday, super silver haze sorry dude. I didnt want it to sound angry, i know the cup is fun and thats your thing, im just having a bad week and shouldnt of taken it out on here, however im not changing my opnion on a single thing ive said, even about a certain someone. But i shouldnt of worded it that way or taken it out on you guys, im really sorry, but unfortunatly im not in a position to chill out and smoke so one of you will have to do it for me Dust im sorry and i know that you are proud of everyone been able to express th
  5. Pretty certain i said i hadnt... And dont intend to...but GH hierachy dictates im probably not good enough for opinion.you said your opinion and so have i... If i started a new thread ignorant people wouldnt read it and anyway the thread is called Cannabis cup 2012 run up not "you can only write on here if your going and want to meet up..." it might need renaming or maybe outline what your not allowed to write... Like i said i dont have anything against it but i just dont like people getting ripped off by others because its supposed to be 'exclusive'. its still the same plant... Good idea and
  6. i know ur just saying, but then again so was i...thats the problem no one seems to able to express their opinion with being shot down, where else am i supposed to write it? this forum is also for opinion, i dont have a problem with the cup and understand why people love it and have nothing against those that do... So dont have anything against people that dont.... Im not on here to express the need to bum Arjan and pretend hes a king.... im on here to learn from people and express my opinion. Is that a crime? i also understand that its not just me feeling the same. Forums are to talk and expre
  7. Ive just been compared to a crack head by my consultant because im using medicinnal as an excuse to "hide my addiction to drugs". sometimes murder is an easy option....

  8. Can i just ask??? How far down the pan will the Cannabis cup go if weed tourism is eventually banned? Not like ive ever been and im sure as hell ill never be silly enough to waste all my hard earned pennies on a massive money making publicity stunt for an American magazine. but in the interest of all the people that love it and the coffee shops wont it be killed off completly if we are no longer aloud to participate? i go after when people stop getting ripped off and it all been judged, then im sorry guilty as charged im in the line to be served in Barneys and GH once they've won or whatever,
  9. When i went in July it was as busy as its ever been! im glad to hear its all open but what happened to places like Rokerij and Bas Joes im sure they shut because they are expecting it all to go bums up, how long will it last because as much as i love Amsterdam and as beautiful as it is, no weed then i wont be going back for the museums!?! I have booked a summer holiday to take my 3 yr old to a nice campsite in Wassemaar near leiden so my fella will be sent on a shopping trip to amsterdam! I hope it all stays open in Dam i love it and hate to never have a reason to go back but its all down th
  10. Oh bloody the UK broadcasters and newspapers are terrible for it, even that idiot that we all voted in as PM says its poisonous. But he goes round hugging chavs so what do you expect? Britain, we are all a bit wierd but we r the highest consumers of cannabis in Europe so this propaganda is only for the benefit of the tabloids etc because its obvious no one is listening. Peter Reynolds, The president of the pro cannabis political party CLEAR, is always on the backs of the bbc and newspapers sticking up for us. I just laugh and let them get on with it, its always something to laugh at when stone
  11. Currently wired up to EEG machine, just wish i had some weed that would stick a couple of spikes on the machine they werent expecting, but alas no point can be proven to these ignorant consultant Idiots :'(

  12. Wow beautiful plants there dude. I know what you mean about the beautiful smell chemdog kicks out, i love it!! i hugged my massive plants just to stink of it!! i can honestly say id love that in perfume form! i refuse to live without chemdog now!! you will love it soo much, i just wish mine were growing atm enjoy dude shes beautiful!! x
  13. Awesome Amsterdam trip! I got Rif Cream hash and some beautiful Exodus cheese and staff in Greenhouse were pleasant for a change :)

    1. Dust


      sweet glad that you enjoyed your trip :D

      I hope you brought back some pics for us!!

    2. SexySativa


      Well dusty my friend, i started out with good intentions, but once you hit Central Coffee shop Skunk, everything like that goes out the window im afraid :(

  14. Im gonna b hungry for some exxy cheese tonight baby yeah!

  15. 1 more sleep til amsterdam :) anyone know any coffee shops selling chemdog?