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  1. Just thought I've also used a high stress stripping technique that I will repeat at week 5 pretty much all fan leaves removed, I removed every fan leaf until around week 3 hold of 2 weeks and repeat just once mid week 5 I know this can be controversial to some 🙄
  2. Hi Thanks for taking a look mama Jane The haze smell is real nice. Regarding the lamp distance I've only got about 15cm spare above the lamp and it would kinda block.my osilating fan so I went for having a fan passing over the bulb constantly and I can hold my hand about 5cm from the bulb for pretty much unlimited period of time so I assumed the plants would be okay. I did get a slight bit of heat stress before introducing the fan but that seemed to solve it. You are correct in the fact it's only the one that overstretched that suffered heat stress the other white lemon is d
  3. Strain - White lemon 5 weeks into 12/12 Light - 600w hps about 25cm away from canopy Nutes- Advanced nutrients coco bloom range + CX horti mighty bloom Pots - 6.5ltr Medium - coco coir Watering - aiming for ph 5.4 to 6.4 (using liquid test so not too accurate) each using about 1 litre a day Intake/outtake - not sure on cfm rating but tent stays negative air pressure 24/7 1 oscillating, fan 1 tower oscillating fan, intake 4 inch fan and 6 inch RAM extraction in a 3.3x3.3x6 ft tent Climate - around 40% - 60% RH and 28c-30c day temps and 20c - 22c night te
  4. Hi Jose, Thanks for the reply. they were from a local seed bank but came in original packaging I'll be sure to contact the sales team. I may be wrong but they had very clear what I believe were seed sacks, anyway thanks for the advice. Could I just ask Would you say the leaf shape is normal in certain phenos or is it like a stress thing ?
  5. I forgot to mention also in my original post is this deformation on the leaves normal like 90% of them are like that
  6. Hi everyone first time posting here, I'm relatively new to growing and I've chose to go with the white lemon I got 5 feminised seeds which sadly turned out to only 2 females and 3 males. As I had no use for the males I had to get rid. I'm left with just 2 now that are both showing complete different traits one is very tall with rather small leaves and very compact node spacing but it has no smell and showing no sign of frosting with quite light green colour leaves The other one though is going strong with healthy dark green tough leaves covered in frosting I'm just curious to what other