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  1. So I put 6 of the 12 seeds I received in water/paper and 5 devoped a very nice sprout. One seed sadly showed zero development. So I put these 5 in starter pots and slowly but surely they raise the seedshell above surface. Once they got proper leaves I will take a picture. Looks promising. Soon the tent will be empty, so that I can give them proper growlights. But before they rest under a Neonbulb.
  2. So by now all 4 plants have been cut down. Definitely ready..First plant reaped is dry by now and a joy to smoke. Excellent aroma, very unique, sweet and elegant. The best one is still drying. All of them can take some curing. As expected by the frost on the leaves + buds this is definitely a superb strain-the only big minus is the real disapointing amount of buds perplant. I bet none yielded 10 grams - Combined I guess way under an ounce. Like I already said - just growing them from seed with out any tricks (SOG, LST this makes no sense to grow. Judging by the tiny stems, there is not much you can expect. Not even the size of a pencil. Way under 1 cm thick, 70 centimeter or so high with a tiny cola but a whole bunch of side buds around the middle -I guess if you try to spread these out you might get more product. I doubt that topping would really be an alternative. Best way is make cuttings and fill them in 3.5 litter pots and put 24 of them per squaremeter or VEG them forever and do some tricked out Low Stress action and use bamboo sticks to make a whole bunch of stems with colas. Anyway - You can also just put 4 of them on the sides/front/back and mix them with some plants, that deliver 3 or 4 times as much on average. The high is nice, the taste excellent and best of all it makes me get up and do some chores around the house I simply had mo intention of doing smoking the commercial stuff. This is in fact a weed with medicinal value , lifting my mood. Wish you all a merry christmas and a smokey new year PEACE
  3. Oh man, reaping some nice sticky ganja is something delicious..after all these months of smoking other people's weed, I can't wait till these two strains iare getting dry. That Blueberry Cheesecake is spectacular but the Super Bud / Trainwreck smells great as well. Christmas is saved. Nothing beats good homegrown ganja and at this size 7 weeks is enough to get a nice ready smoke..During this week I will cut more, only the DAMNESIA needs at least 2 or 3 weeks longer. The Lemon Kush needs a little while longer I guess-hard to judge when the buds are not frosty ..only getting browner.
  4. Forgot to show this picture, showing all 4 plants the best. Taken from the outside. All of the buds you see are Super Bud/Trainwreck. The biggest is central, one in a 6.5 liter pot was placed next to it for the foto and what is left to see are 2 more, incl. the one in the back, that I consider to be the ripest. looking beautiful, various colors can be seen on the ripe buds, they are frosty + sticky. Looking really promising...:-)
  5. Today the plants are full 7 weeks in bloom and a few do look darn near ready ! Tonight I will select a Blueberry Cheesecake and one of the Super Bud/Trainwreck girls, so that I got some of my own supply for christmas. I got some good commercial HAZE and smoking that got me high BUT man - I smoked a glass bubbler with one of my last Blueberry Cheesecake buds left from the last grow nearly 3 month old by now AND what a difference-not just the usual turn but some real potent brainwash. The difference between good weed and excelloent Cannabis - plus the aroma both in grinding it up, taste and the way the room smell for the next hour. Not as offensive as that sharp gun powder smell from that commercial HAZE. ANYWAY Besides the Blueberry Cheesecake I got that LEMON KUSH I was skeptical about. It still is not so sticky but there is def. some aroma and real fat colas. Ideal for a SOG. Will be a surprise if and how potent the weed will be. I placed them next to the TOP DAWG and put the big bushy BLUE CHEESE inside of the tent, so that they can both be closer inspected. I start with these pictures from the grow room. 2 of the TOP DAWGS are topped and got real thick stems, One was a substitute and is younger, so I had no time to top her... The following pix show the Test Seeds - 4 in different sizes and in various states of ripeness...
  6. AUTO BOMB was actually the very first plant I grew indoors and I liked it. Mine was not as large but got a bigger fat cola. It took me about 2 and a half month from seed till harvest. The pistils are still white, so the ripening starts now. Wait as long as possible, maybe pick a side bud to get some early product and test it. If the high is okay. cut her down - if not leave it in the dark, till you come back-maybe it will still get a bit more ripe - or cut it and dry it while you are away. A pity, 2 or 2 and a half weeks more and you had a nice amount of good ripe anja...
  7. There are a few very nice frosty buds visible by now. From now on I feed them RIPEN. After watering and a closer detection I noticed the Super Bud & Trainwreck to be okay in vitality. They are just a it over 40 days in flower-so we'll see the final development later this month/early january..These yellow 400 Watt HPS make it difficult to take pictures that match , what I actually see. A lot more frost. The other fotos I took show even less frost - so just 1 left to show off.
  8. Thanks brothers - I knew before that my way of growing is not very productive but due to a) great genetics I get top quality results and usually I was steadily filling up the tent with as many plants as possible. That made Scrogs and SOG a no no. This time it was different cause I only had left 6 beans - 2 Lemon Kush + 2 Blueberry Cheesecake from female seeds left over and 2 DAMNESIA. So I started these after the last decent yield. I would have ordered new seeds long time already but was waiting for the test seeds. So I had 6 young plants in Veg/early flower until I finally got the Test seeds and so I added another 4 of these. Problem number one - The very productive Lemon Kush is the worst genetic I ever grew, Leaves all over buds hidden beneath, not sticky, hardly any aroma- I made oil from it last time and they do not look promising again shortly before harvest in a week or two-so that is a big disappointment-Their Automatic KUSH was excellent and gave me up to 40 grams. No idea why the fem KUSH is such a slouch ! The Blueberry Cheesecake smells exactly like the cake and is top notch weed BUT not productive.The Test seeds are better yielders. The Amnesia takes forever and is not of the same quality it once was imo. The Test seeds back in the days were too great and a pack of 10 I grew 2 years ago was also more sticky with longer fatter colas but I guess I will have to wait 111 weeks at least- There is some juice and aroma nowafter 40 days in flower. The Super Bud&Trainwreck seems to shift gears after the last feeding. Who knows how they all look around christmas time or around new year. I started to top and Vegged the next bunch really good-more than1 month under 400 MH now first week under HPS. It also seems to me that the Reflektor I got in the tent with the prism acting like a cool tube allows plants to grow very close towards the light is not ideal for Indicas, I get stronger and bigger plants with a regular reflektor, The room is much hotter and the distance from top to lamb is at least 30 cm furtther away forcing the plants to grow taller...
  9. Yeah, that looks awesome and Hunbold Seeds are from the Emerald Triangle, where the experts created an x-amount of great OG varieties, not to forget the OG-ALFI as in PINK GOO. Definitely worth paying the extra Euros for these genetics. Most are in fact based on the CHEMDAWG. I found that to be awesome. Greenhouse CHEMDOG, Royal Queen's KALI DOG and now I am trying out Barney's FARM and their TOP DAWG, which starts very promising. Barney's also offers a bunch of nice KUSHEs - The PVanilla Kush is really creamy and tasty ! New is the BAD AZZ KUSH. Grown by BAD AZZ a Rapper from LA, guy well affiliated with Snoop's DOGG POUND . The OG KUSH from Royal Queens looks great as well. Fat yellow-green colas sprinkled with crystals. Got some of these beans for further try outs..
  10. Well, Not yet able to tell. They just start to give some nice aroma and 3 out of 4 are at least decent, one is definitely not satisfying in terms of height, flowering and won't give more than 10 grams or so. One is really nice and overall that strain ain't bad I guess. Of course the SLEX was a lot more productive and for whatever reasons I need Sativa to come to results, that do more than simply cover the costs.This ain't the fault of the genetics just a bad timing, Usually I got 3 or 4 plants per month and now the tent is full with 10 plants and it doesn't seem to bring much more than 100 grams and it took/takes 3 month plus to reap them.I need stronger genetics, less plants, longer vegged and topped to make up for this.. But thanks to Barney's I already got a very nice BLUE CHEESE and 3 TOP DAWGS vegged for more than a month and topped , that I put in flower this week, so one by one I can make up for this disappointing grow . I still got 6 beans left of the Test seeds, so depending on the effect I will grow these later and hopefully get bigger and better results. Anyway. they are healthy and the buds are nice round with an enticing aroma. Look and judge yourself.. First I show 3 on the left hand side, one is in the middle. I changed that and showed 2 more closely, the middle one alone and finally the most disapointing with a different bud shape-not round - small straight sized..If it doesn't get a punch in the remaining time that will probably give lessthan 10 grams...sigh.. What I do like is the amount of fluffy round buds around the middle of the plants-pictures don't really show that. 3 have that unique round bud structure I really like, one is looking more like the Blueberry Chesecake's I also grow - only the aroma tells me what is what. Overall they are pretty uniform, one is light green, most have a darker green look. If you grow these make sure you veg them really long and do some LST-not sure about topping - just letting them grow is not enough to get fat results.For whatever reasons I have too many low yields with Indicas - Probably a SOG might be a great way to grow this strain...
  11. I found DNA / Grow Your Own to be a good source for the real OG originators. Make sure the swedbank is from Cali or got direct links to breeders on the coast hence OG stands for Ocean Grown. One example is the Florida Gold, which is in fact the first real OG named strain - but it is from Florida. When the real run on theOG Kush started it was by breeders from the Emerald Triangle in Northern California who developed the OG KUSH from a Chemdawg - they added both Pakistani and Thai genetics to the 91 Chemdawg. Then it was further developed and stabilized outdoors not far from the Pacific Ocean, hence the title Ocean Grown = OG. Best check out the DNA website/seedbank and you find a lot of details on their strains like the famous Skywalker Kush, which I grew and found out to be the bestKUSH I had bred so far. Taken a real old original Ingemmar White Widow mother clone and crossed it with the Skywalker Kush. The breeder tried to get more weight on the first OG Kush out there and once he had managed that he created 3 new genetics with it-a)Skywalker OG Kush, White Walker (the one with the White Widow) and finally the Lemon Walker by crossing the Skywalker Kush with an original Lemon Skunk fromLas Vegas. Also interesting the ALFIE etc. Another good source are the Cali Connection with genetics mainly from the Lake Tahoe. Not cheap but worth the extra bucks you pay hence the are not only top genetics with a killer effect but they usually produce up to 50% more than a good variety, let alone those who sell the so called OG's at low prices delivering weed, that is not on the same level or only a fraction of what DNA delivers... Get the originals and see how others compare ...
  12. As promised here are a few pix from the plants. 2 are in the middle towards the end of the tent and 2 in front. Interesting are the broad leaves and the fast growing flowers - round like knobs. Medium sized . anyway will watch the development closely...
  13. I was interested in this combination of Superbud&Trainwreck because I expect it to be quite familiar with the fine CABOOSE - a Californian strain made with the Big Bud (Salmon Creek) with Trainwreck. That is indeed a very unique type of ganja plant. It develops a ton of broad wide leafs with a short distance between internodes. The scent is also unique but best is the effect-a 10 minute trip High evolves into a deep narcotic body stone, that will relax you so strong you may fall asleep. So Super Bud and Big Bud are probably from the same family. The plants I got now are also producing wide, broad and large leaves-easy to spot among other strains but the internode distance is longer with a strict top bud getting ready. For the short time they are in flower they pack a punch into the bud development. Hope to see more buds on the laterial sides soon... Sadly the tent is packed, so I cannot top these 4 atm. Next time maybe. Anyway. Looking healthy and quite uniform - astonishing for Test seeds. The differences come from various pot sizes.. Pix will follow soon
  14. So it was time to change the pot size - all 4 were properly rootd and sit in bigger shoes just fine - Also starting to flower them - 4000 watt HPS for 12 hours. Used PLAGRON Light Mix this time.. 3 in square pots, the one with the fastest growth is in a Root Pouch.. Pictures show them before transplanting first, then the actual growth ... Very happy with the development. All 4 were properly rooted and look healthy. Was time to put them into flower since the 1st of this month.
  15. AFAIK. Your first steps sound logic BUT in reality it is way more complicated to get a new strain - instead of 4 very different phenotypes. To get a strain with all the wanted effects the hunt for the right pheno goes on. . Till you found that it might take up to 4,6 or 8 generations. Then make a motherplant and try clones to be sure. Not so sure about IBL. Only when it is needed, hence clones can create mothers etc. All in all I would say leave it or just try out a few crossings. You need 100es of plants, that are not really suited to sell and you can't smoke all that weed. You woud need a team to do some proper strain creation - and you can still find better genetics.. But as a hobyb grow your landraces and cross themwith something you think might fit nicely. but don't get lost in the quest for the perfect strain.
  16. Yep. It is an australian Hybrid brought on the market by a guy calling himself Wally Duck. It is mainly an outdoor plant. To bring up the height + yield a Sativa was crossed in.. I am sure there is a seed company selling it in europe, too. Can't remember if it was Sweet Seed or another one but that are the origins- not much en depth info available than Australia + Sativa. There is along story behind it on - just type in Duckfoot and you can read it..
  17. The Duckfoot is an autoflowering Hybrid. I read something about it and seen pictures of it and the strange leave size (which makes it hard to spot it as a ganja plant for outdoor gardeners) in a Grow magazine. If you are not sure about a certain strain best check for more info.. Let me see if I can find something about it there..
  18. I took pictures sunday night but had no time to post them untill now.. These 3 pix expain what I was talking about - square pots 6.5 litres LEMON KUSH. Next 2 Damnesia + 2 Blueberry Cheesecake - 4 SUPER BUD - Trainwrecks picture 1 - the 4 Test Seedlings Next overview KUSH, DAMNESIA and the 4 SB-TW Test seeds picture 3 shows how I start seeds - Blue Cheese already with green, The Top DAWG's were sprouting then
  19. Hi folks. I am loading the battery for my camera, so pictures will follow pretty soon. The remaining 4 seedlings are doing really fine; esp since I reaped all plants and could use the tent for VEG. SOMA got me the confidence to put young seedlings (and even freshly sown seeds - I was waiting for Greenhouse to come up with CHEMDOG for nearly 2 years; so I looked for a substitute and am trying out Barney Farm's TOP DAWG now. I also got a BLUE CHEESE free seed), so I decided to grow 2 from 5 TOP DAWGS and that BLUE CHEESE as well. One seed has already opened up and lost it's seed shell after 2 days under a 400 WATT MH. I also had to start the remaining seeds I had, since it took way too long till the Test seeds arrived. I expected them to arrive early/middle of september so I planted 2 LEMON KUSH and 2 remaining DAMNESIA seeds. When it was taking even longer and I reaped the Blueberry Cheesecake and loved it really much (just the yield was disapointing but the aroma resin and effect was top notch)oI planted the last of my remaining 2 seeds as well.. It is time for the Lemon KUSH + DAMNESIA to be put into flower next week, so I will change the lights to HPS and to 12/12. The seedlings will get 6 hours extra lights under T5-NEON. I will see how I actually do that. DUST asked me how I started the seeds and how I water it. First I put them in water for 24 hours, then in a towel till the rootlet can be seen, then they go into a mix of Coco and CANNA TERRA Professional. Watering is pretty easy. I prepare 1 litre of the new GH GROW powder and check the ph vale with PH Down liquid and a test set fluid that shows the PH value in color. Golden Green is top. That fits into a spray can and I give each pot the needed amount. Best is checking the weight. A bit every day works best for me. Of course the bigger pots for the Lemon KUSH ( 6.5 litres) need more at once. Damnesia + Bluebbery Cheesecake are in 3 litre pots atm. They will end up in my trusted cottonGrow bags. The LK will stay in these 6.5 litre pots till the end. The other Habrids/Sativas will get more space ... The pictures will show you what exactly I am talking about. P.S. SOMA drops the paper towel part. He waits till the seed cracks open and shows a sign of a rootlet - then transplant it It is safer that way imo
  20. A partir cabo fine..I saben estas pérdidas a mí mismo. Si tuviera que trabajar aún más con estas plántulas Yo tendría cuidado para evitar estirar - ya sea presionando cuidadosamente las plantas de semillero de la superficie un poco menor o algo que hago mucho más a menudo añado más suelo, por lo que un tercio o menos de el tallo está enterrado en el interior. También me salto el invernadero si es posible esp. en invierno, donde la luz natural es notsufficient Acabo de ponerlo ya sea bajo NEON NEON T-5 con menos de 2 cm de distancia de las lámparas. Si tengo la oportunidad de verduras un montón de plantas que darles 400 vatios crece las luces o estos Grow / Blooming HPS. Se puede observar que crece día a día - que marca la diferencia y ayuda a acortar el tiempo de VEG mucho. Para ca o finales de la primavera también uso de efecto invernadero + luz del día. Pero por lo general toma dos veces más que cuando se les empezar directamente con 18 horas de 250 o 400 vatios MH - Si puede Chise los vatios en un nuevo suministro digitalPower. Por lo tanto, acabo de recibir una vieja escuela 400 vatios de potencia de suministro tengo que darles la completa 400 vatios. La distancia es importante en los primeros 10 daysor así. Entonces realmente poner en marcha ... Bueno, ya sabes cómo crecer, por lo que sólo comentar y informarle / lector cómo creo que funciona mejor para me.Thanks a Soma que aboga por este tipo de cómo empezar a crecer ..
  21. Kölle Alaf. Hi and welcome.. stay around and show us some of your beauties, so in time you may participate in the Seed Testing programs. Benn finding my favorite strain that way DAMNESIA, but so far I liked them all CABOOSE, SweetMango Automatic and lately the SLEX - Exodus Chees meets Super Lemon Haze- and getting the good Feeding for free that way, too. How cool is that ?
  22. I erased one seedling. It was too far behind the others and it took forever till it began to open the seed shell. Stayed closed with hardly any stretching, while the strongest had already grown 3 times as high and with some leaves. I wait till all 4 are beyond the critical starting stage. 2 show nice development, while the other 2 are smaller and beyond- Still think they will make it. If everything works out as expected I wil show them to ya. Just hope tis strain is worth the effort/space. I learned not to put all my trust in a strain I haven't grown with success at least a few times - and even then I prefer to have some variety. So far only Exodus Chees, Chemdog, Damnesia and White Lemon are strains I trust enough to grow at least half of my grow space with oneof those. DAMNESIA is the only strain I have grown all 10 from a 10 pack at once.
  23. I am absolutely unsure if and what kind of High/Stoned I can expect from these HIGH CBD Low THC strains. If you got no special medical reason to smoke HIGH CBD strains it makes no sense to me trying to grow that stuff or buy it from someone for the same price as a HIGH THC strain. I do like KUSH mostly because I feel the CBD ratio works perfectly for my system and helps me to relax and enjoy my heavy stoney High. I guess there are large differences within the many medical strains as well. Some are next to not psychoactive, some may give a light buzz or some upliftment BUT really what's the big deal about all that. It is cool whenpeople grow weed as medicine but most of us esp in countries where pot is prohibited want the full experience. A potent strain with the CBDCBN terpene profile, that suits our taste and overall satisfaction So my question are there highly potent medical strains available and what is the best Indica/Sativa ?

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