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  1. Here is just a quick update on how the GDP Candyland turned out just in case anyone is interested in growing it one day, Man oh man it's dank no rass, Nugs are solid as a rock, when you break a nug they crumble just like cookies, when you put a small nug in the crusher you will be surprise by the amount that it produces, the smell of the nugs are just stink dank, The appearance which you can see is beautiful when people see or smell the aroma they are like what the hell if that, I want to be smoking what your smoking. All I can say is that it is definitely eye candy due to that purple that st
  2. Sorry guys, It have gotten a bit busy at work so been working long hours, But the final yield was 1.75oz. She is on her third week of curing now and I must say its only getting better and better as it cures. I would definitely recommend this to others and grow again. It have a kinda of a sweet dairy taste to it, The high is clean and clear with a crippling stoned effect. I am a sativa lover but this hybrid does it for me I must say, especially after a hard days work. Man it's nothing like growing your own as you get way better taste and quantity buds than what's out there. Here are a couple p
  3. This week's update @ day 91 above ground (70 days flo/21 days veg). Last week for the Deep Cheese, She is now on her second week of flush with just plain water this week. The Candyland seems to stop all growth so I hope to see some nice packing soon and the Green Crack continues to still look promising. Here are this week's pics, Pic 1&2- Deep Cheese, Pic 3- Candyland and Pic 4- GreenCrack @ 18 days above ground.
  4. Nice thick stem which means a good delivery system for big fat buds, they are definitely coming on nice
  5. she coming along nice, love the lst
  6. Nice selection you have there , will be looking forward to a smoke report especially on the Caliconnection green crack as I am growing the Sickmeds version.
  7. Nice set of ladies you have there, auto's have definitely come a long way and giving photo-period a run for there money. Keep the updates coming
  8. Nice healthy looking plants, and even canopy. Keep up the good work
  9. Thanx Guys, This week's update @ day 84 above ground (63 days flo/21 days veg), The Deep Cheese is still putting on weight, I have given her a nice flush yesterday using Canna Flush and today with ph plain water. Tomorrow I will start introducing GHE Ripen for the next 10 days then plain water for the final 4 days. As for the Candyland it is starting to add weight also. My Green Crack this time is coming on strong so I will definitely get to see what the hype is about for sure fingers cross. Here is this weeks Pic 1&2- Deep Cheese, Pic 2 - Green Crack Pic 4- Candyland
  10. Thanxs Smokey, I have gotten rid of the clones and started another Green crack which is 3 days old and counting. I want to see what the hype is about so I had to give it another go. After that I am thinking of doing Arjan haze 1 as it has been on my to do list for a while now, plus this summer I want to do some Dutch Passion Autoxtreme outdoors to get two crops and prevent the cold weather. Last year the weather messed up my Titanic Hawaiian Snow which resulted in a bad out break of mold so I had to harvest it earlier than I wanted. My mates said it was still killer thought, Hawaiian Snow is
  11. C99 is a nice smoke, I had the grapefruit pheno which was dam tasty and potent. I look forward to your smoke report
  12. This week's update @ day 70 above ground (49 days flo/21 days veg), The Deep Cheese have started with the packing and giving off a musky odour, can't wait to see what she will transform into in the next coming weeks. The Candyland have been giving a bit of training as she have begin to stretch. She is about double the size she was last week, therefore I got to go source some more ties before she tries to take over the place. Pic-1 (Candyland), Pic-2 & 3 (Deep Cheese)
  13. Smokey did you go to Iceland or to the north pole for those buds, dam they are super frosty. Definition of great work
  14. Nice Selection and set up you have their Lams, I will be tuning in for this one
  15. Thanx guys, The candyland is going to get a bit of training as I expect her to stretch as she is suppose to be a mostly sativa strain.