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  1. im off away and my feed arrives late tonight, powderfeed GH indica for autos, my partner is gona have to mix and water them for me whiel im away but she doesnt know anytign about growing or ph... my question is i have water in a 5litre bottle form 3 days ago been airating for feeding... its at 5.8 ph if i get her to weigh out the right amoutn on the scales (5gram) can she pour it in, shake it and water withotu needing to chek ph?? they say ya dotn need to on there guide..but i dotn wana say do it and then see its spiked my ph thru the roof when im home?? so does gh powder effect ph or wil it stat the same??
  2. lumens is nothing man every light has lumens but yet soem lights will kil a plant or not even be seen by them (green lamps) but stil have lumens.. a candle is a lumen, so if i get enough lumens i can grow?? so more candles?? hmm PAR is the correct measurement howmuch PAR from lights, and LED outdo HPS that way giker owns with a faceslam
  3. http://ledgrowersfor...5cdc473f225942f ever seen an LED think difference auto like this??? yeah man your grows sick what did ya end up with or is it ongoing
  4. add a .uk lol damn pic isnt of size
  5. there ya go LED farm
  6. lol and my grow shop said the same thing too ''holland dont use them'' can u tell me why on side by side grows a 300watt pulled 256grams and a 1000watt hps only 4 grams more?? now hows that for cost effectivnies, have ya thaught that maybe hollands growers have like 200 hps in 1 go they have dialed EVERYTHING in spent thousands fans ac units the lot, if they change to LED thats then goign to be £200 per pannel needing 200 to replace there current numbers..... and then all their thousands of pound fans and shit aint needed any more then winter there gona need to warm up a lil, but all there money went on the hps and swap to led.. to them it works atm, it works good there gettin rich, why should they change it? but i can tell ya at them numbers they need around 40 grands for leds to get 200 in there, then they can ditch the 200 grand fans... and have to practise new lights, to get it perfect, there gona pull around the same, bud, there using 200 600watts.... so thats 120,000 watts the led though is only using 30,000 watts to pull the same, now on average each 600watt costs the uk £7 per week on a 18/6 so they pay £1400 a week, where as the let only pays £466 a week.... but wait.... im getting the same ammounts,,,,,,, solar pannels work..... why aint every 1 got them?? cost........ but over time they will level out due to howmuch there saving.... see the logic,..... they aint gona change them yet, but i can tell u mate ask them there thinkign about it
  7. awsome
  8. cheers bud love to see soem of your work
  9. CBD is the key to the anxilotic part of the illness, and thc controls the hyperactivity, the more active the patient more more thc is neede to calm , it is used in the states mate for this alone, ya obviously dont know much about the endo canabinoid system and the recoeptors in the mind neuro pathways transmitters or effects or various trichomes on the human body, effects of thc cbd cbg cbn ds on human tissue and chemical reactions electro currents etc this is my erra, most illnesses come from a defficiency in the endo which are aided with canabis. every strain has different levels and is for different reasons , peopel who take cannabis with no illness are abusing medication, although not harmful, ... woudl one take a cancer patients tablets cause they made you feel better ? every single strain is marked for a different illness every level of terpine will react differently on the mind, giving you a high, the reason you recieve that high is cause you are overdosing that chemical in your mind, and getting a side effect (we enjoy) but for a person deficient in that chemical ...say fybromyalgia woulndt recieve a high but return to a normal state, its nto as simple as sayign that one tho as there is say 5 that hold that chemical, but have different levels in othert terpines the patient didnt need so then you fidn ones lower insuch, eg the otto#1 was made a low THC high CBD so that patience requiring CBDs coudl take this but didnt require the THC, for instance a girl with siesures 9 times aday she was 2 years old, the THC would have monged her out so this strain which gave the CBD stoped the siesures and instead of being in a coma and brain damaged now she has full lease of life... this is just 1 strain recently developed for levels of a certain terpine, if legalised and reserarched EVERY terpine can be singled out and made medicinal. but until then ive got the otpion of beign on pills. zombied and not remebering what i have doen in the day problems peeing and alot more side effects or i can choose certain strains which help me deal with my condition with no side effects, i went from being a suisidal person who was aggressive and didnt know what i had done in the morning,i didnt dare leave the house i was isolated and freaked out, i had been rushed into hospital with heart block as my heart stoped a reaction i was having at night to the levels of pills i had to take, i literatly stoped breathing and go cold quite often at night or on cannabis interact with my children, to being able to work play run speak to people, "Consistent with the hypothesis that marijuana can be an effective treatment for depression and other mood disorders, there appears to be a sharp decrease in the suicide rate of 15- through 19-year olds males in the treatment states as compared to the control states approximately two years after legalization... Our results suggest that the legalization of medical marijuana is associated with a 5 percent decrease in the total suicide rate, an 11 percent decrease in the suicide rate of 20- through 29-year-old males, and a 9 percent decrease in the suicide rate of 30- through 39 year-old-males. Estimates for female suicide rates are generally measured with less precision and are sensitive to functional form... i could go reallty technical on this if your interested? i do alot of research into this big time, science is my key subject , if you wenat to know about real medical , look up rick simpson run from the cure at precent i am helping a cancer patient and a lady who suffers from fybromyalgia, which is a deficiency in mg caused by a blockage in the pineal gland which most her symtoms have been relieved by cannabis to which that she can move aroudn without being in her wheelchair or mobility scooter, in total pain .she takes it in food, as it is absorbed via the intestines and then passes through the liver, which processes the THC into a byproduct called 11-hydroxy-THC, which then travels to the bloodstream and then on to our brains. 11-hydroxy THC is thought to be four to five times more potent than regular THC. This is one reason why edibles are known to be more potent when compared to inhaled cannabis. Edibles are also thought to be strong sedatives and many patients use them for treatment of insomnia.
  10. didnt get chance dude, we all have our secrets of life lol, im bipolar and tbh you talk so fast and turnd down everythign i said before i had chance to finish, anxiety and panic over small situations, lol, my mind goes blank and i cant get what i wana say out stupid i know lol but thats why i use cannabis, it controls my anxiety attacks palpatations and everythng els, i find it alot easyer to talk and type on here, inwhich i get a bit mesed up too .mension ya texan.... cause i think its freakin awsome lol, your accent is ace lol, and when you fidn a way to talk about somone, when me and my mate talk its ''oh dya know the texan'' your the only texan we know lol so its easy and cool, the states are amzing, and are doing better with the canna than us for legality lol, got a lot of mates over there but give me a while there is a superauto with im pretty sure a 24ounce dry on AFN its huge and bobbly just like your 2 bigbuds on ya merry 420 pic see the flags stamped on ya groom too lol, memorabilia eh but yea face to face i find it very hard to talk about anything, i get mixed up and blank very easy but i have time here, if ya want i can show ya some atricles ive writon on forusm for people, i did a big study into airstones vs fluming 24,000 views, and counting, i help people alot and do alot of designing systems, but if you meet me face to face i struggle to explain myself, so i know hps is freakin wicked, and i can grow! and from my resaerch into PAR instead of lumens (which have been proven irrelevant to plants but an easy way to explain and measure) the LED is better met and i really wana do some, ive got a testers pannel coming, from a company im meant to be reviewing, but i also wanted the big old ms 006 its £230 with discount, and you dont need a hefty £200 fan to keep heat off,the lights also being led dont reduce in quality asfast as a hps, i tend to replace every 5-7 months hps, £30 a pop, 1 thing though dude you have got me onto the powder feeding for my projects now, but i dont think for my big system it woudl be cost effective, 6 plants and 800 litres is almost the whole bag :S unless you have another option here ill remain doing advanced nutes lucas on them :S my space at my friends has room for leds so will be doing it at his and ill document it so you can see,. why not be the first grow shop to sell leds after seeing how good they are? i mean how dya know peopel arent gettin them online non stop ive seen alot of growers using them recently, inwhich case you coudl be loosing sale too ? your a cool guy and i love ya stories lol, but take time to learn somthing new and you might just be shocked at what youve missed out on take care dude
  11. cheers for ya comment dude ya got any pics ?? price etc it cost ya ? maybe some results ? wouklc be cool
  12. by the way chek this guy out http://www.rollitup....-rdwc-tree.html also google double D and heath robinson, double d stole heaths designed and ended up pullign 1 plant in 15 weeks 130 ounces, (hps ofc andf alot of it sealed co2 aswel) but damn, these guys are who taught me, heath robinson and heaths deciples billy liar and the others , master 2.14gpw hps growers here woudl love to see them use an led
  13. This chaze grow is one of my favourite here at AFN and pulled 500g of bud But I agree a comp is not needed
  14. Weights: Total: 514.6g Led: 254.1g HPS: 260.5g Bubble Hash: 18.8g total 300w LED vs 1000w HPS Hydroton Drip Grow [*]http://www.rollitup....-1000w-hps.html think is he used another 2x 300watt panenels not even 1000watt stil.... i mean ...ummmm

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