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  1. Wow, these are amazing! Sometimes you just have to run down your own path in this have done something really impressive, thanks for sharing. Dare I say this is the plant matter, no carcinogens, just a pure high! Rock the f**k on my friend
  2. Yeah, this is a great book. £35 quid might seem steep but I think it paid for itself 10times over on the first experiment!!
  3. I'm actually salivating over that Lemon Crystal!!! Get me there now hahaha!!! Plane lands in Amsterdam in almost EXACTLY 120 hours...... (not that I am counting or anything)
  4. the book in one day cover to cover...I thought it would be bigger/longer, especially for £30. Even so, it has simple, helpful pictures and clear, concise instructions (plus helpful end-of-chapter summaries). I didn't find that it taught me much about the science of the process, but in terms of the practicalities of growing as much as possible from a small number of plants...I can't imagine that there are many better books out there to have close to hand, especially if you don't happen to have a degree in Biological Science. So yeah, definitely a good weapon to have in the arsenal and you CANNOT find it anywhere online for free so take the financial hit or remove it from your mind I say! Peace & Buds!
  5. My flight gets in at 09.05 on the Sunday morning, can't wait! Will try and be at GH at 9pm, but I am travelling with other people who don't necessarily share my love of smoking shed loads of fantastic weed...might have to ditch them!! I am going to try and go for some specific smoking goals: -Smoke some stuff cured longer than 2 months (double my longest cure!) -Try the strongest hash/jelly I can find (over 50% THC ideally) -Smoke a Sativa that takes over 12 weeks to flower (I saw one that takes 16 indoor!) This is my 4th trip to Dam in 2 years but my first cup so I just want to try all the beautiful creations on offer, meet some sound people and get some knowledge I can apply to my couple of baby girls!! Peace & Buds!
  6. Hello All!! Last time I went toAmsterdam in July I said I would get some photo's of menu's in coffeeshops but had an absolute nightmare and we missed the plane :-( ... then most of us decided to wait, except the man with the camera who went no pics at all...sorry guys :-/ BUT to make everything better I am now going to Cup this month, woohoo! I'm not sure how anyone on the forum intends to meet up, but I would be down for a schmokey schmoke fo sho.. I'm white, I'm from Slough & I have a penchant for black Nike Air Max 90's.. (I also make hip hop music and here is a song I filmed in Amsterdam - - so if you see me, come say hello!)Of course I am going as a smoker, but also want to gain as much knowledge as possible.. Peace & Buds!
  7. Thanks Bam Thats really not too far from me so will check it out. Leaving at 4am on Friday morning for a 7am flight so less than 48 hours away!! Fair to say I am rather excited about smoking a ludicrous amount of beautiful weed in a relatively short space of time.. Bring on the Dam! Happy Smoking compadre's
  8. Just in the process of borrowing a Canon 60D so if you know about cameras I should be able get some very good shots! Will try and get those things and as many menus as I can, there seems a distinct lack of them online. Perhaps it is not something that is encouraged, who knows? Will attempt to get to the Karbouters and also try that hash from Greenhouse man, sounds delicious! Half the hash I see in Dam tends to look good enough to eat anyway haha Peace friends
  9. Yo.. I am going to the Dam for the 3rd time for my friends Stag Do and I wondered if there are any specific pictures or reviews or whatever that people might want while I am there. I am not going to promise the world for fairly obvious reasons..but I will certainly give it a bash if its reasonable and doable. I'm staying near the top of Vondelpark, a short walk from Leidesplein. ps I am definitely the most excited person out of the 10 of us. I think I am going to venture down the hash path a little more this time..wish me luck haha Peace Mothersmokers!
  10. Sound Tokage..yeah that's me man, got lots of stuff on the net.. Also going to Amsterdam in 9 days for a Stag Do so going to smoke as much as humanly possible!
  11. Hi all When looking for a way to boost Co2 levels I have purchased those terrible little aquarium tablets, ordered and never received a 'bag of fungi' and toyed with the idea of the addition ANOTHER piece of heavy/noisy/potentially dangerous equipment to my room. Not much joy. The reason I had not gone for Excellofizz was simple: cost... Not to mention the fact that every forum I went on had some form of extreme paranoia ("is it snake oil, man?") or ridiculous arguing ("waste of money" vs "best money I have ever spent"). Then I read the science (re: PPM of Co2 in the air around us is around 350PPM, plants can use up to about 1500-1600PPM all the time), made some dosh, caved in and spent 60-odd quid on 15 Excellofizz tablets. Then I proceeded to test them out, but starting with half a one to save money. Now, call me oldschool but I thought I would use my eyes and judgement to see if they worked (as opposed to a PPM meter - another cost) and there were several indicators that they were working a treat - leaves looked more 'alert', sturdier, healthier...they just looked happier! Then I spent about 20 mins up there and realised that I was getting extremely light-headed and a little my book, proof!! In summary - to all the doubters and worriers and extreme-paranoia guys out there, I would say this: IT IS A FACT THAT THEY WORK. IT IS A SCIENTIFIC REACTION WITH A SIMPLE FORMULA. AND VISUAL RESULTS TOO. STOP BEING SO PARANOID!! If you have the money, buy them. Peace my friends, SD
  12. Hello everyone this is only my second post on the site but I figured that I might as well share my other passion (apart from the good 'erb) - music, and show you my song/video. This is not for any cheap publicity or an ego boost haha, merely to show you how we captured the beauty of the city in the video.. It was filmed last October and includes shots of, amongst other things, the Amsterdam Archive, the unique Hill Street Blues and a bit of Dam at dusk..enjoy Byron - All Part Of The Magic ps It was funny just how much footage was discarded due to me looking TOO stoned ;-) Oh well, when in Rome..peace friends
  13. Ah Dust, thank you... I knew that there was a history of regional governments (namely Amsterdam) opposing national law, plus the implementation in southern districts and I hoped that this situation would be negotiable.. Legally it seems as though there isn't a leg for them to stand on. I didn't understand the subtleties of the situation. What a shame it would be if a country famed for its liberal attitudes were to be taken over by these guys straight out the middle ages!! Already have a trip booked in July and have been twice in the past 6 months, so my spiritual home in an hour on a plane from London ;-)
  14. hello all, love the site, thought i should post this...if you haven't been to Dam, you may only have 8 months or so!!

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