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  1. Hooo man... So sad... Rest in peace Franco. Respect.
  2. Enjoy ! Too bad I can't be there
  3. Niiiice Can't wait to see it
  4. Very nice grow and pictures ! That's a frosty harvest Good job !
  5. This SLEX looks like a damn good strain ! Great job man !
  6. That's a stretchy plant, but very good bud to leaf ratio Nice buds nice job
  7. Nice pictures, nice grow Well done !
  8. Each strain/phenotype may react differently at the feeding given to them. Usually you keep the EC at around 1.8 at the end of flowering but some may take the nutrients very well, even at high EC (1.9 - 2.0) while some other may burn.
  9. Hello, It's nothing serious I was expecting worse than that. They are looking pretty good on the pictures and they will have some more weeks to go. In the other hand, I may be wrong but I can notice some little dots on the leaves, I'm pretty sure you have mites on some plants. That slow down the process. And maybe overheat or nutrients burn on some pictures. Check under the leaves if you see some mites or something. Can you tell me the temperature and humidity of the room ? What feeding are you using ? At what EC ? -Peace
  10. Hello, Electrical conductivity (EC) is a measurement of the dissolved material in an aqueous solution. It will increase depending on the amount of fertilizer you gonna put. If I remember correctly they start the flowering at EC 1.8 and they will flush 2 times between week 2 and 5 at EC 1.3. Check on the videos to be sure. -Peace.
  11. It depends of the size of your pots. But I would say that you can go up to a maximum of 4x4 Pots in 5'x5' with 2x 400W. (For exemple I'm actually running 3x3 12L Pots in a 4'x4' area with 600W HPS + 400W COB Leds).
  12. Hello, I don't think that's accurate because it depends of plants space, the grow technique, the light power and light distribution. You can do for exemple 8 plants that you can top, supercrop etc... 16 Plants under the same light source will be more like a SOG. Another thing is, 8 plants will have bigger buds, easier to harvest and manicure than 16 plants under the same condition. Flowering time won't be affected with the presence of more plants, but the yield can be affected. A mistake a lot a growers do (I did it too), is to put the light a liitle bit too far away from the plants. For a 600W HPS for exemple, you start loosing tons of lumens after 30-40 cm. It will yield like a 400W or even lower if you go too far away. A good reflector like Adjust-a-wings helps a lot. -Peace
  13. Thanks man, Practice makes perfect. Don't say you are an idiot because everything comes with experience, at every grow you will learn something. -Peace

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