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  1. Hooo man... So sad... Rest in peace Franco. Respect.
  2. Enjoy ! Too bad I can't be there
  3. Niiiice Can't wait to see it
  4. Very nice grow and pictures ! That's a frosty harvest Good job !
  5. This SLEX looks like a damn good strain ! Great job man !
  6. That's a stretchy plant, but very good bud to leaf ratio Nice buds nice job
  7. Nice pictures, nice grow Well done !
  8. Each strain/phenotype may react differently at the feeding given to them. Usually you keep the EC at around 1.8 at the end of flowering but some may take the nutrients very well, even at high EC (1.9 - 2.0) while some other may burn.
  9. Hello, It's nothing serious I was expecting worse than that. They are looking pretty good on the pictures and they will have some more weeks to go. In the other hand, I may be wrong but I can notice some little dots on the leaves, I'm pretty sure you have mites on some plants. That slow down the process. And maybe overheat or nutrients burn on some pictures. Check under the leaves if you see some mites or something. Can you tell me the temperature and humidity of the room ? What feeding are you using ? At what EC ? -Peace
  10. Hello, Electrical conductivity (EC) is a measurement of the dissolved material in an aqueous solution. It will increase depending on the amount of fertilizer you gonna put. If I remember correctly they start the flowering at EC 1.8 and they will flush 2 times between week 2 and 5 at EC 1.3. Check on the videos to be sure. -Peace.
  11. Hello everyone, First of all I would like to thank Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters and all the people handling this contest, you are doing an amazing job. This grow will be focused on Money Makers. I planned on 4 growth weeks, then 8 to 10+ flowering weeks according to the differents phenotypes. Let the images load for better readability (many images to be displayed, this may vary depending on your connection.) ================================================================================== (Click on a link to go directly in a post.) Germination - Pre Veg - Veg in post #1. (You are here) Flowering in post #2. Harvest - Dry Buds - Ice-O-Lator - Tips etc... in post #3. ================================================================================== The stuff detail : Room 120x120x200 Dimmable Digital Ballast Lumatek 400W - 600W MH Bulb 600W 5000K° for the veg HPS Bulb 600W 2000K° for the flowering Prima Klima Extractor 160mm 820 m3/h + dimmer Prima Klima Carbon Filter 150 mm Humidifier 6L +Some fans I'll use BioBizz AllMix as soil, and will start the feeding with Powder Feeding mostly Indica after the pre veg. Germination : 05.01.2013 - Day 1 : I soaked 10x Money Maker seeds in 5.5 PH water for 12h. Day 2 : In a closed box with a wet cotton for 24h. Day 3 : 9/10 Germination success after 24h. Pre-Growth : Day 5 : 9 are ok, 1 still missing. Day 7 : 1 still missing, 1 died, the shell of a seed stuck the cotyledon, and have prevented from opening. So they are still 8 Money Makers. Growth : Beggining of the first veg week : Room Temp : 23°C-25°C Humidity : 80%-90% MH Bulb 5000K° Photoperiod : 18H Lights ON - 6H Lights OFF 15-01-2013 Day 10 from germination - Day 2 Veg First time using Powder Feeding Mostly Indica today 16.01.2013 (0.25g/L) PH 5.7 EC 0.53 (Tap water at EC 0.2) 19-01-2013 Day 14 from germination - Day 6 Veg Some new fresh soil for the repot. 23-01-2013 Day 18 from germination – Day 10 Veg 7 Money Maker repotted in 12L Pots 1 Money Maker repotted in 7.5L Pot And I added a little PH 5.7 - 5.8 water The 2 babies on the right are 2 homemade crosses, in testing (will be repotted in 7.5L Pots). 27-01-2013 Day 22 from germination – Day 14 Veg They begin to be a bit stronger, main stems getting stronger too. Will water today with PH 5.7 – 5.8 water 02-02-2013 Day 28 from germination – Day 20 Veg Room temp : 24°C – 26°C Room humidity : 65% - 75% I watered 1 time this week with PH 5.9 water at EC 1.15 (0.75g/L Powder Feeding) Then watered again today with PH 5.9 water at EC 1.4 (1g/L Powder Feeding) I started my usual training on 7 of them, and 1 has been FIMed. 06-02-2013 Day 32 from germination – Day 24 Veg I watered this week at PH 5.9 EC 1.5 they still don’t show any problems, very strong genetics. About the FIMed one she reacts very well, I selected the lower one, in 7.5L pot it seem that’s just what she needed. The FIMed one 10-02-2013 Day 36 from germination – Day 28 Veg I watered this week at PH 6.0 EC 1.5-1.6 This is the last veg day I will now switch to Flowering photoperiod 12h on 12h off with a 600W HPS 2000K° bulb. Next updates will be in post #2 (Flowering).
  12. It depends of the size of your pots. But I would say that you can go up to a maximum of 4x4 Pots in 5'x5' with 2x 400W. (For exemple I'm actually running 3x3 12L Pots in a 4'x4' area with 600W HPS + 400W COB Leds).
  13. Hello, I don't think that's accurate because it depends of plants space, the grow technique, the light power and light distribution. You can do for exemple 8 plants that you can top, supercrop etc... 16 Plants under the same light source will be more like a SOG. Another thing is, 8 plants will have bigger buds, easier to harvest and manicure than 16 plants under the same condition. Flowering time won't be affected with the presence of more plants, but the yield can be affected. A mistake a lot a growers do (I did it too), is to put the light a liitle bit too far away from the plants. For a 600W HPS for exemple, you start loosing tons of lumens after 30-40 cm. It will yield like a 400W or even lower if you go too far away. A good reflector like Adjust-a-wings helps a lot. -Peace
  14. Thanks man, Practice makes perfect. Don't say you are an idiot because everything comes with experience, at every grow you will learn something. -Peace
  15. Hello, 45 days of flowering is too short. You should extend to week 8, 9 or 10 according to the phenotypes. I hope this will help. -Peace.
  16. It's looking good Nice work !
  17. Nice show guys ! Too sad I couldn't be there Next year I must come for sure.
  18. Hi man, Of course you can add more nutrients along the whole grow. As you are using Canna products, check here to create your schedule Select your product line (Canna Terra) You tank size (to get a ml/10L or ml/1L ration for example) Water type Units (ml, EC) Hit the "Calculate" button and you should have something like this but in English : I think with this you are good to go -Peace.
  19. Hi mate, Check the Powder Feeding leaflet, all infos are here : -Peace.
  20. Hello Jose, Could you please read my private message ? Thank you very much
  21. Hi everyone, I've been back from Amsterdam (the contest reward) that was amazing. I was there with a friend he know some great places there so he was helpful We arrived in the morning it was raining a little but we had some nice weather the next days. I have much pictures but a selected a few ones (some pictures are not very clear sorry). Some weed pictures are missing because at some times I was too stoned to remember that I had to take them I've had the opportunity to smoke many different strains that interested me for future grows and some just by curiosity. That was an amazing week, thanks again to all the GreenHouse Seeds and Strain Hunters staff. Can't wait the next contest I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Some random pictures : Weed and Hash pictures : Amnesia Haze : Blueberry Haze : Chocolope : Kandy Kush : LA Woman : Lemon OG : Rollex OG : San Fernando Valley OG Kush : Shakzilla : Shoreline : Super Silver Haze & Super Lemon Haze packs : Caramello : Mexican Sativa Hash : Zero Zero : Peace.
  22. Hello everyone, First of all, as usual, I would like to thanks Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters and all the people handling this contest, you are doing an amazing job. This grow will be focused on Auto-Bomb (Green-O-Matic x Big Bang Auto) and Sweet Mango Auto (Mango x Big Bang Auto). Two different crosses of Big Bang Auto, I already grown it and I liked it, was a very fragranced fruity smoke. I’ll use a regular photoperiod for this grow even if they are autoflowering, so it will start at 18h/6h at 250W 6400K° CFL bulb, then still 18h/6h at 600W MH 5000K° bulb after 2 to 3 weeks, then when the first flowers are out 12h/12h at 600W HPS 2000K° bulb. I'll use BioBizz Light mix as soil in the pre veg/veg, then AllMix when I repot, and will start the feeding with Powder Feeding Short Flowering (same as Mostly Indica) after the pre veg. The stuff detail : Room : Germination/Clones/Pre veg/First veg weeks 60x60x100 250W CFL 6400K° Bulb Extractor 150mm 300m3/h Humidifier 2L Pots Room : Last veg weeks/Flowering 120x120x200 Digital Ballast Lumatek Dimmable 400W - 600W 600W MH 5000K° for the end of veg 600W HPS 2000K° for the flowering Prima Klima Extractor 160mm 820 m3/h + dimmer Prima Klima Carbon Filter 150 mm Humidifier 6L 7.5L Pots +Some fans So I selected 4x Auto-Bomb and 6x Sweet Mango Auto. 11-04-2013 - Day 1 : Soaked in PH 5.5 water for 24h. 12-04-2013 - Day 2 : In closed box with a wet coton for 24h (some are open already). 13-04-2013 - Day 3 : 100% Germination success. 19-04-2013 - Day 9 from seed : 250W CFL 6400K° 18h-6h Day : 24°C Night : 20°C Humidity 80% 27-04-2013 - Day 17 from seed : 250W CFL 6400K° 18h-6h Day : 24°C Night : 20°C Humidity 70% 04-05-2013 - Day 24 from seed : 600W MH 5000K° 18h-6h Day : 24°C Night : 20°C Humidity 60-65% Fed at PH 5.5 EC 1.5. (Yellow sign = Auto-Bomb, No sign = Sweet Mango Auto) 11-05-2013 - Day 31 from seed : 600W MH 5000K° 18h-6h Day : 26°C Night : 20°C Humidity 60-65% Fed at PH 5.6 EC 1.6 this week, they are stretching already even with the MH bulb. They show their first pistils. 18-05-2013 - Day 38 from seed : 600W HPS 2000K° 12h-12h Day : 26°C Night : 20°C Humidity 50-55% Fed at PH 6.0 EC 1.6 this week, they are going fast. 25-05-2013 - Day 45 from seed : Day : 26°C Night : 21°C Humidity 45-50% Fed at PH 6.1 EC 1.6 this week, they love powder feeding. Some are a bit faster, already some nice little flowers. 01-06-2013 - Day 52 from seed : Day : 26°C Night : 21°C Humidity 45-50% Fed this week at PH 6.2 EC 1.6, the tent start to fill up The tall Sweet Mango has stopped stretching (fortunately) 09-06-2013 - Day 60 from seed : Day : 27°C Night : 21°C Humidity 40-45% Fed at PH 6.3 EC 1.7 this week, I had to manage some hot temperatures, but they don't seem to be disturbed 16-06-2013 - Day 67 from seed : Day : 28°C Night : 23°C Humidity 40-45% Fed at PH 6.4 EC 1.8 This week. The Sweet Mangos are a bit faster than the Auto Bombs. On the pictures, the 4 in front are Auto Bombs, the 6 other are Sweet Mangos. They begin to gain weight, smell so good already. 23-06-2013 - Day 74 from seed : Day : 25°C Night : 21°C Humidity 40% Temperatures are back to normal, I fed them at PH 6.5 EC 1.8 this week and until final flush. The smell is more and more present, Sweet Mangos are still faster than the Auto Bombs. But Auto Bombs got "longer" buds. The 3 last pictures are Auto Bomb buds, all the other are Sweet Mango. 30-06-2013 - Day 81 from seed : Day : 25°C Night : 22°C Humidity 35-40% I did the last feeding this week at PH 6.5 EC 1.8 and will now start the final flush for 7 to 15 days at PH 6.5 EC 1.3, then EC 1.0. The leaves start to turn yellow, the end is near 07-07-2013 - Day 88 from seed : Day : 28°C Night : 23°C Humidity 35-40% I flushed them at PH 6.5 EC 1.3 then PH 6.5 EC 1.0. The fastest SMA has been flushed for 8 to 9 days and harvested today. The rest will follow this week or next week end. Harvest : - Sweet Mango : SMA 1 - Day 88 from seed. SMA 2 - Day 90 from seed. SMA 3 - Day 90 from seed. SMA 4 - Day 92 from seed. SMA 5 - Day 94 from seed. SMA 6 - Day 95 from seed. - Auto-Bomb : AB 1 - Day 92 from seed. AB 2 - Day 94 from seed. AB 3 - Day 95 from seed. Dry Stuff : - Sweet Mango : - Auto-Bomb : Dry Weight : SMA 1 : 26g SMA 2 : 33g SMA 3 : 38g SMA 4 : 34g SMA 5 : 30g SMA 6 : 32g AB 1 : 24g AB 2 : 24g AB 3 : 26g Powder Feeding Leaflet : For those who don't have it, maybe it can help. Click on a picture, then you can save it. Tips : Some tips for Auto Bomb and Sweet Mango Auto strains : -Auto Bomb : I noticed they react better if you water them with "cold" water. Because if you water them with tempered water (like 22°c), they may have the leaves dropping down after watering. 7 to 10 more days would have slightly increase the yield. -Sweet Mango Auto : React very well on both cool and tempered water. If you cut the lower branches you will have a big main bud so they react well to this. (But not recommended on a Auto). Smoke Report / Effects : -Auto Bomb : Hits strong and relaxing in same time, good for daytime if you are stressed or for bedtime. Fruity candy smell and taste. -Sweet Mango Auto : Hits strong, long lasting, good for daytime/bedtime. The smell is complex, Mango and milky sour fruits. Taste is like sour fresh mango, very fruity. Thanks for watching. -Peace.
  23. Thanks for sharing bro, I support this of course. Spread the word and share on a large scale ! -Peace.

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