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  1. High Guys, very soon........on October 31....Samhain can be celebrated. For me it is a very important day. The dark time of the year starts, harvest is done, natures giving slowly ends and our great mother will slowly come to rest, as well as her children, before the cycle starts again. In for example celtic mythology this is considered to be a day, where the doors between the world of the living and the dead are very open. So, lets forget about Halloween and all those adaptions nobody remembers their roots....and celebrate this day. One of my favourite Artists, Loreena McKennit has a very beautiful song which deals with this day......listen and is no coincidence that the songs name is "All souls night" I said.....the doors will be open;) Well, her music is so awesome.......plants love it too...greetz
  2. Nice drying box.......yes, the photos and video you posted from the freakshow are cool. The formation of the leaves is very similar to the herb "fake hemp" I was talking about. Looks like someone crossed something with fake hemp.
  3. High Guys, sorry for the late update / finish of my little report. I was very busy and in hospital........and my potato cam got broke.....But I will shoot some photos from the buds today or until thursday. Harvesting in the early morning went fine, no hunters shot me;) I can highly recommend these barrels for transport that I was talking about in an earlier post. NO SMELL AT ALL! Very cool. So I went to the spots, quickly cut off the branches, and disappeared. I had a second barrel with me, which was just for my clothing. So I stopped somewhere in the woods, and changed clothes quickly and stored the smelling clothing in the barrel. The barrels had been in a big sportsbag, so it just looked like I would like to play Tennis. Absolutely stealth. Then I had to do quite a journey to get to the place where I was about to dry the buds. I felt very happy and relieved when I got all the green out of the barrel and was surprised how much that was. Unfortunately, the weather, which was very humid the last week, caused some of the very big maincolas to rotten from inside. This happened to the phenotype which was kush dominant and had very dense and hard buds. This sucks a little, because I really love the kush dominant variety. But I have to admit this may have happened because the plants had to be hidden well, because of very curious motherfuckers I saw one night. So I changed the plants again and hid them very well. But this meant I had to give them a place where the wind wouldnt blow as much as it would have been good. When I first saw the big colas having that issue, I really felt sad, but started manicuring.......when I was done and had the rotten stuff, the quality trimmings and the good buds stored....I was estimating the quantiy...... HOLY SHIT!!! All in all this strain is SO RECOMMENDABLE.....I mean, this grow really wasnt perfect....I had to change from in- to outdoors, I had to throw away almost 20% of bud.....and due to the weather I cut the trees 1 week before I actually would have done.......AND STILL GOT 405gr of quality bud and a very big jar of quality trimmings which I didnt weight, but should be about 150gr. The buds were drying for about 7 days, got stashed in glasses, and then, after about another week, I started to give them about 1 hour of drying daily before storing them again. The taste is absolutely smooth, no scratch and the characteristics are clearly noticeable. I would have done this process even smoother, but was afraid of loosing more bud, because the humidity was about I had to put up a fan which caused the buds to dry a lil faster than I would have liked to. In my opinion, this is really insane considerng circumstances.......They "only" had 11l pots and still produced crazy, even after changing from in to outdoors. And it didnt cause them to produce pollensacks. In total I found 2 seeds. But I knew that before I moved them outdoors. Now, lets see what the taste is like.... As I said there are different phenotypes. You can clearly notice that there is a variety which has more Orange bud genetic to is a "smoother taste" and really makes you think of orange bud......the other one, the kush dominant has a clear kush dominant aroma to it, which orange bud in the background. And then, there is this "other" phenotype, sativa dominant......which just tastes very smooth and somehow "neutral".....but I dont mean that negative......I just couldnt tell what is dominant here. After cutting I smoked a lil hash ball I produced from the resin on my hand and scissors.....holy me totally stoned. Dutch Passion is not promising too much when they say that this strain will produce big yield and how the weed would taste and have effect. The high is very longlasting, after some weeks of smoking I cant say that it hits less, because you are used to it. It has a very relaxing high, making you so chilled and smooth that nothing would disturb you or make you impatient;) You will be in your flow.....and you are still able to do things, even go amongst other humans, haha..... And, at least for is also smokeble if you would like to have some sort of intercourse, it is very supportive,lol;) So I would consider this a very good weed for many occasions. Can smoke in the morning or eve......the only thing that this weed wont be good for......sleep. When I smoke this maybe 1 hour before I go to sleep it is likely I will wake up right in the middle of the night. There are some weeds doing that to for persons being affected by full moon.....better smoke some violator kush;) But I wouldnt even critisize that..... After this grow, this strain goes right into my "hall of fame".......I will grow this strain again 100%. Judging the important thigs.... Yield 8/10......Would have given more, but must say that without clones you need to be a little lucky, because there is a phenotype not producing big yield. If you get too much of that one, then you cant crack the high score. Working with clones and the right pheno....10/10 Taste 9/10 Absolutely great. Even though I coudlnt notice a clear hash aroma ( Iwas hoping for) and there are varieties like lemon skunk having way more citrus flavour....It is weed you dont get tired of smoking. Besides, taste would have been better if I could have dried a lil slower, but this is no problem from the genetic itself. Looks 8/10 The Kush dominant buds look great and the leave/bud ratio is very nice;) The fluffier buds are also nice, being in a good spot the calyxes really get blown up big. But you have a lot of work to do when it comes to manicuring. Smell 8/10 Well.......cant hide the smell;) Especially the orange bud pheno. When the plants are still alive, you shouldnt put more than 2 on one spor, because if you will smell them from a mile away. High / Stone 10/10 As I was hoping......a good mix between brain and body effect. For the purpose I would use it for, clearly 10/10. So, thanks to our great mother for allowing me to enjoy the fruit of my work and providing the plants.....Hope you guys found this small report interesting and informative. Good luck to your projects. And this week, if nothing unplanned will happen....I am still going to produce some hash and bake some cookies......of course I will report on that too;) The promised photos will be here this week. Oh yes......the Ed Rosenthal Superbud / NL crossing.......Very nice plant too. It has dense buds, produces big trichomes and is very smooth in smoke. It gets you more sort of stoned and the leave/bud ratio is very great, not much work. I really like it, and will try this one out again too some day. The only negative point is the yield. Would have expected to produce some more with the NL in it. But I saw the plant indoors starting very well, and then after moving it outdoors, it somehow finished very slowly. So I think it is better to grow that strain indoors or in southern regions.
  4. that is fucking interesting....we got a herb here which is called "fake Hemp"......grows like hemp somehow, doesnt peoduce bud, but the leaves are incredibly tasty and look ligned like in the last foto...where one could say....the way the leaves grow....this is photoshopped.....I actually have never seen a variety growing with leves like that one.....pretty this a landrace over there???greetz
  5. When time is passing slowly The holy days are near I am wating, hesitating Bewing nervous Awful fear It gives me joy to watch it but now it all must disapeat Three holy months passed slowly And now I cut your head of and your arms Took much care Now get her calms Thats why I love my palms As I comfort them they get older Childhood, then adolescence Til grown up they get much bolder But now I close this folder I earned the essence Of my love, my work, my stress I never mind and will confess Im a legal criminal But less harmful than the shit arround So I say Green Bless just inspiration......
  6. nice.........tell us about the taste etc when its done;)
  7. Hi there, thanks for your nice words.....I dont know yet what to think.....On the one hand side I am enjoying what I see, on the other I am not satisfied, because the grow didnt go along ideally. BUT for allt he things that happened I should stop bothering.......Harvest day comes near......And I hope noone will shoot me, because dear hunters season has begun......well see...if I dont post anymore I am rottening in the woods serving as animal feeding,lol
  8. High Guys, heres a little update on the I didnt have that much space left on my sd-card, but at least some impressions. Looking at the plants, I guess tomorrow will be the last day they will get feeding and then I will start to give them pure water. I hope we will have some sunny 2 weeks, because the last week it was mostly dense clouds, but however the heavy rain didnt have any bad causes, so I would consider this strain quite resistent against mold. I really cant wait to get out my little axe and chop them down. The smell really is amazing guys, I am so eager to taste it.....and very curious about the high. And I am already planning to produce some hash from the trimming. Wont be that much I guess, but I will use it for special days. When harvest day has come, I will cut branch by branch, put them into a plastic bag so I wont mix up buds from the different plants and then put these bags into an airtight barrel of 52l. This must be enough space to get everything in and disappear without smelling. Then I will bring home the essence of my work and start manicuring.
  9. High guys, here is a little update from the bush....for 3 days there was a storm with about 90km max speed. When it was not that windy, we had like 60km per hour. Besides it rained heavily. I was sitting home and send prayers to the great mother that she would protect the little babies I put so much love and effort in. Going there today in the morning I was very happy to see that nothing is broke and the plants seem to do as well as they can with the actual situation. I hope you enjoy the pictures......greetz and good luck to all of your projects...stay healthy one of the plants will finish definetly later than the rest. Thought that all the time. But it is a pheno which will yield good. My absolute favourite, the one that was in the tent just on the right side, which grows like a very big bush yields well too. If I could have finished this grow indoors, the yield would undoubtetly great. I love the smell, and somehow it is ok that there is different phenos, because having just 1 genetic, there is more of difference then. For everyone who is interested in this strain to grow indoors I would recomend to get yourself a mother and then work with clones. Then I guess with good setup and temp etc, you would break the 1g per watt. Having to move the plants outdoors of course makes it difficult to write a review, but what I can see is, that there is one pheno indica dominant which yields great, another which has more sativa to it, which would yield great and then the other/s which would not produce that much bud, but still good average. Besides, I had to bring them to spots where there is not bright sunlight all the time. Some spots are better than others, so I must be so fair to mention that. Still though I love the smell......skunky, fruity. So difficult to hide;)
  10. looks ok so a few days seed should open more and leaves come can help the plant drop the shell once it is opened more......for germination you should use soil wich is not fertilized, because the young root would "burn" from that and then tha plant may die. It can happen that the first two leaves wouldnt drop the shell, but actually this is not a problem. But once you clearly see the two, you can carefully get rid off the shell. As well you should now use 24 or several 24 watt tubes that allow you to go very close to the plant. I go like 2cm neat the top to avoid the plant from growing very high. Having the lightsource "far" away will cause the plant to shoot up high very fast, which results in a plant that would need to be supported by wooden sticks or whatever. Besides, once you change the pot, you would have to plant the lady very deep because of it. Since hemp is a herb that has roots growing in depth, not width, this is not ideal. Since when you put the seed into the soil?? You could never say how fast a plant develops, because every seed is in a way unique. But it shouldnt take too long. Just be patient and observe. How do you plan to grow your plant...indoors?? Your name sounds like you are from northern europe, buy maybe a prejudice;) If you are from where I guess, outdoors would make no more sense....As you are using autoflower seed you should give it 24/7 of light, because the plant will start to bloom after certain ammount of dates. This will increase the yield.
  11. Well, nice little field.........My first Gueriila grow project was a little....lets say.....exagerating. I ordered myself 40 seeds, planned to give everyone 50l of soil, bought the soil and then step by step moved everything with a bicycle and a big sports bag, looking like I would play tennis. No was the busiest summer ever,lol. And I know how tired one can get. Cause little did I know how much time I would spend on watering these little fuckers....haha.....The pump you bought looks cool....was thinking about using one too. Could you tell me about how much noise it makes?? It would be awesome if this really would work, because it is not too good to spend much time at spots. I have read you changed spot because of the path you left behind....Well I try to walk a different way everytime and try to walk as good as possible to not leave behind steps. I try to adapt my steps to the surrounding area Hope your feet gets well soon. I had an incident on friday. Moving to the spot in darkness, I discovered 2 idiots somewhere nearby.....So I decided to move all the plants silently. As I had to take a path I didnt know and I could barely see a thing, a branch of a tree was in my way and hurt my eye. Next day I thought there was just something in it.....But got hurt a little and it inflamed. NOT COOL. So now I wait til monday, hope medicine works out and I can avoind hospital. Because at this stage this would really be well my friend and finish your project;) your spot seems cool.......lot of light the ladies get.
  12. Just get yourself soil for germination, prepare the pot with the soil a bit, not too much, take a pen and make a whole of about 1cm depth. Then put the seed in, cover it gently with soil. Put a bit of water in your pot so the earth is gently moist, and then.....wait and have patience. Seeds germinate this way too and you wouldnt damage the root....greetz
  13. HuntaBLunt proudly presents his new growing tent from the brand.....Pacha really didnt cost anything, besides stress and work;) Ladies still have 4 weeks or 5 to go.....smell so awesome......I hope noone will find them, or leave them in peace if so....Sorry some of the fotos are not converted into a better format, I am pretty busy at the moment.......Will take more time next time....But outdoors where I am it is better to rush at daytime
  14. So, tomorrow I will send an update from the bush,lol........Really, this grow becomes quite intense with lots of stuff happening one cant and wouldnt plan........never had to adapt so much. Finally due to the problems in the house that resulted in craftsmen taking care of I had to move the plants all outdoors. Somehow crazy, but I checked every possible room and there was either a temp problem or humidity problem which I couldnt solve to satisfaction. So, as I didnt want to end it all in week 4, me and a friend made a risky move that luckily turned out well. I am quite "amused" because the buds really started to grow now and would have been fantastic below indoor light. Well see if they stay unnoticed outside and without any damage from animals or whatso...... As I cant put them just aside the street I needed to find a more or less hidden space, which is difficult in the area arround here, and that results in places that are allright but not perfect if we consider bright sunlght. Anyways better than nothing. Today in the early morning I took a look and the smell too. Tomorrow I wont forget the camera and post something here. After unloading the plants we noticed that the wagon we used still smelled so obvious.......that we had to wait for like 2-3 hours before we went away.....if the weed tastes like it smells it will be delicious. But if the weed will finish well I think I am going to grow it outdoors next year. When the work is done in the house, then it is possible for me to grow in a room which now would be too warm....think I will check out cheese then
  15. nice, you will get a nice crop i guess.........I hope I wont have any more problems and finish well too......would like to see the difference, because I never had auto seeds, but seems they work out well too.

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