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  1. Yeah this helps, thanks.......magnesium deficiency then this is due to the ph level of the tap water...I am adjusting it every time, but must have made a mistake last time. As I am using soil I guess it must be fine when I just give them right ph level from now on again.
  2. its rare I judge a cover better than the original....but here we have bunny wailer really great....and manu chao does a very great job....you can see his passion.....as well as the others, but htey outstand......enjoy.....anyways this project has lots of artists and covers for benefit and need support....
  3. Well, I was never really into shanties before I heard this group here......they are funny as hell, and they can sing this stuff in a funny way......dont know if it is their own lyrics, but guess so......funny in a pub;) They sing old shanties too and they are great either...they are really worth looking at.....could post a lot more, but just check them out if you like this type....their covers of older shanties are awesme too.....just noticed they got a lil more professional with videos etc.....the last video seems to be new....you can see the development, anyways I like the older stuff better.... edit:sry guys, u really must check out the last video.....wtf...these dudes are cracking me lads...lol
  4. Nice.....you too have these fucking nice sidebranches........they wont break under heavy weight I guess......If I see some of my cop plants, it is insane how strong the lower sidebranches get. I only cut the lowest one......why?? because this plant grows so strong that indoors there is no chance they get much light.......if you choose it once indoors, never give it 4 weeks of vegetation;) 3 is enough.....actually cool, because you save lots of energy. Why did you put 2 plants in one small pot?? Maybe you chance stil, because they recently started flowering? From the fotos they seem pretty healthy my friend......
  5. Well, if you look carefully you may notice from the fotos there seems to be a nutrient problem.....I guess it is because of the unwanted shift to 24/7 daytime. I am not sure wether this is because the plants request nitrogen again at a level they shouldnt, or if it is because they are really really hungry for potasium for example. Any idea? Best to be seen on foto nr5 from the ones I posted last times.......the teeth of the leaves turn a little bit yellow, hardly to be recognised, so still not too bad. I know plants do this from the bottom to top when going to finish, but on the foto I am talking about you see one main part of one plant. I am wondering what to do......giving them nitrogen right now wouldnt make sense, because after correcting the time again to 12/12 they should adapt in a few days. Using biological nutrients its actually really difficult to give them too much feeding. Therefore I am mostly using a bit more then recommended....never had this problem and so my question is......increase flowering nutrients, because plants are big and hungry, wait because it is this way due to the technical issue....or - what I dont think...I gave them too much....the last option would be.....the plants unexpectedly grew so big that they would need bigger pots....but at this stage I dont think it would make much sense to change that....or am I wrong?? thanks for your comments to help me brainstorm....just recognised this one today, because last time I was too busy
  6. So finally the fotos.........looks good so far, hope it stays this way and plants stay healthy and there will be no problem at all.......dont know how you feel at this stage of a grow, but I am getting more and more nervous......cant do anything, besides tell myself to chill.....because u cant smell, see or hear it......well.......can someone please give me a good and cheap option to deal with humidity??at the moment it is arround 60%.......I guess its not good at this time of the year indoors......tried out salt, but doesnt work too well......have a fan 24/7, but maybe there is something to be done I dont know....thx in advance Second foto is taken for mama, to show her the reflector I can really recommend........The third shows my favourite pheno of the Critical Orange punch......grow this one outdoors and u will surely get a super harvest. The more sativa dominant pheno shows the most trichomes...lovely The tallest plant meausres 130cm and the smallest 105cm. I hope they stop gaining height,lol......But if it stays this way I can still handle it without stress. What really impresses me are the sidebranches of the critical orange punch.....they are really strong and even the lower sidebranches are worth keeping...... BUT so far I would say it is recommendable to make a mother, or one from every pheno and then work with clones....because it is not that homogenetic. What really looks fine and really good for indoors is the Ed Rosenthal /NL.......Few leaves, very simetric, good bud formation.....so far I would recommend it. What really gets on my nerves is the hermaphrodites. Of courese due to this technical issue it may not be a problem of the strain itself, but even before I had to get rid of 2 because of that. Really never had issues with Dutch Passion but could always read aabout people complaining......seems it hit me this time. I am quite sure even though I control the plants carefully that there will be a few seeds......BUT feminin plant crossed with a 95+ % female hermaphrodite could result in some good seeds. I hope I can avoid it, but if you look at the mass of green its very likely to overlook something. Anyways, I guess if everything goes more or less smothly, then the yield will be good.
  7. UPDATE Its flowering day 21...one thing happened...I came back after almost 3 days and noticed that the tims-shifting-clock (u undersand?) was changed to 24/7, bacause its broke......I hope plants didnt switch into vegetation again...... Im pretty fucked up, fixed it, removed the pollensacks that cane out because of the "unnormal" light, and now Im begging everything works well....we will see......Im still sry for the quality o the fotos...Ill work out on that one............I will add fotos soon @aquakush: thanks.......when I upload later today, u will see why I think one of the phenos is a monster outdoors.....what this plant does indoors in incredible, imagine outdoors.......still a bit "angry" for the technical issue I had...
  8. Hi Mama, thank you.....english is not my native language and I dont understand the term...."level bowl shaped canopy"....please tell me what that means......just stood up and I am still AFB=Away from Brain,lol.... The last picture is not my growroom obviously, haha....its where I bring males or hermaphrodites to carefully check and mostly......end their circle of life.....BUT in my case....I am making tea out of the leaves...so they arent useless. There is a lot of equipment one can buy....seeing your report made me remember that I used the same reflector.....and I had temperature issues too. I saw that there are 29,4 degrees in your room. Must not be a problem, but constant 25-26 degrees (at daytime) is better in many cases...therefore I would buy the "adjust-a-wing" reflector. It is not expensive, is...you wont believe...adjustable,lol...and it really lowers temperature and allows you to go very near to your plants....meaning it is very effective. Dont remember how much the temp dropped when I changed to that one, but trust me.......you will love it. Using this reflector while using one vent to blow away the warm air just below the reflector works fine I will update on weekend, and I will try to find an angle to take a foto where you can see the reflector and how close you can go.....greetz
  9. Hi Mama, well I highly recommend you to germinate seeds in soil. And I recommend not to touch them. When I have fresh seeds and use soil which is especially for germination I do not have any problem and the germination rate is about 98-100%. The 2% that wont germinate are old seeds then, or are not powerful enough to keep them anyways. Besides, you cannot damage the root and kill the seed or harm it seriously. I first started to germinate in wet tissues, but found it somehow stressfull to keep the moisture.....Putting them in a little hole (1cm) and carefully put soil on top works perfect and you dont have to focus on anything. I keep the soil moist. not wet, and then check once daily to see if I add a bit of water or not. Actually the longest I had to wait for the little babies to come out was 7 days. Greetz
  10. Hi Mama, interesting project, the roots look fine. But there is one question bothering my mind.......why do you let the plants start flowering while being so small?? Dont you have enough space in heighth or why is that?? The plants look fine but they would produce more / bigger buds if you give them more time..... The next thing I would like to ask.....why do you germinate seeds this way??In one of your posts I could read you had difficulties with one of them, because it was "slippery", if I understood that right. Looking across this forum, I see many guys germinating seeds in tissues, and then putting them into soil...It is very easy to damage the seedling this way and I would rather recommend to put the seed directly into soil and let it germinate there, because the same thing would happen in nature;) However this is not meant negatively and just a question. thanks for your answer and wish you a nice harvest:)
  11. Well, I flush the plants the last 2 weeks of flowering. I dont flush before. But I recommend to do so before you harvest, because feeding them until the end will affect the smoke.....you would feel it scratching in your throat. Besides when flushing you ensure the plant will use every nutrient left in its transportation system. I grow my plants more or less by feeling and it works well if you focus on the signs she is showing to you. During the first 2 weeks of flowering your plants will stretch and still grow a lot, meaning they need "lots" of nitrogen. After that the buds will start to grow and then your plant needs little nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus for example. Too much nitrogen being in your medium then will cause the plant not to absorb the nutrients she needs now and this will cause problems....It always depends on the strain and how sensible it is, but in general too much nitrogen after week 2 (depends on the strain too) is not good. Therefore flushing after week2 would make sense.....I am changing my feeding little by little, according to the plant......When switching to flowering I still give biobizz grow (like that product) and start to increase "bloom" little by little while decreasing the ammount of "grow". If I recognise I made something wrong, then I flush, but if the plant looks fine, then I leave it as it is. Hope it is understandable
  12. Well just seen the fotos......could you give answer to the following questions to help you better...even though the thread is quite old for the problem... 1) Which size of pots....which soil do you use? 2) What is the humidity in the growroom? 3) How much and how often do you irrigate? 4) Did you check on the bottom of your pots?? If the end of the root looks brown, then the plant was in soil way to moist 5) How often do you give feeding to the plant?? From looking at the end of the leaves which seem to be "burnt" they may have way to much feeding 6) Do the other plants look healthy??? Are all the same genetic?? 7) Are the plants indoors or outdoors?? If they are outdoors and the root looks fine, there is no moisture problem and you didnt feed too much, then it could be it got contaminated from somwhere else... 8..What fertilizer do you use and do you ensure that you dont irrigate fertilizer on dry soil? If you have this problem once again and you are sure the above mentioned issues are not the problem, you should take off an ill leave right away, before desease starts spreading
  13. High Guys, there are lots of ways to dry and cure your weed, but I would like to tell you how I am doing it. Until now I was satisfied with the results and it is quite easy to handle and just needs a little bit of practice/experience, because not every plant is the same. Sry for the long text, I hope the explanations make sense to you....tried to keep it as short as possible while explaining as much much as needed. Drying 1) You should ALWAYS dry your plants in darkness for about 1 weak....as mentioned, hanging them is great to avoid mold and let them dry out equaly from every side. How long this process would take depends on the size and strucutre of the buds. The bigger and more dense, the longer it would take. Sometimes it may be important to ensure ventilation to ensure there will be no budrot etc. But you should focus to not give it too much, because they need to be dried slowly, like some good "sous vite" meat:) So, 24/7 ventilation wont be needed, unless you really have moster buds and cant really help with your humidity level being above 50%. When you hang your buds make sure there will be space in between so the buds can let out the humidity Check out once daily after maybe 2-3 days (again, depending on the size and structure....the bigger the longer it takes). If you can break a sidebranch like it seems almost dry, then it is time for the next step...curing 2) To avoid mold or any type of disease which makes your weed unsmokable, you should have a humidity of about 40-50% max in the room. You shouldnt go lower, because buds would dry too fast, and depending on how dense and big the buds are you shouldnt go too high. Otherwise there will be a good chance of having one of these unwanted guests in your buds Curing So once you can break the branches and they make a noise when you do it, the outside of the bud should feel more or less dry...dont mind.....the moisture is still inside, and this is what we want to let go out now step by step. Again, be aware to cure them in darkness. And it is important to keep your bags/boxes 100% closed until you open them to let the bud dry again. This process will take about aproximately 1-2 weaks. For curing you dont need special equipment....besides your carbon filter;) I use plastic bags and it works fine for me. But you could also use tupper boxes for example.(which are actually easier to "clean") When packing the buds into boxes/bags, I ensure to put them carefully in and dont force pressure on the buds. One thing is to keep the looks of the buds, the other is again.....budrot and co. Now again this depends on feeling and checking, because not every bud has the same size and structure. To make it a bit easier, I put buds of the "same" size and structure together, because it is likely they almost need the same time and caring. So once the bud is in the box, you open it once a day, lay them carefully on your drying net (not close to each other) and let them dry out for 1-2 hours. Before putting them in again, the buds should feel drier than before. You can check it by taking one bud between your fingers and squeeze it a bit - not too much. I am sure you will pay attention and notice the difference. You should focus meanwhile on the boxes and if there is any moisture in your box, just dry it......that helps to avoid too much moisture and budro After that, you put them into the box again, close it, and repeat the process, until you notice that the smell is "right".....that means you dont notice anymore chlorophyll in the smell, and from smelling you think....yeah, this is awesome, would like to smoke it. You can put them now one more time in your box, get them out the next day and then leave them for final drying / or sstore them away directly if they dont feel moist. When this is done and the buds have a moisture level which allows you to store them away, you can enjoy your smoke and dont need to worry about your harvest rotting inside the glass/box or whereever you store them. You could dry your plants faster, but it would destroy all your stress and work. If you dry them too fast the chlorophyll cant desolve which affects the smell and taste. Besides your buds need a slow process to ripen to develop their full potential of effect.
  14. Well, at the moment you can see Critical Orange Punch and Ed Rosenthal Superbud/NL in my report........It´s always difficult to decide if you cannot grow 20 strains at a time,lol. I guess my next project would include some cheese genetic and then, depending on what I may choose there....something that will be of "Equal" flowering time. There are lots of varieties I am interested in but defo cheese will be next. Maybe you could recommend a cheese strain to check on?? greetz I will update my report at the end of the week, when day 21 is reached.
  15. Eso gusta a mis plantas.........ami tambien;) Ella en mi opinion tiene nivel recontra alta

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