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  1. I do not believe it would be possible to graft cannabis to fig trees or Nettles. Although some Nettles may be in similar family. The idea of Grafting to hops emanates from the Connoiseur's Handbook of Marijuana, much of which is proven incorrect. https://www.docdroid.net/SxCnEPG/connoiseurs-handbook-of-marijuana-pdf As understood, THC is localised in its production on plants, not from roots. I hesitated to reply to your post, because I am not interested. Sounds like a post that could lead to arguments by those with fixed minds. The best experiment could be to graft to a large
  2. Here is the first Skaze X Bruce Banner seedling. The seed fell in mothers pot during seed harvest. Dug Germinated Seedling out of its mothers pot. Replanted in its own pot.
  3. Here is a photo of the reversed plant I am calling Bruce Banner X. Plant structure is similar to Gorilla. As mentioned, I applied pollen from Skaze to create Seed Crop.
  4. Yes, from mention of humidity, I take it your concern includes mouldy flowers? We get virtually no rain, but much of our inland semi desert has above average ATM. I see the plant is still in flower, could not see from the prior photo. The cuts could give a taste of the plants potential, a bet both ways? As you know, Cloud cover, rain and temperature also have a lot of influence on plant stages. We have clear days but things stop growing at >=40C. No mould concerns. Should also mention the benifit of moving a plant outside for increasing periods for climaitization. Mat
  5. In pot with nutrient control and 24hrs/day CMH, reversing is a simple task. Outside the day length, strain and plant stages, can give very different results. In AU I have Times of Sunrise and Sunset for ideal Horizon and Meteorological conditions. Early planting for germination 22 of October the day length is 13hrs. Harvest can be in March to April, 5 to 6 months. Late planting for germination 7 of February at 13.5hrs requires preparation and flawless fast growth. By 7 March the days are 12.5hrs, young healthy plants are chronologically immature. at 4weeks old. By 21 Mar
  6. It is very difficult to tell from images. The small leaf in buds appears very lush, with smooth glisten. Looks like these leaves may be about to grow. Have you considered choosing a framework of 3 branches, and leave 2 to 3 colas on each including the one on branch ends? In case the plant is good. I have just reversed a seeded Bruce Banner and consider a second crop of seed using different male. Give me a shout any time :)
  7. I have been very busy crossing strains from previous breeding. I have found a few (White Widow x Big Bud) x Pakistan Valley that have remained short and stocky. Even better is one Critical Mass x Pakistan Valley, is medium plant with very large wide leaf. Do you have this good news for me?
  8. The Pic and mix is more expensive, and range is limited. I am good thanks
  9. I am from Australia, and have a long term program for Pakistan Valley Divine pheno. Divine is a stable resilient strain with sweet taste, larger buds are not a goal. ----------------- Also working on low CBD, high THC strains. My choice of quality stock being Cannaventure Ghost or Cali Connection Chem91, which works out expensive Alternatively, seed banks are swapping out seed, which removes any guarantee of source for breeding. After 40yrs of growing horticultural crops, I produce good seed and know it will germinate above 90%. Seems to me, that the supplie
  10. Because pure stock is very expensive or not available. I started by crossing Pakistan Valley Male with many cheap fem strains. I grew the many new strains, crossing the males back with original Mothers. From these Backcrossed plants I choose males, to cross with new plants. This is the very long path to build stock and create males. Chem’dawg’ was one of my first considerations for breeding stock. I tried to chase down good genetics, but gave up with so many people pushing opinions for kickbacks. Always interested to hear of Chemdawg strains wit
  11. I am Breeder in Aus. My question: Do you Pollinate Your Blueberry plants, create your own new Hybrids?
  12. Is there Genetic Strain Map Service Online? Can we map our own Strains (Parents) with chosen Commercial Strains. I am thinking, Breeding Tool. So we can test any Commercial Breeding Contenders for Genetic variation. This could also be useful, to find possible Hermies issues, with Tai based strains.
  13. This is not what I expected. Previously I have been adding Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles to the No-name Coco. Worked good, with no water logging or slowing of growth. On the Canna Coco Professional Plus Cube packaging it is stated: This unique coconut pith fibre contains a complex water/air mixture, without need of perlite. This is absolute rubbish, the density and saturation weight caused water logging. Against my better judgement, I didn’t add the pebble media. I never tell people what to do, because there are so many variables. The pla
  14. I wanted to use Pollen from Divine but didn't have a Male available. In fact, the only Male version of divine was a plant from first batch of seed that I put aside as the most likely female. The last 7 divine germination's have been female, which is a little unusual for standard seed. In order to get a Male Divine, I have 16 seedlings growing. It will be interesting to test the odds. Have cuttings of the said BB, in preparation and believe this will be a killer cross. Divine is a very potent plant when flowered for extended period, buds are dense like leather.
  15. Hi Jose, Fixed the typo, thanks for your help. I have a plant that might have thrown to new variant of BB I have used male Skaze for Pollen. (Left Side Plant}