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  1. The Pic and mix is more expensive, and range is limited. I am good thanks
  2. I am from Australia, and have a long term program for Pakistan Valley Divine pheno. Divine is a stable resilient strain with sweet taste, larger buds are not a goal. ----------------- Also working on low CBD, high THC strains. My choice of quality stock being Cannaventure Ghost or Cali Connection Chem91, which works out expensive Alternatively, seed banks are swapping out seed, which removes any guarantee of source for breeding. After 40yrs of growing horticultural crops, I produce good seed and know it will germinate above 90%. Seems to me, that the supplie
  3. Because pure stock is very expensive or not available. I started by crossing Pakistan Valley Male with many cheap fem strains. I grew the many new strains, crossing the males back with original Mothers. From these Backcrossed plants I choose males, to cross with new plants. This is the very long path to build stock and create males. Chem’dawg’ was one of my first considerations for breeding stock. I tried to chase down good genetics, but gave up with so many people pushing opinions for kickbacks. Always interested to hear of Chemdawg strains wit
  4. I am Breeder in Aus. My question: Do you Pollinate Your Blueberry plants, create your own new Hybrids?
  5. Is there Genetic Strain Map Service Online? Can we map our own Strains (Parents) with chosen Commercial Strains. I am thinking, Breeding Tool. So we can test any Commercial Breeding Contenders for Genetic variation. This could also be useful, to find possible Hermies issues, with Tai based strains.
  6. This is not what I expected. Previously I have been adding Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles to the No-name Coco. Worked good, with no water logging or slowing of growth. On the Canna Coco Professional Plus Cube packaging it is stated: This unique coconut pith fibre contains a complex water/air mixture, without need of perlite. This is absolute rubbish, the density and saturation weight caused water logging. Against my better judgement, I didn’t add the pebble media. I never tell people what to do, because there are so many variables. The pla
  7. I wanted to use Pollen from Divine but didn't have a Male available. In fact, the only Male version of divine was a plant from first batch of seed that I put aside as the most likely female. The last 7 divine germination's have been female, which is a little unusual for standard seed. In order to get a Male Divine, I have 16 seedlings growing. It will be interesting to test the odds. Have cuttings of the said BB, in preparation and believe this will be a killer cross. Divine is a very potent plant when flowered for extended period, buds are dense like leather.
  8. Hi Jose, Fixed the typo, thanks for your help. I have a plant that might have thrown to new variant of BB I have used male Skaze for Pollen. (Left Side Plant}
  9. jsm Were I live there is no rain. I also like the areas of higher rainfall, to grow a big bushy plant like your chemical bride. Growing outdoors, I drill seed in rows and plant late in season. Very diferent. Inside, I use 130W 6400K CFL HYGROW Light. (Brand No longer made). When you point a Computer Fan directly down the hollow from 2 inches away, the wind blows out around all tubes. The seedling can nearly rest on tubes without burn. Is ok to reduce streatch if you check/change plant height several times a day. Keeping an eye
  10. These Root It sponge plugs, I found on ebay about 1 AUD delivered. I use rockwool and also split for root, but mostly direct seed. Have also put paper divider between divided block and seed each side. Do you find these sponges work well for bare root plant? Rockwool in mylar coated boxes.
  11. Black Ghost with root damage. Flowering got to about 50% brown hairs before wilt began. I am smoking it half dried, and happy stoned.
  12. I am trying to identify the genetic family of unknown plant. If you need to know more, do not guess. Welcome anybody willing to take a guess based on images. Thank you for your guess
  13. I joined to talk turkey, thanks for keeping forum if possible.
  14. Thank you Jose, but science and horticulture are my life. Skaze Bush Phenotype produces crowns on the end of each branch. Branching is very thick and sturdie. Do not plant in white ant infested soil. In all other aspects, the plant is bullet proof in hot climate. If you were not interested, I would close the forum Dont be a Stranger
  15. Skaze is a cross of Skunk#1 Male x Haze. The plant was made in the 90’s. Seed was created through genetic selection, each year for a decade. More recently I renew seed every 3 years. Skaze has two main genotypes. A large bush that performs with high yields when free standing, and Higher yields when branches are separated under mesh. Produces fist shape colas on every limb, turning purple at maturity. The second genotype has a lemon taste and grows into the standard pine tree shape with a main crown. I have selected for la