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  1. I am very interested in the way Blueberry behaves when crossed. Does the Blueberry female result in less hermies then using Blueberry male in breeding with indica? I have decided to stick with lowest risk strains, given so much new material to work with. NL5xBlueberry has very large leaves. I have only grown a very medicinal NL. I do not grow plants with large leaves for flower, because of heat stress and water use. Some plants from PV cross have monster leaves; I just keep cuttings for breeding. Keeping medium size plants that use nutrient efficient
  2. STS Silver Thiosulfate Using 100ml of water for each chemical as with forum cannabis versions. 0.1 Silver Nitrate / 0.3717 Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate. Or; 0.1 Silver Nitrate / 0.579852 Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous. I have used the resultant spray 2-3 times a week apart, starting the week before or at 12/12. The plant stated with a few female flowers before getting to well over 95% conversion. Please Note: Above I am spraying with the 200ml of straight stock. (3mM) Warning: if the plant is not in cool climate out of light until totally
  3. Re: Afghani and PV. My initial process was to choose a male from the Motherland that would not express hermies in nature; I choose Afghani #1 and Pakistan Valley, in part out of being affordable. The Afghani was female and continued to add flower until the earlier material was over ripe and purple. The Pakistan Valley was Male, used to pollinate the first batch of fem strains. Both plants grew very vigorous in our late summer, I do not retain any original Afghani or PV, only the seed from the cross between them! -------------------- Present: I have be
  4. Purple Urkle seems to tick some boxes for medical crosses. When I search for seed, the results look a bit dodgy with words like uknown. Anyone know if Original Gentics are maintained?
  5. LEFT: (PV x Chemo OG) x ((Skunk x Haze)x Skunk) - Used Males left side in equations! You will notice I had to support top bud after branch damage. Piece of slit tube. Strain Carried some fruity flavours but also hermies and autoflower. I've got single male that cannot be turned, just a single chance plant used in breeding. RIGHT: Gorila
  6. Hi Jose, GH is for Green House, slowly working things out. I am unable to walk ATM, back issues. No Camera. Here are ((Pakastan Valley x Chem OG) x Chem OG) x White Widow. Far right is OG Kush, I am smoking now. After Growing plants including White Widow, OSSC BB#3 and Gorilla from Dinafem, it is clear that we set a very high standard down under. Not saying that potent plants are 1 in 1,000,000 for any given strain, but the average is not good. I grow for a person suffering MS, other ailments and recreational. I have Hawaiian S
  7. The availability and pricing of General Hydroponics Products has improved. Without alternative, it put us out of action for about a year. Looking for alternatives, in case we have any more issues.
  8. Testing Canna Coco if it works without additional treatment. Let you know how it goes. Cheers
  9. Joined other cannabis forums that suffer same problem, limiting membership or clamping down on users. Neither seems to work when the forums must also remain anonymous. Catch 22. Just thought I should mention, I found the forum function confusing. It is starting to make more sense as I read more sections. Notice a lot of people registering over the last 15 minutes. Cheers, HG
  10. Home-Grown

    Morocco Expedition

    I’m interested in old Moroccan landrace strains that have been saved? Because of the original climatic adaption, remaining in genetics. Our climate is perfect for Pakistan Valley and Afghani #1. Durban and Moroccan strains should also grow extremely well. Downloading your video to watch offline. --------------------------------------------------------------- Watched: I had a flat stemmed plant in a Skunk hybrid, the plant slowed in growth with no stretch. The stem was flat and corrugated. I thought the plant seed embryo may have bee
  11. Anyone travelled the Riff Mountains of Morocco for Hashish Strains. Are the modern Moroccan Strains popular? I suspect it is too late with the Commercialisation of strains. Has anybody stored older genetics for breeding purposes? Cheers, HG
  12. I am a horticulturist breeding and growing Cannabis for medical users. Never been a social smoker, or needy buddy. Mostly smoke leaf. Nothing in common with cannabis seed industry practices. Serves me no good purpose to point out how low this general industry has stooped. My best genetics are a Skunk1 Haze cross grown and stabilised over 20yrs. More recently I have crossed many strains, and still sorting through them. Pakistan Valley and Afghani grow extremely well in our hot Australian climate. High CBD plants are easy to grow and breed,
  13. I put a lot of work into developing Custom Coco Nutrient from General Hydroponics flora products. We also developed Custom GH profiles for Nutrient Film Technique. Everything was working beautifully, medical patients were happy. Then Scotts Miracle-Gro purchased the hydroponics nutrients manufacturer General Hydroponics. The company stopped supporting use for growing cannabis and Nutrient Sales in Australia Product is often no longer available or three times the cost.
  14. Germination in Rockwool I have a temperature controlled area 27.6 to 28C or; 81.68 to 82.4F. A bottle cap of water, placed where rockwool normally sits, has stable water temp of 27C or 80.6F I soak a single seed in strait rain water @ph 6.2, changing water every 30-40 minutes until seed sinks. When sunk, I leave to soak another 30 minutes before planting in rockwool point down. I push the seed down, so the top of seed is 9mm from surface. Note: If you fail to go deep enough and plant the wrong way up, the root will grow up out of rockwool N