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  1. as an absolute beginner, 'tho i'd smoked a bit in d late 70s & 80s, i fear, or may be simply chose to be paranoid, starting to grow a plant in our area here in central philippines where it is illegal. but i just recall now, i did grow once but they (3) died from too much water outdoor. i found out then that even very young leaves can still give me a buzz. i work in d scuba dive tour industry but being already over 60yrs old i see myself do better doing homegrow for health. i see, fortunately, there should be lots of info to help a newbie grower in d internet. but i als
  2. me, Donal. Life is tougher since the covid19. i surmise that more & more are still into homegrown & even industry scale. many, like me, would've liked to get seeds, to start. many would want to try medi cating but could not.
  3. sorry i no understand fully the entry fields. am a new sign-up, done it just now, so maybe i can ask what is going on with procuring seeds. my area has a most condusive climate but also has prevalent poverty, & awry law & order. one can see that seeds are too expensive to order online & virtually non-existent locally. if i can't find leads to effectively get seeds here@s, it will still be worth exploring this site for the many related topics.