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  1. No worries there. She grew up to be a pretty luscious Lady. Best of luck with your harvest as well - it's one of the highlights of the year ;-)
  2. Yep, it's the Diamond Girl I grew this year. She did very well, I think. Now, patience is the word. It's gonna take a couple of months for the ganja to dry and cure sweetly.
  3. With the autumn rains heading our way and temperatures dropping low at night, I figured harvest time had come. This is how the Diamond Girl turned out.
  4. Summer come, summer go ..... and will be back in a couple of days. Meanwhile, the growing beat goes on.
  5. Topping the AMS was a good idea. She seems to have gotten the message and is developing sideways and upwards. Both ladies are doing just fine now. The Diamond Girl to the left, the AMS to the right.
  6. Topping should get the plant to grow wider, rather than tall. So I guess it won't do any harm if you don't top her ;-)
  7. After a week or so, the two young ladies on my balcony seem to have gotten used to the harsh outdoor life. As you can see below, the Diamond Girl is growing in a rather bushy fashion. The AMS, on the other hand, appears to want to grow tall. I topped it yesterday, let's see how that turns out this summer.
  8. Nice to be back, Dust, thanks for the welcome. I always keep one plant myself and pass the others on to friends. This year, one of them gave me an AMS in return. So that means two ladies on the balcony.
  9. Don't worry about night frost that much anymore. The balcony is two floors up. Unfortunately not in Spain, but facing the south, so it catches all the sunlight there is in this god forsaken corner of the planet. Had plenty of sun today and a few nice days before as well. The weather will be changing soon, I've heard.
  10. Nice healthy roots and lovely sunny weather coming our way: time to start living outside.
  11. They all grew from the same batch of seeds. And also got exactly the same treatment. Nevertheless, there's a big difference in size. Just gows to show, my friends, that Mother Nature is full of surprises.
  12. Well, she does smell pretty strong and spicey, the Kush.
  13. A couple of weeks to go, I think. Looks like it's gonna be a bit sooner than last year.
  14. Budporn, brother Dust sez. "Where's the budporn." Well, here goes. He's right. Two lushy Ladies in the autumn twilight: Kush flowers: Skunky flowers: Mama kush, a couple of weeks to go.