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  1. Thanks Arjan! would hate to not be able go to amsterdam and not smoke weed, especially when all you can buy in ireland is sprayed crap
  2. I have read a lot of these type of comments though.......... so I'm not holding my hopes up! Thanks for the response guys
  3. Thanks for the tip! I have five left and I also have an LED light that seems good for veg, will put the rest under that and let you know what happens
  4. I bought 10 of these Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk seeds a few months ago, purely because I smoked it when on holiday in Amsterdam and it was delicious. I germinated 5 of them with the intention of going 12/12 from seed, in just peat and perlite, no additives or anything, and was hoping they would stay small (with some lst) because I still have some chemdog in there in flower. All 5 sprouted brilliantly, within 48 hours they were all in pots and in about 4 days they had all peeked their heads up from the soil, they were at the bottom of the canopy but the chemdog is lollipopped so they were ge
  5. Joeslatts


    I'll have to look up more on the powder thing then! Seems like it would be hard to make a mistake when using! Glad to see that there is such an active community here and that I got a reply so quickly. Hopefully I can be as helpful to someone in my position in the future! Thanks
  6. Joeslatts


    Romeu9, Thank you very much! You have settled a very uneasy mind. Kind regards, Joe
  7. Joeslatts


    Thanks dust, sure appreciate your help, when you say "minimum dose of the powder mix" do you mean their new powder feed thing? I was really interested in getting that stuff but if you look at the npk ratio its away different to what they use in their grow videos, which scares me a bit. Nevertheless I suppose I'll just take it easy on the juice until someone can tell me where I'm going wrong! Thanks again!
  8. Joeslatts


    Just wondering about your grow sessions videos, I have watched most of them and from what I have gathered you mainly flush with an ec of 1.3 and feed with an ec pf 1.8 (in flowering) with ph 5.5. I am currently using soil perlite & vermiculite, but my starting water e.c is 0.2 (or 292 u/s) and was wondering how is your starting ec so high? do u use a flush enzyme? and do I have to adjust mine accordingly? Also you use notes with 1-2-2 npk, mine is valued at 2-4-4, does that mean i feed half? would really appreciate some help as my flowers look nothing like what yours did on the videos, tak