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  1. Jose.gh, I appreciate the response/tip! I will definitely give it a thorough read-through. I've already gotten some solid enjoyment from the music for your plants section of the forum, and will be contributing to it at the very least. 😁
  2. We must start with one basic proposition... One of my favorite Adult Swim Bumps. Otherwise known as the Sleeping Bump by Joseph Jacobs. A late night tune that I'm sure your plants can chill out to 😉.
  3. Hello friends, I am a Horticulturalist looking to expand both my knowledge and experience further into the cannabis industry ever since graduating with my degree in the field, but have been experiencing difficulties due to various factors in life. I thought this forum may be a good place to do so after hearing about it's existence from an awesome individual on Instagram better known as @glassotaku. The majority of my experience lies in hydroponic plant production involving leafy greens (i.e. lettuce, kale, and arugula) and has yet to involve cannabis due to the state's legalities t