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  1. You’ve done a lovely trim job Ghost I bet it burns beautifully. Thank you for doing such a great job with your journal, it has helped me a lot. Peace
  3. Those Tops are looking supper fat and sticky, I will admit Ghost you have a lot more will power than me. Well done for sticking it out just that bit longer, I think you have done a fantastic job.
  4. I know everyone is saying it but those buds really do look lovely, you’re doing a great job Ghost. Save a smoke for me.
  5. Hi Ghost, when you look at the buds do you think they have a high, low or medium leaf to calyx ratio? :scratchhead:
  6. Hi Ghost, can you tell us what sort of smell they are giving out please? They are looking fab by the way.
  7. Now they are starting to frost up a bit are you going to add anything to the powder feed or just stick to that?
  8. The only problem I find with my cool tubes is in the winter, I think I am going to have to buy a heater or use open bulb reflectors when it’s really cold. Save the cool tubes for the summer months.
  9. Ok so first time I have responded to your grow journal Ghost. SORRY, SORRY, but I have been watching what happens to your beautiful plants and they do look fab by the way. Oh and I have been learning a few things to, so thanks for that but you know I am not good at this typing stuff. I will pay more attention from now on and make sure I send you some love on a more regular basis. They really do look good you know.
  10. Has anyone tried the cvolt. I hope this works?
  11. Hi all Sorry guys but I have been unwell, so not really motivated to do much on this little blog. I have just planted 5 Kalashnikova (have kept 5 for later) so will do my best to keep you updated as best I can for the moment.
  12. I use cool tubes and have found an easy way to give them much better reflection. Using what they come with as standard I think is a waste of time and money; I have also found that the 150mm cool tubes give much better light than the 125mm. But being that I am new to indoor growing, it might be better to test that out for your self. So here are some photos showing how I have adapted my cool tubes. Tools that I found would be useful in one way or another for making my reflecting device. This was a cheap 5 pound reflector from my local grow shop (discounted because damaged). I removed all parts and bent the bulb holder out. COOL TUBE. With very careful measuring using a measuring devise I marked out where to make my new hole. MAKE HOLES (I used a masonry drill bit, I know bad girl but it did the job). Bolt the new REFLECTOR to the cool tube (using original hangers). Hey presto you now have a supper duper amazing reflecting device ready to charm all those lovely LADY'S.
  13. Hi Albin69, I am english and live in France, my french is a little better than most, donc si tu veux parler en français, envoi-moi un MP.

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