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  1. i didnt mean to bust anyones bubble, just share some first hand experience. btw thats one of the most important lessons for young folks to learn in life, do not believe what you havent seen with your own eyes especially if it sounds too good to be true...
  2. a friend has been experimenting for a while with different types of oils (phoenix tears and bubble dissolved in some kind of cooking oil) and came to the conclusion that it didnt work...it took much longer to show effect, and the effect was also much weaker and lasted not as long compared to cortisone ointment. the only thing that really helped was when she stopped using THC for a while. Even one time orally ingested THC made it worse again immediately so it apparently made no difference that she consumed it in a "healthier" way than smoking. she also tested on moles fow several weeks with ZE
  3. when this law gets passed the shops will have to close cause dutch ppl dont buy that overpriced crap they are selling ...
  4. another african expedition NICE !! hope you have fun and maybe find some nice genetics down there take care and dont let them give you toyota corolla again hehe