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  1. Thanks @gasmeter... Well, huge fan of the Northern Lights... But currently Super Lemon Haze, Arctic Fallout & Aloha are the 3 that fill my lungs... And the Tent, at the moment...
  2. Just to add to Jose.gh's comment- I gotta agree %100... Recently JUST switched to using a press (nugsmasher) from the Open Glass Blast Tube, for my extraction needs. The taste is by far, hands down, without a doubt, MUCH BETTER, When using the nugsmasher compared to Butane. Nugsmashers are available in a few different sizes & I believe each different unit has its own options as far as settings & controls...(amount of pressure used, temperature settings, Etc etc...) & I think I read it somewhere, that some folks were able to pinpoint almost the exact temps & pressures neede
  3. Oh yeah baby ! I just wish I would've heard about these extraction methods, well, A LOT sooner than I did. Very rare that I'll smoke flower anymore, absolutely love extract, & love it even more, being able to make it on my own.
  4. High There๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป... Super Stoked to be Accepted into this Community ๐Ÿ˜ƒ... Thanks for having me...