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  1. I can't believe this. This is so sad.
  2. Try to get it because sometimes companies add filler.
  3. On youtube. The video "Himalaya Gold - Green House Grow Sessions". At the end of the video it shows that the hydro grow had 7 terpenes. The soil grow had 5 terpenes. There are lots of people from the school of thought that the soil grown plants produce better tasting and smelling buds. Why did the hydro produce more terpenes? And from your memory did the hydro buds from that video smell taste better? Same?
  4. Could I get a list of micro and macro nutrients based on their elemental ppm's. Based on a full strength mix. Specifically for the GROW and short Flowering. Im not asking about the volume % I see its written on the package.
  5. DNA Is Taken Up by Root Hairs and Pollen http://www.plantphysiol.org/content/153/2/799.full
  6. So do you think flushing with low ec solution is better than a product like florakleen or other flushing solutions? Also I read the dry and wet cycle in the root zone helps increase ripeness. Im in DWC should I still try to do a dry and wet cycle during flush?
  7. Thanks everyone, GREAT INFO!!
  8. yea is that a good ppm to flush with?
  9. if it hits around 200 ppm is there still enough reverse osmotic pressure?
  10. Is this considered flushing properly? Standalone dwc. 5 Gallon buckets. 4 Gallons of solution. I mixed up a 450ppm bloom solution. Now what? Do I top with water daily? Do I maintain the ppm's at 450 if it goes down each day?
  11. bad idea.
  12. I wasn't planning on going there for the seeds
  13. why do you avoid jiffy pods?
  14. Alright, I put some honey in one of my buckets. So I rather do that instead of bud candy. Does bud candy add or distort the natural flavor of the buds? Ive avoided using it because of that.
  15. No no keep rambling its knowledge. Does molasses raise the EC lots? And any issues with it in DWC? Ive never tried honey, now Im curious to see what would happen. I wonder how much to put in?

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