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  1. keep up the good work dude, plants look amazin!
  2. haha thanks Dust!! no, the cups were only to get them started, but the weather has been to unsettled to plant out until now. I was worried about them getting rootbound but all seemed fine when i transplanted into their holes yesterday.
  3. Mr.Organic

    easy riders

    check out my ER's from last summer dude! http://www.420magazine.com/forums/outdoor-growing/141470-my-plan-season-6.html they were amazeballs, super fruity aroma and lovely taste. wishing you luck for your grow brother
  4. ya dude, seen some fine specimens in the U.K outdoors grown by a good friend of mine.. got high hopes for these ladies!! what do you mean by post? as in a journal/ thread? was thinking i should start one hey!
  5. Mr.Organic

    yes The Church!! :)

    germing all 5 Church right away, might keep the strongest as a mother if i can find some space! anyone grown the afghan kush before?? any info/input much appreciated! GH pure kush a right treat!! merci @Attitude seeds & GH!!x
  6. Mr.Organic

    Easy rider at week 3

    yeah dude!! those easryders' lookin' gooood!!! i grew a couple last year and had nice fruity buds from them, any signs of flowering yet?
  7. Mr.Organic

    argh!!! ballz.

    nope, these were feminised beans from T.H seeds. had one runt and one male out of 5, shame i don't have space to breed from him.. BuKu x SLH would be interesting... will be sticking to GH beans from now i rekon!
  8. thanks Dust, just installed a lil' computer fan to keep things fresh and temps under control.. will post some more pics tomorrow...
  9. Mr.Organic

    indoor mix

    many thanks Yaniiiick!! my tent is 1mx1mx2m
  10. Mr.Organic

    Outdoor 2011

    this one was a whitewidow x bigbud, finished quick!!
  11. music has to be mine.. i rekon the indica's love a bit of dub, or reggae, but the sativas seem to prefer something heavier, like drum and bass, or a bit or punk. please discuss!!
  12. Happy hunting guys!! loving the pics and vids.. keep 'em coming!!