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  1. I'm doing my photo guide later on today. I will post it as soon as I am finished.
  2. Ares


    Nice! Looks a cool concept. Its taken the principal of Aquaponics which already exists a little further. Aquaponics is basically farming edible fish and crops together, i.e you have fish in a pond, you feed the fish which shit, the pond water is pumped and filtered through the plants constantly which removes all the fish shit and other nasty crap which the plants use as food, the water also get oxygenated from being pumped around and allowed to drain back much like a mini waterfall etc the end result crops to harvest and fish to eat! Will be a big thing in the future especially when we have to
  3. Ares


    I have a whole room for my projects lol I have a purpose built room within a room for flowering, a mother section, clone section and tent for drying and experimenting in. I'll post a few pics in the next few days with a floor plan layout for you guys to see. Taken me a while to get it to what it is but well worth it. I mainly grow from clones at the moment but will be trying out some GHS strains soon, I already have a mother of White Widow but am very tempted by HImalaya Gold but its keeping it under control that could be the problem. But you never know unless you try I guess! I get my seeds f
  4. Ares


    I know what you mean, I'm not far off from my harvest, cant wait. Do you grow from seed everytime?
  5. Yes buddy straight from the GHS official clothing shop! which can be found at http://www.greenhouse.tm/shop/ I got them a few days ago, very nice quality too! Takes about 4 - 5 days for delivery but they are coming from the Netherlands afterall and well worth the wait! A worth while present for any GHSC lovers or maybe treat yourself as I did. Happy shopping
  6. Ares


    That Biobizz is good stuff! I've grow allsorts of stuff in it not just weed and got great results! You wont have to start feeding your plants until the bloom phase at least so that saves you buying any grow nute's and you can spend your money on a good bloom nute and some PK 13-14 instead! I've found the Biobizz has a nice balance to it, its light and spongy enough to hold air and water but contains perlite as to not hold to much. A good all round soil, good choice, much better than anything you'll ever get from B&Q. Keep us posted on progress and happy growing!
  7. UV kills bacteria and fungus, as does Ozone. Depending on your situation you can use either or both of these things to kill any nastys! There are pro's and cons to both obviously, allot of UV light can be bad for plants just like it is for us, so exposing yourself and your plants to allot of it isn't a great idea, sunburn and eye damage for example. For this reason it's mainly used in water tanks and pond filters to keep water clear of bacteria, algae, fungus and parasites etc. Ozone is your main option for air airbourne attack on bacteria, fungus, parasites, pollen, bad smells, and other nast
  8. Ares

    Bad Weather

    Get yourself an oil filled radiator buddy! They are allot better than any fan heater. They cost anywhere from £15 to £60 depending on what size you want and they usually come with a built in thermostat. I'd advise getting 1 with this option, just set it to the temp you want and forget about it. Also being oil radiators they use allot less power fan heaters and dont increase the humidity, if anything they lower it from my experience! If humidity drops below 40% just leave a bucket of water in the grow room to increase it if necessary. The only other option is turning up your central heating, I
  9. No problem buddy, if you where growing in hydro I would have suggested the book Hydroponics: Indoor Horticulture by Jeffrey Winterborne.It has no mention of marijuana in it but covers all the fundimental techniques. It is still very useful even if your not doing hydro as it covers cloning, bugs, diseases etc. http://www.amazon.com/Hydroponics-Indoor-Horticulture-Jeffrey-Winterborne/dp/0955011205/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1265195627&sr=8-1
  10. Do you want to grow in soil or hydro? Can I ask what country do you live in?
  11. Most users CANT see the pictures as they have been posted 1st on rollitup.org, so you wont be able to see them unless you are signed in there as they stop non registered users seeing forum pictures. I guess this encourages people to sign up and protects images being stolen etc. I would suggest uploading images to this forum in future if you want eveybody here to be able to enjoy them. Just out of interest how many plants and what was the yield? Thinking about giving NL5 a go sometime. Peace
  12. Most tap water ranges from 2CF in "soft" water areas up to 8CF in very "hard" water areas. These salts are basically useless as they are what some people call dead salts, basically contaminants with no use to the plant e.g. chlorine etc Anyways I would suggest you buy a good book if you are new to growing, amazon has a wide range of good books available. Buy 1 that is intended for beginers or an introduction to growing as some books can be a little to full on for beginners! But to answer your question for now, following the instructions on your nutrients is the nest way to go for now. If your
  13. An EC meter (Electrical Conductivity) also know as PPM (Parts Per Million) and CF (Conductivity Factor) meters basically measure the total level of disolved solids. i.e. nutrients, salts or impurities in the water. The higher the number the more solids are dissolved in the water. See conversion chart below... CF Value PPM Value EC Value 0 0 0.0 1 70 0.1 2 140 0.2 3 210 0.3 4 280 0.4 5 350 0.5
  14. I have the Hydrozone, costs £157.32, pricey but worth it in my opinion! This high quality Ozone Generator features fully adjustable output, built in timer and a superior finish. Will treat rooms up to 100 cubic metres in size. The Hydrozone uses corona discharge technology and incorporates a 7-day timer and adjustable discharge levels to suit a variety of room sizes. The main benefit is that this unit does not emit radiation and therefore can be placed directly in your grow-room and will not harm your plants.
  15. It is best to change you PH and EC (PPM,CF) meters once a year, maybe push it to 2 years max if you only use it a few times a week. Some EC meters like the bluelab truncheon can be changed once every 2 - 3 years. Even with regular calibration you will be surprised at the difference sometimes in a new meter and 1 that is a few years old. Its cheaper to buy a new PH and EC meter each year than to loose a crop, or even a single plant so its a no brainer for me! Peace