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  1. Cool I'll poke around and see if I can find it, cheers
  2. Nice one SukonmiSkunk, plenty of tips there. It's freakishly hot up there for the moment, so I'm thinking to set it all up over the next month or so and plug it in once the weather gets a bit cooler. Found this by Danny Danko on High Times which has a few more ideas, http://www.hightimes.../read/beat-heat not sure I like the sound of water cooled lighting though!
  3. The space is a converted room so hopefully light will not be an issue, I'll check it out though just in case. Good point about where the "fresh" air will be coming from. Also, good point about whether the tent is the best option. Alternatively, I could just put the plants directly in the room under the lights, this might help a little with the heat over the summer. The room is not so big. I would just need to make sure there are no light leaks when I have the exaust air coming out of the skylight in the roof. There is a big wooden beam running down the middle of the room so I can easily suspend the lights etc from there. Will save a little bit of cash on the tent to boot I'm liking this approach, gives me more flexibility to scale up too I wonder would having the space open make any difference due to the light that would have been reflected from the interior of a tent? Maybe I could knock together a makeshift frame and put some white plastic on it to help reflect the light but still keep it open. It's a rented house so I'm afraid repainting the walls is not an option. Thanks Dust, good to know that the worst thing that can happen is a lower yield. Thanks for the CO2 tip. I met a guy in Spain a few weeks back who explained to me how to make a simple CO2 "machine" from some coke bottles, bicarbinate of soda and some vinegar. Now's my chance to give it a whirl Ha yeah, in a few months I'll be posting questions on how to raise the temp!
  4. I'm in the process of planning a small grow tent in my loft. It's the only place where I have space to do such a thing. I found a tent that fits in my local grow shop. It's 120x60 with a height of 160. I cannot go any higher thanks to the sloping roof. They suggested a 400W HPS which seems right to me, not that I have any experience of growing under lights. Before investing I have been measuring the temperature up there. It's summer in Belgium and the temp has been reach a max of nearly 30 degrees C in this room during the day (usually more like 25-27), when the lights will be off. In the night it goes down to 20-22 degrees. The guy in the growshop said the bulb should raise temps inside the tent by about 5 degrees. I'm wondering if I should get an aircon unit to keep the temp down in the outside room. The space is not so big so will not be a huge drain on energy bills. Alternative would be to set it up and see if it works ok and invest in aircon if things are are really too hot. I could also aircool the hood, though I heard this may not be good for the bulbs. I'd be really keen to hear what more seasoned growers think. Cheers
  5. It's been a while. The plant is still happy. I've mixed feelings with this hempy bucket. On the one hand it's super easy and clean. I left the plant for 10 days and it was in great shape when I returned. I took these pics the day I got back. However, having to use non organic nutes is a bit of an issue for me, as I'm growing for myself I want the nicest taste and to know that what went in was all natural. That said, it's been a fun experiment. If anyone knows an organic option for a hempy bucket I'd love to hear it. These were taken about 2 weeks ago. Now the buds are filling up nicely and I've been flushing for about 10 days, no sign of yellowing leaves yet. I may have started the flush a bit prematurely, things seem to happen in slow motion on the windowsill Will follow up with more pix just before I harvest. The buds are getting heavy so the plant is now supported by bamboo canes. I imagine I will harvest in two phases. The top flowers are much more advanced than those at the bottom.
  6. Oops yeah sorry, a "." found it's way into the link. I edited the post. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I found the Roof Qube's here - seem to cost 165GBP for a small one (120x120) and 275GBP for large one (120x240) plus shipping. I think the small one would fit in my space Cheers, and continued good luck with the grow!
  7. Looking good, my those plants are bushy Thanks for the tip. By coincidence, I think that they are made not from from where I live, my local growshop stocks them. The trouble I have at the moment is, the only space I have to erect such a tent is under a pitched roof and I couldn't find any secret jardin tents that fit. I did find these though I hope they work as well. Cheers.
  8. Wow, gotta try that!!!
  9. I tend to agree, I visited most of the forums out there but this one seems to have the friendliest vibes, so settled here
  10. Great journal, lovin the comic book style. Best graphic novel ever
  11. Brilliant, good luck with the rest of the grow. Love the way you've drilled the holes in the heavy duty pots for the bondage ropes, nice tip
  12. Beautiful! I had my eye on a grow tent, now I see what is possible even more so Will be watching, good luck with the rest of the grow.
  13. Will do, glad to find a fellow windoswill grower! This has citrus lime smell to it. Which I hope will translate to a nice taste. The only other sativa like strain I grew in the windowsill was GWS auto, I couldn't find them again this year online so maybe just a fly by night pollen chucker Had a pretty good yield given the grow setup. The high was not so strong but pleasant enough. I'm hoping this one will pack a little more punch, seeing as though it's won a cup an all. Best results in the windowsill so far have been with AutoMazar, if you are into indica's I recommend it. I like the idea of throwing a light into the mix. I wonder if it would be possible to hook up a light meter to let it kick in when the light levels are low?
  14. Will do Organicz. Smelling very nice right now, I just hope the Belgian sun is strong enough to make the most of the flowers that are starting. If you're growing indoors then I'm sure you'll getter better results than my windowsill, you may be finished before me Would love to see the grow pics as a comparison. Cheers

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