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    Florida USA
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    Im a MMJ patient in California. Im also retired and plan on spending half the year in norcal growing my own plants, two plants each of three strains.

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  1. I used a year of my youth upcountry close to the laos border, use to be fertile and beautiful , its where the yellow thai weed originated.
  2. just getting back online after a 4 month hiatus. and just in time for new srain hunters in action. Go Arjan , go guys your in the drivers seat, your efforts make a difference . Thanks
  3. This little jewel is a turkey baster, converted into a stainless steel butane extractor tube. ; 1/4 oz per fill of decarbolyzed then hand crumbled lightly into the tube, fill to the brim and let go with one can of cinco filtered vector butane. This gets me great amounts of budder of super quality . I havent found a better way to get this budder out of the ladies flowers. The plastic container has tailings , its the results of two butane extractions and still has enough goods to give up more of the gold. These secondary extractions is good for all the bho for my battery pipe. The initial extra
  4. lol, sounds reasonable to me too..thumbs up
  5. I get a common sense estimate of percentages , by reviewing the procedures and results that the pro's get.
  6. Skritos

    River Rats

  7. Im down for Thailand, ancient cannabis heritages in those plants on the foggy hills and jungles. Jungles are still mostly in Vietnam, Thailand has been pruned for years.
  8. Heres about the size of dab that can start a real powerful buzz but wont conk you out.
  9. I got to say; Franco, Arjan, all the tight GHS insiders is one formidable team. Im amazed everytime I tune in to the activities old and new. The the GH Chicks are tops too. Its how I usually start my browse session here, I open up the first thing I see that has at least one of the chicks in it. I havent participated at all at the goings on in Cali. but When you guys get to the states for anything, I will track you down, Maybe franco will want to try some of my budder , a few seconds after a huge dab it feels like your launching an acid trip, but mellows in 10-15 minutes
  10. The end product from my last few BHO extractions has got to be up there ~70%-75% thc. I cant imagine the budderkings being much better to warrant that kind of pricing. Ill pass on it and just take 3 hits of mine which gets me feeling like Im comming on to some clean acid, just the same.
  11. My lady friend. doesnt get it. I explained a little to her about the positive impact this kind of process will make for the future of medicine. Most important is the great news regarding relief for the poverty striken areas of the planet, as was graciously pointed out in the Malawi Documentary. Another step, Its all coming togeather. Congratulations and Thanks.
  12. Beautiful production. Polished up fantastically from the footage. Wish it could be longer.
  13. Last Picture. "To go or not to go, that is the question." Shakespeare 'misquote'.
  14. Go Arjan. All I can say is; I suppose it would take a huge pile of cash and a whole lot of conviction to push back when its time. I think thats why you have a big pile of cash in the first place. Thanks for moving on this , I know your bottom line is about forcing the powers that be, to pay attention to the constitutions or at least dont make it worse with wrong ideas or implementing more outdated legislation. You got my support.