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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. I love planting seeds but my limit is 4 now so I have to plan everything right or I will run out of smoke, I think I planned ahead really well this time I'm doing 3 different grows. I have 3 threads open 😆. I'm hoping chemical bride will be something special, I'm still searching for a cheese pheno I grew long time ago ,still have lots of planing still for just planting 1 seed 😞
  2. No clue what you said only hydro and kings juice lol,I'm going to guess you said you put kings juice into hydro net pot
  3. Hello all like my title says I'm doing a 50 gallon window sill led grow
  4. So I was looking over window sill grows and j think I'm going to do a 50 gallon grow ,transplanting soon since this is a rectangle space I did 2 main branch set up pics soon. not sure what lighting I'm going to go with also doing a 20 gallon 4x4 grow
  5. Got my first 20 gallon outdoor in cheap greenhouse ,since it was already getting sunlight it didn't need to harden off
  6. Can't wait to see how chemical bride turns out, will be planting that after summer
  7. At first was under then a little over fed its fine,was just getting use to her, now that I know how she likes to eat while flowering a big plant next round will be special ,it took me a while to find a keeper and ghs did not disappoint, no offending thanks for posting ,I wish I could let people try some bud it's amazing
  8. Dam your already growing outside it's still cold here
  9. Lol your that guy from riu I'm the one who made that time machine joke
  10. I really like this pheno it keeps the smell in while growing I cut 2 branches for sample and they stink like crazy after being cut down
  11. That purple / black coming in hard she's beautiful
  12. Hey smoke I'm from Canada too ,I seen your previous Journal here 👍welcome back
  13. Ouch sorry to see you had a big problem .i hope they recovered enough
  14. Indirect lighting pretty bright by it self
  15. It's really safe it may look like the wires are close but there are not also everything is grounded, the only way to get shocked is to rip the wire out while it's on but even then it's pretty hard to rip out have to use alot of force to do that