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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. I'm really liking chemical bride already she grows so well thick stalk fat leaves I read she dosent like to stretch in flower so I may have found my sog plant 🤞,I put her into a 10 gallon.so far she's my favorite one followed by mac x fpog she has a very nice shine and like leather leaves .
  2. Pop some more beans all freebies Garden of greens Larrys Lemon og Emerald Triangle seeds Critical Sour Diesel Emerald triangle seeds G13 x Blueberry Headband Barneys farms Purple punch Green house seeds Kings juice
  3. First time I ever saw this ,there is no new tip?? I guess I'm down to 1 cheese will keep this to see if anything happens
  4. Yay I'm participating in ghsc contest over on growdiaries I pick dark Phoenix , lol jose send me velvet moom or holy snow im doing a serious pheno run List of strains maybe more or less Seeds Ghs cheese x2 Ghs chemdog Ghs chemical bride x2 Ghs trainwreak Sacred cut seeds mac x fpog x2 Sacred cut seeds gelato 33 x Runtz x cookies n cream x2 Ghs dark Phoenix x2 Clones (Keeper) jager (Keeper) ghs chemdog x3 Pink kush Violator kush Pugs breath Chem breath Meat breath Lambs breath Unicorn breath
  5. Dam I see alot of people having hard time this year ,I glad my years been good so far , wow kings juice looks amazing
  6. Nice looking plant can't wait to see some bubba slush bud
  7. Day 23 This round is alot better then last round Im pretty sure she did not like being heavy defoliated, she stretch a little bit extra to this round 🤣, turn the middle light to lowest power running 450 watts for summer and temps are perfect
  8. Decided to flower my outdoors maybe j should have went all 50s
  9. Gelato33 x runtz x cookie n cream #1
  10. Yum I just pop 2 cheese seeds can't wait im looking for a certain pheno that just keeps eluding me
  11. Looks like you got a chemdog dominant chemical bride
  12. Ship to Canada 🇨🇦 its legal here please I'll grow trees ,if not then I'll just have to buy .just wanting to say I'm doing a ghs pheno search for my next keeper ghs cheese x 2 ,chemdog, trainwreck chemical bride x 2