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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. Decided to pop another chemical bride,I think I have a wedding cake dominant pheno I want a chemdog pheno dominant will still grow her out tho
  2. I can see why people don't like to grow chemdog and moved on I love everything about it taste high ,she grows fast and big nodes sometimes to big πŸ˜† 300 - 400 % stretch is a bit much ( a meter or more) but wth it fills my tent to the roof
  3. I see where I went wrong last grow ,1 pot was to small 2 didn't know how much she can eat 3 intaking very cold air 4 using Alaska moorbloom without ph ing also maybe was to strong 5i don't think chemdog likes heavy defoliate , this round I'm using bigger pot , gave her alot of food ,cut moorbloom out ,no more intaking super cold air lol , barely any defoliate so far this round has been killer better
  4. I hope Hawaiian is the one I like and smoke long time ago I been searching for that for 15+ years ,his description is right on point πŸ™
  5. List of strains maybe more or less Seeds Ghs cheese Ghs chemdog Ghs chemical bride x2 Ghs trainwreak Sacred cut seeds mac x fpog x2 Sacred cut seeds gelato 33 x Runtz x cookies n cream x2 Ghs dark Phoenix x2 Clones (Keeper) jager (Keeper) ghs chemdog x3 Meatbreath x2
  6. Thanks 😊, decided to change my grow around my 50 gallon will be apart of this thread now
  7. So it's been decided I kick my 50 gallon outdoors prob for the best more light and I will be doing 10 to 16 strain pheno search window sill led grow
  8. Not sure what to do 1 50 gallon or 16 10 gallon pheno search and bring my 50 outdoors
  9. That looks like some fire πŸ”₯ can't wait for my chemical bride ,I want a chemdog pheno Dominant, by the looks of it I think you may have that, how can I tell? Well 2 things stand out super dark leafs and if you look around you'll see some fan leaves with a really small blade usually on the right side of the leaf
  10. Week 3 / day 15 Topdress 20 tbls of Gaia green 60/40 bloom / ap
  11. Can't stop popping seeds ,just planted ghs cheese I'm dieing to get that pheno again
  12. Yay all my seeds poped trainwreck,Blueberry cookie auto, mac x fpog #2
  13. I was looking into building something like this for my grows then I found this saving up to buy https://pulsegrow.com/products/pulse-pro
  14. Can't wait to see kings juice dwc
  15. Well decided to pop my Blueberry cookie auto πŸ˜†
  16. Sacred cut seeds Mac x fpog and gelato 33 xruntz x cookie and cream
  17. I think less branches is better but who knows till the end also the big plant i broke it twice lol but fixed her up she just to big to move alone