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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. Topdress 20 tbls of 5050 Gaia green ap/bloom some bokashi and worm casting ,I need more sun lol
  2. Gelato 33 x runtz x cookies n cream is a reg seed hope for female but if it ends up a male I will breed it with chemdog
  3. 2nd week of flower / day 8
  4. Planted 6 seeds in total chemdog ,trainwreck, 2 mac x fpog ,chemical bride, gelato 33 x runtz x cookie n cream . I was thinking about an auto but decided todo that another time .
  5. I feel like popping more seeds 😆 I think I will plant 2 more
  6. Gelato 33 x runtz x cookie n cream
  7. Pics are in my journals Im currently have 3 different grows of chemdog and soon to be doing sacred cut seeds
  8. Planted 1 mac x fpog and 1 gelato 33 x runtz x cookie n cream
  9. Chemical bride out in 2 days
  10. Wow gas nice job 👏, yes plant more beans I just planted 3 strains I have a license again ,I planted mac x fpog ,chemical bride ,gelato 33 x runtz x cookie n cream , was thinking about an auto I only have 2 seeds Blueberry cookies and thc bomb I don't really like Autos I like to clone things lol
  11. Nice my seeds arrived
  12. Well things are just going by fast have to filp to flower today ,she's just growing to quickly, next up Sacred cut seeds mac x fpog ,this is one of Canada's top breeders can't wait to try this strain went back to old school for a bit
  13. My ghs bubba kush herm on me too was great smoke tho. Nice grow all healthy and nic3
  14. I'm in canada,i hope UK becomes legal soon just have to be careful that's all ,I feel the same way it's become the way of life to grow your own meds ,
  15. Had to skip 48 h darkness threw my 20 gallon into my 4x4 ,vegging for a week then flowering ,round 3 this time I double the pot size with less branches pics soon