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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. Oo I like that one it looks like my chemdog I'm growing
  2. Oh wow first time grow ? You can ask me anything I'll try to help you the best I can , I'm going on 15 years with some breaks started very young. I like your idea on the moon I always wonder how plants sleep its so bright at night 😆 .I just order some sacred cut seeds I hear their really good in canada,holy October long time from now, I'm going to filp my outdoor very soon. in Aug billions of aphids come so I have to finish before then
  3. Almost a full 9 weeks and she's looking ripe will be doing 48 hr darkness Friday 🙃
  4. Oooo Blueberry good stuff
  5. You didn't take cuttings yet?. I would have took 1 from each before filp ,nice grow man plants look very nice 👍
  6. Nice grow gas, I have never seen such a good recovery like that good job 👏.in my experience the more you stress your plant the more fire it will be ,the best slh I ever try was one I stress to the Max in week 4 I i accidentally split stem in half it didn't really recover it was like just hairs very little bud I was just going to throw it away ,I saved it then try it and wow lemon candy better then any slh I grew or tried, hope you get a similar experience
  7. Yup you are doing great better then me when I started ,I didn't even have a light or tent till the next year after I started, there's nothing like growing you own meds, best feeling in the world when you get to try your finish product and its fire .what kind of seeds you going to pop ,I'm going to do a chemical bride next we could do a grow along lol
  8. Nice start ,that's how I use to grow long long time ago lol
  9. I couldn't find a water tray big enough so I had to use a kiddy pool Also growing bishop crown pepper plants
  10. Hey what strain are you growing
  11. I think I will veg for another 2 months before filp,thinking some time in july
  12. This 20 gallon will go into my 4x4
  13. I love planting seeds but my limit is 4 now so I have to plan everything right or I will run out of smoke, I think I planned ahead really well this time I'm doing 3 different grows. I have 3 threads open 😆. I'm hoping chemical bride will be something special, I'm still searching for a cheese pheno I grew long time ago ,still have lots of planing still for just planting 1 seed 😞
  14. No clue what you said only hydro and kings juice lol,I'm going to guess you said you put kings juice into hydro net pot
  15. Hello all like my title says I'm doing a 50 gallon window sill led grow
  16. So I was looking over window sill grows and j think I'm going to do a 50 gallon grow ,transplanting soon since this is a rectangle space I did 2 main branch set up pics soon. not sure what lighting I'm going to go with also doing a 20 gallon 4x4 grow
  17. We're strain hunters lol
  18. Got my first 20 gallon outdoor in cheap greenhouse ,since it was already getting sunlight it didn't need to harden off
  19. Can't wait to see how chemical bride turns out, will be planting that after summer