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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. Was having problems with super low humidity from intaking air from outdoors so I added 2 buckets of water and 2 humidifiers/air purifier smells so fresh inside the tent . Thinking buckets were overkill. Other then that everything is going good and she smells amazing already can't wait for more chemdog it's become my favorite strain
  2. I just order golden teachers mushrooms lol to make more I been watching videos on people doing very easy
  3. Plants looking healthy. could you label them so we know what's what lol,are you jadaming ,love dr cho so simple and very effective was planing on trying his methods and growing potatoes too
  4. Sorry to hear that . that's why I veg with low watts I only use 100 to 200 watts to veg .Holy 1200 watts I need to up my game lol I'm only using 600 for flower and that's only at week 3 till 8
  5. Got my cheap green house frame up it's 12x7x7 all for 2 chemdogs
  6. They getting big not bad for 100 watts and 20 watts for a fan
  7. Repot 1 into bigger pot may save 1 mix with dry soil and it should be good
  8. Week 4 Topdress 10 tbls of Gaia green light hand full of bokashi and Worm casting then water in with 2 or 3 gallons of ro water Next watering I'll be adding bio bud and Molasses and little bit of Hygrozyme
  9. They vegging nice order a cheap greenhouse 12x7x7 for 2 chemdogs
  10. Shit that sucks she was looking nice too ,get some chemical bride seeds I think it's gonna be a winner
  11. Yay got my chemical bride
  12. Did my 3rd week defoliate she's looking good 😊
  13. Going to be flowering this girl indoors it veg so nicely under low watts its amazing
  14. week 2 Going to feed her today (once every 2 weeks ) ,added 8 tbsp of Gaia green ,50 50 all purpose and bloom. added some Worm casting and some bokashi and water with about 3 to 4 gallons of water I waited till she was running on empty
  15. Nice my last 10 gallon pot is in fact a 20 gallon mislabeled so I have 3 20 gallon vegging for outdoors