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Everything posted by Hydra

  1. Not sure what final pots will be but here are my 20 gallons I'm starting
  2. Did a light defoliate. I notice with qauntum board you have defoliate at the end of week one or your plant starts to choke it self out
  3. 4x4 chemdog finished 1st week of flower,I turn the power up to 500 watts also started to Intake air from outside. girls are loving the fresh air .
  4. Drop by the grow store got some bokashi pro grow and alaska moorbloom organic the way to grow
  5. Threw my mother into a 20 gallon pot been vegging with only 100 watts qauntum board are next level
  6. Cleared out the cab and change it to 2x3 .three 2 gallon chemdog and one 6 gallon mother ,i know I have to change it back later when they get bigger but this way I get to save power, cab is only vegging at 100 watts which in a 2x3 is more then enough to veg . Also fliping to flower, my 4x4 chemdog I think is big enough, threw my orange gelato into the 4x4 to finish.
  7. I watched that already lol I just do Gaia green I love that stuff it's really cheap like 40 kg for 200 bucks
  8. Need to repot .repoting with good dirt dose wonders you said your at 15 days before by then I would have put them in 2 gallon pots
  9. Dam after watching mendodope I'm gonna try that out new plan 2 giant trees . I killed 18 chemdogs going to be vegging for 1 or 2 months before bringing outdoors still kinda cold here
  10. Doing gaia green organic and for the dwc I'll be doing maxibloom and koolbloom basic as it going to be outdoor and that thing is going to drink like no tomorrow 😅 Also that chemdog that rooted so fast I decided to make my new mother
  11. It's time to start my outdoor plants. clone about 20 chemdogs with 100% rate Put chemdogs into 1 and mostly 2 gallon pots 1 dwc 5 gallon and one 5 gallon that
  12. Alien guerrilla glue just about done
  13. Put chemdog into 10 gallon fabric pot and into the 4x4 upgraded the lights to
  14. Looking good any plans for next grow?
  15. Looking beast setting up my new grow area going to try something kinda like that
  16. Just order chemical bride