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  1. Quality shit as usual!
  2. Looking sweet man!
  3. Appreciate it sir!
  4. Beautifull garden man, could you please get some closer picture on jack the ripper? Peace!
  5. Man i hope that shit wont happen to me, frustrating experience... I checked my seeds today to see they actually are purple wreck x skunk so i really hope to find a good keeper! Thanks for the info (63 days) i'd planned on having about 55-65 days of veg based on my readings, plus it'll allow me to scrog the amnesia i have she's now pretty big i'll just have to repot her fing some sticks and pull some strings.. How did you rated the all experience, would you use it again, how did you compare the canopy to a regular topping? Peace!
  6. That's cool , too bad the coffee ban starts in january though
  7. Looking good, really nice thread... Gotta love those dispensary sneak peak hehe
  8. I'll try it on my next grow, ill pop three beans so i'll do that on two of them hoping they all end up being female The final result pretty much look like nay topping, the main difference beeing the "hub" concept where all the tops come from two main branches. He believes that the more level to the plant the more the energy is "diluted" where the top branches receive more energy than lower one. By focusing the tops on only two main branches you make sure that every top receive an equal amount of energy from the root mass... It works really well both with sticks/tomato hanger (any type of support) or scrog...
  9. God luck with that mite thing man...
  10. Looking amazing man cant wait to hear how she taste Enjoy!
  11. Just a bit ask potent haha Ps: i havent been kind to gh strain lately but that shit i'm really waiting for , hope it doesnt end up beeing a 12 weeker...
  12. I was looking at stuff on the subcool rollitup site section and stumble on that, i thought it would raise the interest of my fellow hunter, sucks that you need to be a damn memeber to see the pics, worht it though! "Main-Lining" definition. a form of training and managing canopy for build a "hub" off of a single node creating a "manifold" for equal energy distribution from the root mass to the growing tops. really is that simple....i am sure it has been done before, and a lot of folks do it, and probably even has a name, but I just call it "main-lining" theory being, on a plant from seed, if all branches came off of the same node on the trunk, they should all get the same amount of hormones and nutrients ...or energy, from the root building a "hub"........make sense? I am all about an even canopy, of very similar sized stems, and green lady soldiers lined up ready to kick ass and take weak ones, no runts, no spindly ones.....just all solid and consistant...... In the second one he compare between a single level and two level plants, read the thing it'll make sense haha Peace!
  13. I need the panama haze like i need the air i breath!!!
  14. Good luck for everything jimmy!
  15. I wish i had such a garden to play with , amazing plants man great job!

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