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  1. http://www.cannabiscafe.net/foros/forumdisplay.php/320-Green-House-Seeds
  2. Mayo es un mes ajetreado para los estudiantes de ingenieria les traigo una actualizacion rapida, las 2 wss venian engordando hermosas, pero hubo mucha humedad y no las controle mucho pq ando sin tiempo y a una le agarro botrytis trate de tratarlo pero ya era tarde y preferi cortar antes de tiempo antes q perder toda la planta, no estaba muy afectada pero le faltaban varios dias de maduracion, tiene 0 tricomas ambar, 50 60 blancos y los demas transparentes, una cagada, pero me queda el consuelo q la otra resistio y sigue tirando ese olor tan rico les dejo unas fotos
  3. Good harvest! and great pictures as usual damn now I want one of those masks haha
  4. nobody will say that pictures are more than necessary, the buds look very compact, super resinous, I imagine super-sticky to the touch ... mmm ... and how could it be otherwise for a crop so neat, the perfect manicured, it shows you were doing several hours hehe, I can go to lick your scissors? I'm intrigued to know what will be your next crop varieties? going to use the same system? and I hope that does not bother what I say, there are many journals with a very good level, but yours has an extra in all respects, and nothing to criticize, give this boy the prize for me is the best journal of this competition :fan: :fan: :fan: :hunter: :fans: :yahoo: PD: damn these lemons look very tasty i want one haha
  5. Y asi estaban en dia 5! ya empiezan a tirar un olor muy rico! y sigo con mi buena suerte 35 dias de flora 0 huevos And so were on day 5! and start throwing smell yummy! and continue with my good luck 35 days of flora 0 eggs subi muchas fotos, me gane el mañanero de hoy
  6. tarde pero seguro les traigo las fotos de los ultimos dias, son fotos sacadas el 26, el 29 y el 5 de mayo aca van las del 26 late but sure I bring the pictures of the last days, are pictures taken on 26, 29 and May 5 here are those of the 26
  7. y asi estaban el dia 5/5, a partir de ayer 7/5 hubo 2 cambios, la kalash #1 paso a el cuarto de flora con 36 cm y un regimen de 12/12 y a la kalash #2 le hice una poda apical y seguira en el vegetativo a 18/6 hasta que la corte, por ahora voy a seguir con el mh pero cuando comiencen a tirar pelos voy a poner el sodio la kalash #2 es igual a las que plante anteriormente y quiero ver que diferencia hay hay haciendole una poda, y la #1 crecio muchisimo! no es como las demas que tube y como esta grandecita quiero ver como sale con 12 12 les dejo las fotos del 5 de mayo and so were the day 5/5, as of yesterday 7/5 there were 2 changes, the Kalash # 1 step to the fourth of flora with 36 cm and a regime of 12/12 Kalash and # 2 I made and will continue pruning the apical vegetative 18/6 until the court, for now I'll stick with the mh but when they start pulling hairs I'll put the sodium the kalash # 2 is equal to that plant before and want to see what difference there making him pruning, and the # 1 grew a lot! not like the other you tube and how this biggie want to see as it comes with 12/12 I leave the photos from May 5
  8. gracias amigos por pasar siempre a ver mis niñas les traigo actualizaciones de las niñas, estoy sin mucho tiempo ultimamente pero me hago un tiempito para sacarles fotos, y aca se las traigo todas juntas las niñas siguieron abajo del mh de 250 w hasta el dia de ayer que hice unos cambios, pero eso se los cuento mas adelante, primero lo primero asi estaban el dia 29/04 Thanks friends, for always pass watch my girls I bring you updates of girls, I am not much time lately but I get a little time to take pictures, and here they bring you all together girls continued down the 250 w mh until the day yesterday I made some changes, but that is the story later so were the 29/04
  9. I love them! I love the colors, I love the resin, the resin-filled leaves, resin ahhh! I loved your plants and your journal, beautiful work congratulations
  10. thanks mate! now they are in a closet in the same area but with 2 feet tall, so they can grow to their taste and find it easier to control the temperature, also I like to let the light around to take advantage of the low light well with, I think came within 5 cm of 250 thanks and hope you enjoy the fruits of the beautiful job you did with your girls
  11. y asi estan hoy dia 24 and so are today 24
  12. les traigo las novedades de las niñas al dia 21, la #1 esta creciendo mas rapido q la #2 y en su segundo nudo saco hojas muy grandes de un solo foliculo estoy pensando en florar una con 18 hs y otra con 12 para ver la diferencia en el resultado final les dejo unas fotos de las niñas del dia 21 I bring news of the day girls 21, the # 1 is growing faster than the # 2 and his second sack knot leaves very large single follicle I'm thinking of flowering one with 18 and another with 12 hours to see the difference in the final result I have some photos of the girls of the day 21
  13. I'm not happy, I want more pictures, many more pictures, like 100 more photos at least, if you do not, I'll kill the panda
  14. buenas les traigo las novedades de las niñas, terminaron de estirarse y comenzaron a mostrar sus pelitos, van 17 dias desde q las pase a florar y todavia no hay rastros de hermafroditismo asi estaban el dia 21 I bring you good news of girls finished stretch and began to show their hairs, going 17 days since the switch to flowering and still no sign of hermaphroditism so were the 21st

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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