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  1. can´t believe this shit, how did they know??? anyway, i feel really sorry for you. They should let us be and fight the real crimes more. Peace!!!
  2. well Dust i must say you´re right. i´ll test it on one plant. a little question: how do i see if salt had built up in the soil?
  3. well tokage, cause its not biological and if i use it i have to flush min 1-2 times. and becuase i´m scroging, i can´t take te plants out to do it. also because the taste, bio tastes better, say what you want that´s what i believe and expierienced. but maybe i try it with one plant without flushing.
  4. here i am with good news they regenerated and looking really good to me. the el nino is the one in the front on the right side and the one on the last picture. and the best thing that happend is that the powder feeding arrived in austria. i know it´s not a biological fertilizer, but i will use it only for the first weeks of vegetative grow. when it goes to flowering i use only bio this time. and what i can say after one week is: awesome. the powder feeding has done a great job in such short time. till next time
  5. My vote goes to Vortex, wonderful colors.
  6. i forgot and i put a plate of styrofoam under the pots so that the roots doesn´t get to cold.
  7. hy everyone now i know what went wrong and the plants look so sad. i used the wrong soil to start. the soil i used was for herbs, not for seeds. but now they are in the smart pots with the plagron/coco mix i made. they should be alright in the next few days.
  8. hello guys! Sorry to keep you waiting. now i have the result of my hard work. i´m a bit dissapointed, cause it looked so much. 180g bone dry buds is what you see on the picture. but the taste blows all sorrows away. can´t really describe the taste, some sweet own taste. And will put you to sleep real quick if you smoke too much. this grow was good, so check out my next one: till then, bye
  9. with the help of a friend I remembered one of the two plants. the one with the purple buds and green leaves is Early Skunk from Sensi Seeds.
  10. I have a growbox s (80x80x160), a Lti 100A fan (175m3/h) and a cooltube reflector. can I put a 400W HPS lamp in it with this setup? or do I need a stronger fan? so that the glas of the cooltube doesn´t get too hot and the roomtemp is ok. for example: now with 250W and 22-24C roomtemp outside the tend I have 25-27C in my growroom. I think 400W would only work between Okt. and Mar. when it´s cold outside. in summer i have up to 30C in my rooms. damn penthouse. so what ya think?
  11. as i surfed through my old photos i found something interresting. 2008 i started a outdoorgrow for my first time. but i can´t remember what strains i growed. the only thing i remember was that the got some awesome colors at the end. I wanted to share this beauties with you.
  12. my expectation is around 200gr. we´ll see who´s right, cause the budstructure is tight.