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  1. Sorry I did not see this post before now! I have tried the miricle grow version of the crystals for the last 2 outdoor grow seasons! I will not use them again! I used differant potting mix like happy frog and even coco, followed the instructions to the letter & also tried putting it directly in the bottom of 15 gal grow bag or directly in the ground! The results where the same, the crystals clump together and rise to the top of the growing medium! In the coco the roots would dry up 4 inches deep with a glob of wet crystals sitting on the top of dry growing medium! I hate to see anybody was
  2. Thanks guys! This is the best forum I have come across! I try to live by a saying: " The only people we have to get even with today, are those who help us! Not those who hurt us! Think about it!
  3. Hi everyone! Lets see I started smoking in 1970, joined the Navy in 1976 and was stationed in Hawaii! Traveled through southeast asia, Australia, & south pacific! I was fortunate to smoke some of the best at the time! Now I use the experience to grow some good meds! Not in it for the money, I believe God gives us this plant freely! Be safe! But never quit! I will post pics later!