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  1. So I put 25 grams of mixed dry shake, trimmings and vape grounds, 60 grams of Clover un salted butter and 3 cups of water in a slow cooker on low heat for 6 or 7 hours. I've got no idea of the temperature but it was enough to make the whole street stink. I strained the the mixture though a pair of my wife's tights (...easy boys!!) squeezed every last drop out in to the bowl and put it outside (5 Celsius) for about 2 hours. A nice 1.5 cm thick disc of greeny brown butter had solidified on top. I lifted it off, broke it in to pieces and put them in a small butter dish in the microwave for 20 seconds.. This was then stirred well and put in the fridge for an hour so and.... Done!! A nice pot of butter. I can't decide whether to have it on crumpets or bake it into a cookie recipe, either way, high report to follow!!! Exodus Please P.s the pics are in an odd order just to keep you on your toes!!! I will edit later and put them the other way round. For reference it should be lumps, then melted dark green, then aet flat light green level pot of butter. Oh and excuse the dirty fingers, I'm sure you will all understand!!
  2. So another business trip beckons! Barcelona In a coupe of months. All that's in my mind is the clubs. I've no experience. I've bee. To cannabis hotels in Spain, me ought from the streets but never experienced the club scene!? What's it like where are the best ones? Can tourists get introduced. Any help or guidance here or via PM would be greatly appreciated. Exodus.
  3. New experiences!!! So, I've visited coffee shops in Amsterdam, restaurants in Morocco, dispensaries in the states, private clubs all over Spain and the Balearics and cannabis rum shacks in the Caribbean but I've never been in a coffee shop or cannabis club in my own country!! Crazy? It's not like they don't exist, I just don't live in a populated area to have access or mates who frequent them. im aware of one or two and semi accurate location information but I'm looking to hear about experiences of Brits or foreign nationals who live here or have visited, are members or those who go regularly, know about or have been to a UK cannabis coffee shop or social club that really operates like Spain for example. E.g. Adamsden. most interested in London locations but UK wide is the topic. Sharing is Caring!! PM me if sensitive. Exodus
  4. Pete Reynolds is a scam to !!
  5. There is no such thing as a licensed in the UK . if you speak to the UKCSC , they will tell you this Preston thing is a scam . There are a number of Bonafied clubs in the UK since starting this thread I am a member of two..no permanent location, no promise of supply, just building a club for future law change . Check out the UKCSC website for a list of Bonafied clubs in your area !!
  6. It wasn't just a big night in the USA for main stream politics. The biggest state by state legalisation of marijuana since the motion began. ????????? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/08/state-ballot-initiative-election-results-live-marijuana-death-penalty-healthcare?client=safari
  7. Any thinking about trying to get judges passes it just day passes for the unity cup next month? http://amsterdam-unity-cup.com/ my mate and I are thinking about buying judges passes but will only attend the first 3 days and evenings. 1- anyone going? 2- anyone want to go on Tuesday and Wednesday and buy our judges passes (if we go). Less than half the price obviously. Exodus P.S. Admins/Staff..... Are GHSC or SH having any involvement in this cup this year?
  8. Viceland TV is a new channel on UK satellite platform. The produce the last Strain hunters expedition and will be releasing the Congo expedition on the TV channel. this guy Krishna has produce a series of 8 programmes about different canna topics from Congo to emerald triangle to UK medical (or non medical as the case may be) users and patients. Well worth a watch if you are able, not sure if you can stream the channel but here's a link to the web page. The first 4 programmes were great!! stoned enjoyment.... https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/weediquette-tv
  9. Yeah I saw it a while ago. Really looking forward to it!! How are you Dust mate?
  10. OK, so I haven't seen this before, I've always thought it was necessary but didn't realise it was already being done and so incredibly properly. I believe this facility also take deposits from multinational companies with an interest in the preservation of seed stock from around the world. I am sure GHSC and Strain Hunters keep Mums and seeds in controlled storage, but must live in fear of loss, damage, spoiling or government destruction. I seem to remember a story about some of Arjans parent stock being destroyed in Switzerland?? (May be myth). Anyway, check out the video below, I hope this is of interest to Franco and Arjan. http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/10/22/norway-doomsday-backstory-arwa.cnn
  11. I've met with a few forum members in Amsterdam over the years. Cannabis cups and other trips (45+ visits for work and pleasure over 15 years). i actually find Barcelona clubs much more sociable places to meet new friends.
  12. Loose lips sink ships!! I'm sure a few of our members attend., are members of functioning private, non shop front clubs, if love to hear more about that in the uk too.
  13. OK, so I watched Viceland TV democratic republic of Congo edition last night. As it turns out the strain hunters documentary produced by vice will still released on their HBO/Sky Atlantic show called Vice News. I'm assuming vice wouldn't have made 2 trips for weed into the biggest longest civil war in Africa, so they must have been filmed simultaneously. It's a great documentary focussing on the necessity for weed trade to poorer communities which has been a focus of concern in SH documentaries but this is the full angle. Now watching out for Vice News on HBO or Sky Atlantic as this is where the SH Congo film will be released. hoping it will be officially tagged and posted by an admin on this forum as soon after the first airing as possible. Maybe a go to air date as a teaser for forum members would be a nice touch admins/staff ??
  14. Cannabis oil: an extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes in deifferent concentrations through blending and the extraction coming from different plants. Some plants are as we we expect, high strength thc strains. Others are bred to be more even in ration focussing in low dose the and high dose cbd, like charlottes web. Different blends and ratios for different conditions. Some cbd oil comes from hemp plants. congo expedition.....: who knows?!
  15. I have to say I didn't know kids in the states were using whole plant extract. I thought it was high CBD (not from hemp) or full plant extract but from 1:1 ration plants like Charlottes Web. As it turns out it is high strength thc:cbd 15:1 type ratio and the kids are flying! Really interesting. I really liked the episode about the sustainability of cottage industry farmers in the emerald triangle once full legalisation hits Cali next year. I'm an outdoor grower at heart, so it struck a cord.
  16. GuanoKalong full range, soil, nutes, improves and guano to top dress. Combine with bio bizz organic booster. organicannabis!!!!
  17. Bump - cool vid, have a look. It's just like the fridge in my house!!
  18. Welcome daga friend!!
  19. Chop chop chop!! I agree with Dust fully. Chop them early, dry quickly the first few days then slow it right down. The quick dry will get rid of water deep in the bud and prevent mould developing through the dry. Be sure to dtop the temps after a couple of days to prevent chlorophyll being locked into the plant. I know there may be some disagreement with an initial quick, then slow dry, but outdoor here in north Western Europe, harvest time is rain and cold time and that equals mould. I've lost loads to rain due to mould over the years and this prevents that. Unless you are in the emerald triangle or Jamaica hills, end of season rot is a reality, so we cope. If it drys to quick or wasn't ready and ends up smelling a little of chlorophyll/dried grass, stick em in the bubble bags!! ? good luck.
  20. My name sake. Love that skunky deep cheese and earth flavour. Good luck!! Good luck, im watching. ?
  21. ...... An update on my opinions.... im a veteran weed traveller and Amsterdam has been my most visited place for 20 years. im going to improve my post above with a few of my Amsterdam top 3's: Top 3 environment: 1- GHSC - H'Straat 2- Amnesia - outside on Singel 3 - Barneys Uptown - H'Straat Top 3 weed quality 1- Bij/Boerenjoengens 2 - 1eHulp 3 - grey area/GHSC/Easy Times Top 3 price:quality ratio (5g deals etc) 1- Best Friends 2 2 - 1eHulp 3- Easy Times NB. Bij and Boerenjoengens are dispensary style with very little smoking space, but quality and experience worth experiencing. Exodus
  22. And Syria just made the first ever withdrawal!!
  23. Hey, welcome to the forum. I hope you and all the new members continue to post loads of great content. ExodusPlease
  24. Welcome
  25. Welcome!! you should start an outdoor grow journal in that part of the forum. Your stuff looks cool. ExodusPlease

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