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  1. Very Nice&Frosty I will go see your journals soon where can I post just pictures of my Mix's not really a journal but pics from seed to buds in smoke SCDCxBlueberry....
  2. Hi Aquakush Thanks nice to see you Mix-M134 (M39xSourGrape)x(SCDCxClementine)....
  3. Thanks My Friend do you have a pic of the Chemdog I have the Mix-S22 (ChemDxRedVineKush) it will by the first time I see the Mix it's in veg now BB....
  4. Thanks Hydra I will open a tread soon to shots some picsget read The BlackBitch....
  5. Hi Hydra I know and do you like the strains from my collection RedVineKush....
  6. First Hi and Welcome in my world I have a question for you by for anything ....just has you and Hydra in the forum my question
  7. Know its old pictures....I cant grow outdoor by for 10 of Jun my clones are ready and growing nicely Ok you are a friend or a as.... or
  8. Hi Hydra Thanks My Friend cant wait to see my journal....i did smoke maybe 10kilo of weeds sin I post the journal....I don't remember all the pics you will like my collection NOW over 200 Mix's Mix-M120 (PeyotePurplexStrawberryFrost) F1's....
  9. Hello everyone, I did found my code to enter the site(age don't help to fine code) and I think I will introduce myself again after 8 years NOT posting pictures I am Smoke from Canada I have a nice collection of seeds with a very nice collection of pictures I really like to post pictures for everyone growing for 30years and smoking humm 40y so a bit old....and getting older by the minutes smoking some NL5xBlueberry lately and growing some nice Mix(cross) from my collection I did grow some strains from Sannie's I have in my collection the Ki
  10. Hello Dust nice to see you Thanks....i will go 65 days with the GWS now at 52 days 12 more and i will smoke some cool here some Train Wreck at 45 days
  11. Hi Tokage....looking at the Train Wreck and it will by good to smoke for sure not worst i will keep the GWS very nice buds easy to grow and now problem with the strain....i start at the same time some liberty haze, tangerine dream but I'm not keeping dose 2 Great White Shark day52