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  1. I'm working with a landrace right now and have been for the past couple of years. I was trying it in garden soil but it just didn't work out for many reasons. Now I've set up a drip to waste coco system set up in my garden outdoors. It's the SE Asian landrace sativa, the same genetics as the strain in the GHS video called Thai tanic. Looks the same and like no other plant I've seen in real life or online pics, unless they claim to be SE Asian landrace that is. It's a real monster sativa and never ever wants to stop growing, even all the way through flowering. I'm just a little over a month in with my first plant with lots of seeds popping to join now, but already I see a huge improvement over my soil grows. I have it posted up in the grow area, drop in and check it out from time to time if you will.
  2. hi

    Hi kroNik224, I'm growing outdoors in the tropical sun too. Good to have you here and look forward to talking to you.
  3. I've just switched over to a hydro drip to waste system which I have outdoors in the tropics of Asia recently and I'm using coconut husks as the medium. It's the best decision I've ever made the results after just a month or so of growing are 3 times the growth I've had in the best soil setup I was able to come up with. My situation is different from others and because of this I've been researching and adapting ideas to my particular growing environment but so far it's been extremely forgiving. The hydro shop I use locally mixes their chemicals in house for use by all their customers, most of whom are growing vegetables in a constant flow system but because they know what they're doing the mix works perfectly in coco. I'd say you're going to need to either use a solution made for coco or add supplements to the basic grow solution, from what I've read a calcium and magnesium booster are often necessary in coco. Coco tends to get and stay a little too wet so most indoor growers mix perlite into the coco at a 1:1 ratio (50% of each.) This helps the medium drain more excess water. I haven't done this so far but only because I am growing in a hot outdoor environment where the coco dries out much more quickly than in an indoor setting in a temperate country. Oh yeah and because the hydro shop didn't sell perlite and didn't know of any local grower using it for hydro purposes. So far it's working for me, if I start having problems with too much water in the medium I'll change my habits. Another advantage of coco is that even when wet it holds an unusual amount of air within the medium, which helps avoid problems normally seen from overwatering. I did rinse the coco before using, put it in a large tub, filled with water and drained 3 or 4 times a day for a week before putting it in pots. Hope I'm not too late to help, I was intimidated about using a hydro system but to me it's not difficult to do and the benefits are immediate and easy to see.
  4. Interesting that you mention this I saw the same in my outdoor plants, when the sun goes down the droop every evening. At first I worried something was wrong but like you said each morning they're standing tall and strong. There's definitely something going on when the lights are out, a process that's different from photosynthesis, I can almost remember from botany class at uni all those years ago...
  5. Congrats Kush on a great grow. I gotta grow some ww as it's just not available over here. I can get kush and landrace sativa but that's about all to be found as far as I know and of course I'd rather just grow my own.
  6. Beautiful buds atrox, I love the boa too. It's a red tailed boa right? I've always loved reptiles, been keeping lizards, geckos and snakes since I was a teenager. I had to give my green tree python back to the breeder after growing it to maturity because my father in law had a problem with me killing mice to feed it (he grew up in the temple and was educated as a monk, he meditates for an hour or more every morning and night so gotta give him full respect)...looking forward to talking about it when I see you in the chatroom again!
  7. Heya Ghetto your plants look good to me too, you mentioned that they're growing slow but I think that's normal as I have some seeds that sprouted about 4 days ago and are just now growing the first set of real leaves. Another I started in soil then transplanted to coco as soon as I thought possible and after 3 weeks in the hydro it's just starting to pick up speed and grow, must have sprouted 6 weeks ago although I didn't keep close records on it from the beginning so can't be sure on the age. I can't wait to get some indica strains going I love the width of the leaves compared to my landrace sativas, along with being short and finishing fast lol, wishing you good luck with them and I'll keep a close eye on your journal.
  8. Yeah so many reasons why India is interesting, amazing history and culture not to mention the plants and fields. I've met some great Indian people the past year in my classes at university. Watching the original Indian strain hunter vid yesterday the interview with the local police chief reminded me of the ingrained and unchallenged beliefs many people have. I didn't like it in my own hometown and don't like to see it anywhere. I think it would be interesting to see how law enforcement in these areas has changed since the last trip too.
  9. Hey Santa great looking plants and setup. I especially like the pics of the aeroponics cloner you built. I've thought of doing the same but I've been so impressed with how things are going in coco that I wonder if I'll need it now, but it makes me happy to see that if I do need it I can just follow your guide to a working cloner without much trouble. The veg and flower rooms are impressive with those plants going at different stages, can't wait until I have the same. That's the one thing I would like to have, controlled lighting so I could force my plants to flower but oh well...
  10. Thanks Dust, The local who gave me the seeds is the wife's uncle and I tried growing them in my garden but just couldn't get good results (I really think it's the soil at my house), however I've seen them get 2 m tall and start flowering there can be no doubt they are the exact same landrace plant in the GHS grow vid for Thai tanic. Oh yeah I saw them 3 months into flower when we visited the uncle last year and smoked some with him, got sent home with buds as well. They got me high, as opposed to stoned. I'm stuck reinventing the wheel with it though and will have to take my time selecting the best pheno I can grow out, not the perfect thing to be doing with limited space and limited numbers of plants from seed but it is what it is like people say right? No matter what happens though I got landrace sativa growing so that's the great part. I designed the system to be as simple as possible and still do it's job of holding and delivering the nutrients to the plant. I'll get more pics of it to put up here today since it looks like plenty of people are interested. There's a long history of gardening and fishkeeping in the local culture so I was able to find a great little hydro shop to get good equipment and nutrient solutions. The husband and wife run shop was really interesting and they helped me figure out what I needed to build the system, they even surprised me by commenting that they mixed the chemicals for the A and B solution themselves and used chelated minerals (because English isn't the native language I didn't expect to hear that word lol.) It's so DIY this system even the coconut shells are just by products of coconut farming and palm oil businesses that are used by local gardeners for epiphytes (orchids and similar plants) so it's very inexpensive but I had to rinse it and soak it for a week before using it. I agree with you Dust it's incredible not just that little nook by the house and over the pond, but the whole garden around the house is like this with all kinds of tropical plants and fruit trees growing. It's incredible because we live in a huge city near the international airport. I love the pond too, we have some nice fish there and I recently added a group of 3 young oscars that are growing like my plants. Someday I'm planning to buy land out of the city and build a place there, but until then this will do fine.
  11. Thanks Tokage, I felt kind of silly about my setup because it seems so simple now and it is really, but it works perfectly for me so far. It was simple and shockingly inexpensive too, the 46 liter container was the most expensive single piece by far. I plan to set these plants up under that net to keep them from getting 3 meters tall. Really I meant not much to see with the tiny little plants just getting started lol. The one plant here in the pic I actually started in soil before I got the hydro set up then about 3 weeks ago I very carefully broke the soil apart and gently washed the roots before putting it in the coco. I couldn't believe it when it stood right up and looked perfect ever since the first day (a testament to coco in my mind since I had no previous experience using hydro), honestly I expected it to die. I hope things go well and the learning curve doesn't cause me to lose any plants, I have plenty more seeds and could get even more but it's time for me to finally take this landrace sativa to harvest, haha. O yeah one more thing I wanted to say before posting this is thanks to Arjan, Franco and all the GHS guys for your grow vids and strain hunter movies they really inspired and educated me. Thanks to all the people on the forum too, who continue to add to my education. I thought I'd done a lot of research but today for example learned from Franco more about ph and allowing it to move up to 6.5 during flowering, which if I have read it before didn't sink in!
  12. Once I have enough seeds started I plan to have 6 containers going, fed from this 40 liter reservior. I'll remove the males and clone females to replace them to get a continous grow going. From there I'll choose the phenos I like to continue forward with. Eventually I'd like to set up several more of the same, as I have lots of room in my garden. As you can see here the garden is full of happy plants, though unfortunately not the right species.
  13. I know not much to see so far. Just a basic system set up as simply as possible to be effective. I'll have up to 6 other of those drip to waste containers set up once I am up to speed. Should be easy enough to do a constant grow that way. Once I use up my liquid I think I'll give the GHS powder a go too.
  14. Thanks guys, I am really lucky to have a family member who is an old school local who gave me hundreds of seeds. They are exactly like the Thai landrace seeds at GHS and other seedbanks, in the past I remember being surprised to see my plants go from 7 or 9 lobed leaves back to 3 and even one lobed during flowering. Truly amazing plants no doubt about it. I will go ahead and take a couple of pics right now I think, then post them up here. Not much to look at so far though, just imagining the future for fun lol. If I'm lucky over the new year I might get some mature wild pics at the uncles place in another province to post up too. I considered doing a dwc system too, but wanted to keep it as simple as possible for my first few runs. I'll probably work my way towards that, shouldn't be difficult just adapt to the larger size of the strain with bigger than normal containers per plant.
  15. Well, it's great to be back here again although I think I should apologize for my hit and run style. My life is so strange what can I say? I'm sure no one is here to read my life story so I'll get right to the point. I live in SE Asia (10 yrs now) and tried growing the amazing and monstrous landrace Thai plant in my garden but never could get to the end of flowering. I had all kinds of problems with pests and weather but finally figured out the main problem was toxic substances in my garden soil. Now I've set up a drip to waste reservior system (40 liter container, 1000+lph pump, coco in pots) and have a few of the above mentioned plants a month or so from seed with more sprouting as I type this. The first seed to sprout is now over 25 cm tall with 4 leaf sets at internodes. It looks much better than even my best efforts with soil grows. Coco is great, and it looks like I was right to do drip to waste, thinking it was the most foolproof hydro system possible. This strain has tended to lay down as a seedling, stretching so much the stem can't support it, but in coco it's ramrod straight. My water from the tap is neutral in ph so I bring it down to the 5.5 to 6.0 level, testing with old fashioned ph indicator based on color (no worries I majored in analytical chemistry my first time around at uni.) I've done enough research to know that a simple A and B hydro solution easily found where I live is perfect for veg and I have nutes to add for flowering later too. The really different thing with my hydro setup is that it's outdoors, in tropical sunlight. With the Thai landrace this is going to mean I have a very long time until harvest, but also should mean an incredibly large yield when harvest does finally come. Once I've learned from my mistakes and perfected growing with hydro systems (outdoors, no less) I'll be ordering some other strains for my little garden. It's another rainy day here late in the rainy season so I'll take a pic to post of the little seedling tomorrow, assuming I have some light to work with. I'll post it up and then wait for something worth mentioning.

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