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  1. Lolol your dreads are safe Dust no worries man!!! the only magical energy going in there is a positive one!!!! All happy thoughts hihihi with love Greenwitch
  2. Nice hash making skillss lol !! hahaha i love you can still see the cement thats left from previous use!! I hope your hash will taste fine!! looks great with love Greenwitch
  3. hihihi thx Dust, but i always want to make them look as perfect as can be!! the difference with the old press and this one, is the old one was stainless steel so i didn't have to put foil on the sides!! only on top and bottom This one is from normal steel even a bit rusty so now i have to put the foil in in a different way!! we try to adjust this press so our old module will fit in this one that would be best combination with love Greenwitch
  4. @ Dust, they are more ore less 50gr so half the size of the old press, its a lot better because old press was like 750kg and this one 5000kg!!! bricks are more solid! We trying to find out how to put foil in more tight because now you see the wrinkles in the hash!! With Love Greenwitch
  5. smoking today!!! some amnesia haze, White siberian Looks great idd!!! With love Greenwitch
  6. Seriously impressed Mr.X!!!! I will show my brother those pictures to he will be impressed to I think!! Again loveley, pictures, great looking Girls, thanks for the great updates. with love Greenwitch
  7. don't you have to have grown it yourselve???? cause we didn't its a friends grow with love Greenwitch
  8. hihihi we gently shake the bag!!! (takes a while ) Patience my friend when there is just a little water left softly squeeze all water out!!! No brute force ore your bag can snap and all your nice hash is splattered all over your wall and floor believe me it happens!!! not good for your mood!! With love Greenwitch
  9. here is the orange Haze I smoke 2day