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  1. after this mold shock i rllly look about the huminity, extra ventilation and running it 24/7 so problem solved ( i hope so). after 4 days you ssen nothing more at other buds so i took some photos for you ) starting with the headbud chopped down ( where the desaster had begun) hope you enjoy it )
  2. 1 of the buds from inside! i removed it all so only the stem is left. i let the vetilation now run all night! changed it after i wrote with romeu9, again here thanks alot! i'll keep my eyes on it because i dont wanna loose more! it was only a rly small part so i hope it will be gone and never come back. posted it here as bad example. I'll hope the best
  3. yeah, thats no problem got a pocket microsscope here so i'll harvest if they're all done :=) but thank you aswell for guessing it . Btw. i was flushing today, i tried to make pics but most of them are not rly good so i up some next time i flush but flushing WAS a real good idea i found molt in one of them at the top so i had to cut it complet down. so here'S a question: does it affect the rest of the grow i removed the part with mold ( it was sure only one checked all like a bawz) so here's the picture of it: where only the stem is was the evil moldbud: i removed all parts with mold, but isnt mold spore forming? and what could be the problem? the ventilation is out at night for 6 hours could that be the factor? One half goood from flushing left: 1 of the 2 big buddys^^: quick advice needed!!! Love and peace Berlin
  4. If i have any question dust will be there to help me, you're damn quick buddy! Thank you very much!
  5. hi my dear budlovers, got sth. special you'd love to see Quick background Info: - no feeding since 2 days, first flush today or 2morrow - it about Flowering day 54 but pictures say more then 1000 words. Left side of the box: Right side of the box: There is one Lady behind the Esl-lamp again the left side from an other view. And now some Budshoots: a) from the biggest Lady ))) that is what i call a real top kola b)one of the "whitest": c) Way more closer catch up from the biggest lady: Thanks for watching! Do you think i was too early with stop feeding and start flushing? i cant rly see when you should start it! After the timeline of the seedbank ( sensi seeds ) i should flushed first time 2 days ago when you start flushing 2 weeks before end. But i am not sure if they are rdy in 2 weeks. any advice or idea is welcome your Berlin let it grow:)
  6. so it's update time! after 6 more it's just lookimng wunderfull but pictures have more power to show you: the one with the biggest buds from the last time: the sativa phäno: another budshot: two of the "small" sidebuds: I hope you enjoyed it. Advice is always welcome the Pictures without hps come the next days when i start flushing and can get them out of the Box. Your BerlinFinest!
  7. idk rly know how long to flush : ( any idea? As i told in the Introduce yourself part i'm not that in in indoorgrowing when you would tell me your experience with flushing i would be glad about it. I repeat myself but again thank you for the positiv answers : ))
  8. @ bam-Bhole: I beginn flushing in about a week, i dont know yet if i should flush with canna flush ( did it one time and it wasnt very good... but i think i did sth wrong) or to flush normally with water. I used guano a lot outdoor, but i rly don't know if it is good to mix it because i use the whole Hesi Nuts set ( Floweringcomplex, Superfit, phosphor plus, 1 to twice a week Power Zyme). I cant imagine it is good to use it for the last weeks.... didnt mixed it up in the soil : /. Next update or when i start flushing I'll make some pics without the yellow colored hps Enjoy your weekend
  9. so my dear fellaz it's update time! I only can make pictures with the hps on because if bend them to the side of the box to get them better light. you can clearly see that in the pictures above of all, that in the middle is a little "hole" because i bend them all to the side. so here are some new pictures: and a budshot of the same: Here a Budshot of the mainbud of the biggest one: This seems to be my sativa phäno: and the budshot of it: i hope you enjoy it, if you have any advice i would be glad if you tell me
  10. hi, thanks for the nice replies! For my 2nd indoor grow im rly proud of it. to dust; yeah it's sensi seeds, next time sth. from green house. update in about a week. or before the weekend. To get all viewers here a short briefing; - Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 unfeminised -the soil is a german brand: Combo Sana Qualitäts Blumen Erde ( Perlite, rootstimulanze) - nuts: Hesi soil pack - temp: 22° and it goes down to 17° to 18° in night more information in a few days, got sth. too much : D Berlin Karnival of cultures.... such a party trust me
  11. Hi got 8 beatiful skunk #1 ladies i want to show you. Didnt though i got 8 ladies out of a 10 seed pack not feminised seeds but ok wow. so they got less space for each one then i thought. I'm in flowering week 5 now. but have a look:
  12. wow that was quick, nice to have some real budlovers 2 my sd card broke so i can only upload pic made with thesmartphone ... so i'm just gonna show you a quick one Yeah Kottbus Tor is a nice place just get some of the türkish food. thats flowering day 31
  13. Hi guys, I am Student from Berlin, growing weed for meditation and selfmedication (migraine). Next semester i switch to agriculture/botanic, so my grow's getting better and more proffessional. I'm growing now for 3 years, but the last years only outdoor. Because i lived in bavaria, where the drug law is really hard, so indoor wasn't a options. Since i live in Berlin i made my dream come true and built myself my growroom. At the moment there are 8 beautiful skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds in there because i have to get used to indoor growing and this strain is one of the easiest indoor ( in my opinions^^) My set up is: - Homebox L ( 1mx1mx2m) - Vents: 125mm - 225m³ with Filter , 1 small just for airfllow - Light: 400w mdl + 125w CFL for vegi, 400w hps + 125w CFL for flower - soil Hope you all enjoy my grow Have a nice day and let it grow

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