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  1. Oww, I see that you love to have a smoooke.. and you know that I love it too, because it is not so bad as it looks for a non smoker. Anyway, does someone knows about indoor grow kits? Since I think that this is pretty necessary thing for growing some weed. However, when I was looking for it, I have searched a lot in different forums, but my friend gave me a source CBD Canada which was pretty useful for me and my little wish for a smoke. Hope my info was useful for you dudes
  2. I can't quite put the whole story in my head. Even when I smoke, I can't think of elegant outcomes. But don't think about it, I don't abuse anything at all just use marijuana as a sedative and treatment. I don't even understand why many people are against it and the fact is that we have been convinced for many, many years that marijuana is evil. As a result, society is convinced that cannabis is an unspeakably harmful drug, leading to severe addiction and imminent death, if not physical, then at least social. But no one who blames marijuana really knows what it is or what specific harm it does
  3. How delicious it looks, thanks for the recipe! I like hemp in its edible form, but I don't really like cooking. I once tried to bake a cannabis cake, but when my friends tried it, they said I didn't do it well. And to somehow fix the situation, I ordered mushroom mushrooms, which are legal in Canada. My friends were thrilled and asked me to order more. And I decided that I would no longer experiment with pies, but just use these candies. It took me a lot more time and effort to make the cake, and the result was disastrous. So I don't take any more risks and buy myself some edible mushrooms.